via Giphy If you exercise regularly, we applaud first your motivation … You go, Glen Coco! But we also remind you how important it is to take care of your vaginal health, especially if you spend a lot of time in the gym. Think about it: increased temperatures, sweat andRead More →

Source: Max Mumby / Getty Images Among the long lists of reasons why we LOVE Meghan Markle, is the fact that Meghan shares our obsession with pharmacy makeup – it seems that no one, not even the royal family, can resist a good deal! Of course, when we discovered thatRead More →

Source: Ryan Emberley / Getty Images Lipstick that lasts from noon to night sometimes feels like a makeup mite. No matter how long a product claims it is inevitable that you need to move all day – whether after lunch or pre-cocktails. This means that we are constantly looking forRead More →

I have always wanted long hair, but as it is, my hair genes are probably not as good as the skin. My body does not absorb enough nutrients to allow it to feed the hair and what it absorbs seems to be discarded according to the latest analysis by theRead More →

Getting the perfect wing-shaped lining can be a mission, which is why we are always open to exploring new options that make the process easier! We have tried everything from stamps and stencils to tape, so when we saw the new QuikKat Liner Strips, we had to try them! HereRead More →

Picture courtesy: Photo of Petar Starčević from Pexels Smoking is one of the dangerous habits that our society depends on. It breaks my heart to see people who have managed to quit smoking and return to it. Their excuse is usually as thin as an unbearable work stress or crisisRead More →

via Giphy Beating an oily face can be frustrating. All this surplus tallow means that your makeup does not hold up as long as it should and that you must constantly powder or bare. However, you do not have to enter an oily face. Today we have been blessed withRead More →

Hello my darling, I'm so happy to tell guys about my Allure Beauty Box !! Allure was always my beauty source since I was young and a great inspiration for me to start my own online beauty goal, so I became psyched when the opportunity to cooperate with Allure cameRead More →

Okay, okay, so we don't need these products, though After using them for a few months, they are now a solid part of our beauty routine. We will be right with you, we thought female hygiene products were a complete waste of time – just a hype to get ourRead More →