All products displayed on Allure are selected independently by our editors. But when you buy something through our retail links, we can earn a branch commission. Instead of releasing sales only on Black Friday, Sephora has coined this big shopping week as Cyber ​​Week. From Monday, November 25 to Monday,Read More →

Much like a persistent rash, The masked singer is back for the second time in 2019. Because once wasn't enough, guys! Last season introduced us to certifiable crazy suits like Monster and pineapple – and really, what an unrestrained voltage it was to find out which is extremely famous ONERead More →

Ungkarlet Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron both showed up at the People's Choice Awards … and sat with each other. Tyler and Hannah reportedly talked before the show. Ungkarlet Hannah Brown and her ex-boyfriend Tyler Cameron both showed up at E! S People's Choice Awards, which can be quite cumbersomeRead More →

[Warning:spoilersförsäsong9av[Warning:spoilersforseason9of[Varning:spoilersförsäsong9av[Warning:spoilersforseason9ofAmerican Horror Story a head] I know we learned a lot more this week about Mr. Jingles (John Carroll Lynch) backstory. First, the first massacre in the camp was owned in 1948, when the camp was called Camp Goldenstar. At that time, Jingle's mother (Lily Rabe) worked as a cookRead More →

The bad news: There is no secret ingredient or miracle gadget that causes scars to disappear completely. However, will not be deterred. Much of what you think of as acne scarring is really just hyperpigmentation or erythema – brown or red spots – rather than an actual change in skinRead More →

You may have to sit down for this, folks. Noah Centineo, best known for her role in Netflix's hit original, To all the boys I loved before, just buzzed with their beloved curls and sent fans far and wide to a massive frenzy. The 23-year-old actor debuted her new lookRead More →