In order for a product to be crowned iconically, it must meet certain criteria. First and foremost, it has to, also a product that you would recommend to anyone and everyone. It must also be a beauty chain, because you could not imagine the beauty industry without it. OnceRead More →

via Giphy Bloating: you either overindulge (oops) or you eat a certain amount of food that got you excited (find out what they are here). If you are super-inflated, don't worry, there are plenty of inflated foods that will help you feel better almost immediately. Before going into the debatingRead More →

Source: Paul Morigi / Getty Images Our favorite pastime is browsing Instagram for makeup inspo. Seriously, raise your hand if you've ever stayed far too late in a deep Insta spiral that reviews every major makeup artist's feed for trends, how-tos, product records and celebrities. However, what is often overlookedRead More →

Dot & Key's packaging is pastel and beautiful! As usual, my dilemma for finding the perfect humidity crisis has not yet been solved. So after using hyaluronic acid serum (Marine Hyaluronics) from The Ordinary, this is my second hyaluronic acid serum and I was and was absolutely unsure what toRead More →

If there is a beauty mantra we live by it is there is no such thing as too much marker. In fact, we do not limit the spotlight to our cheekbones, we use it everywhere from our lips to our eyes to our body. It's our not-so-secret weapon, and whenRead More →

Taking care of your skin at night is so important– this is the time when your skin heals and repairs itself, so it is important that you provide nourishment and moisture to help it recover. I always change the products I use – it's literally my job to test skinRead More →

via Giphy The story of CoolSculpting is a pretty wild story involving two doctors, some frozen goodies and a phenomenon called "popsicle panniculitis." Can you see where we are going? Basically, the medical field realized that there was a bizarre correlation between people eating frozen popsicles – which you mayRead More →

When was it routine- became a dirty word? Is it just something we always associate with the steadfast decline of adulthood? Something we surrender our youth and our spirit to like the awkward daily grind, work, bills and taxes? Something that triggers feelings of submission and defeat? what if routine-Read More →