Introduction to Bags Fiberglass cloth is the traditional main filter material in bag filter, which uses a weaving process to pass glass fiber through, warping, weaving, dyeing and other processes are woven into fiberglass fabrics woven into different textures (often divided into plain, twill, satin). The filter material has stableRead More →

Stay tuned! Author: Zhongping According to the US Business Insider website reported on August 27, China electromagnetic technology-driven rockets, rocket during takeoff so that you get a high initial velocity. This research is the first in the world, and research and development work is progressing steadily and has achieved aRead More →

Xinhua News Agency, Xichang, January 12 (Li Guoli, Zhu Lianjun) At 7:18 on January 12, China used the Long March 3B carrier rocket (and the expedition No. 1 upper level) at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center. Successfully launched the twenty-sixth and twenty-seven Beidou navigation satellites in the form of “oneRead More →

[Boco Park-Science Popular Science] The National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Outer Planetary Survey Satellite (TESS) is preparing for final preparations in Florida, looking for nearby stars around the launch on April 16. Undiscovered planets provide targets for future research to assess their viability. The biggest question to explore in extrasolarRead More →