View your child's sleep patterns and trends with the Owlet app when using Smart Sock! We understand that sleep is crucial to your child's overall well-being, mood and development. By tracking your child's heart rate and movement, we can provide insights on total sleep hours, waking times, and a breakdownRead More →

Pregnancy and Awareness Month about Infants October is the month of awareness of pregnancy and infants. We are proud to support the Nursery of Hope and help raise awareness of SUIDS, which claims the lives of nearly 3,500 babies each year. Help us honor these small lives by raising awareness,Read More →

Owlet Cam is the smart, safe way to keep an eye on your child and their sleep environment. And it is full of features that allow you to keep an eye on your child even easier. background noise Turn on background noise for the camera and go back to usingRead More →

WOOT! WOOT! Or shall we say, HOOT! HONK! Owlet is a CES 2016 Innovation Honoree! If you don't know, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is held in Las Vegas every year and showcases the newest, coolest, wildest gadgets and technology in the world. Think 3D printing, drones, smart homes, gamingRead More →

Owlet users trust our products because they know they can gain meaningful insight into their children's well-being with just a glance. The single Smart Sock Base Station is an ever-present indicator that allows parents to immediately control their child's well-being – the green glow means that the child's oxygen levelRead More →

During the launch of the latest Owlet app update, we encountered an unforeseen error that caused the app to crash. The problem has been fixed and we continue to work hard to give Owlet users the best possible experience. As we move forward and continue to innovate how families trackRead More →

Owlet Cam vs Leading Baby Monitor from Owlet Baby Care on Vimeo. Earlier this year, we took advantage of the most powerful technology you own – your phone – and turned it into a baby monitor, Owlet Cam. Since that time there has been a lot of buzz around theRead More →

Designed by fathers for dads (and moms too)! Owlet Smart Sock + Cam gives you everything you need to hear, see and know that your baby is okay. Here are some reasons the father in your life needs what WIRED Magazine calls one of the best child monitors in 2019!Read More →

weston sheneman June 13, 2019 Got the sock for my sister-in-law and they are so happy to have it. It gives a little relief to being a new parent. Thank you for proving this gives a way as an opportunity for families to get some pretty amazing prizes to helpRead More →