Image with permission: Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels Okay, so my biggest pet must be that how easily we ignore our responsibility to contribute to society and the environment! Charity starts at home and it is the same rule for conserving natural resources. Let me talk about water todayRead More →

Image points: Photo by Pixabay from Pexels For someone who used to hardly get sick for a day throughout the year suffering from an autoimmune disease, I can relate to a deteriorating health and body. Usually, it is difficult for others to understand the anxiety of the patients suffering fromRead More →

via Giphy As much as we love to eat at In-N-Out, cheese fries and truffle pizza, We know that for our health and our skin it is probably best not to hang ourselves too often. The reality is: if your diet consists of lots of sugars (causing inflammation) and processedRead More →

Pastels are literally everywhere right now, and that's easy sweetest spring trend! As Miranda Priestly might say, ‚ÄúPastels? For the spring? Pioneering." via Giphy Just like flowers for spring, pastels may not be the most revolutionary, but damn they look beautiful, and we're here for it! Although we have beenRead More →

Source: Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images Pregnancy is a magical and monumental experience – you are to literally grow another human inside your body, which is pretty crazy. And while it is undoubtedly a wonderful experience, there are so many changes in your body that it can be a confusingRead More →

Blush is one of 2020's biggest trends, so finding the right blusher has never been more important. But there are so many formulas, finishes and brands, plus hundreds of different shades to choose from. To help you achieve beautifully warm, rosy cheeks, we've rounded up the 10 best blushes withRead More →

Source: / Getty Images Maintaining (faux) hair color is not an easy task. It's often a little damaged by the hair dye process, not to mention how much styling your strands go over … Ahem, heat damage. Pair this with hard shampoos, temperature changes and chemicals in your water system,Read More →