The search for the perfect concealer can never be felt, but the formulations are gradually improved and brands are working quickly to meet everyone's specific needs. Maybe you have dry skin and need a creamy concealer that melts and covers without aggravating dry patches, or maybe your undereye circles areRead More →

I am so happy to show you the new nuances this spring Huda Beauty Matte & Metal Melted Shadows Collection! These are literally the easiest way to make eye shadow and a complete game changer, whether you are a makeup professional or a beauty beginner When we created this product,Read More →

Source: New Africa / Shutterstock We know what you're thinking: isn't peach like a summer fruit? Yes, but it turns out that the sweet stone fruit has hidden some majorrr beauty benefits and seriously moisturizing properties, which can obviously help with dry AF winter skin "Peach extract is a luxeRead More →

"The last thing the world needs is another beauty brand," Lady Gaga famously says in her first commercial for her new beauty line, Haus Laboratories, which she brilliantly continues, "But it's too baaaad." And it pretty much sums it all up! Yes, there are so many beauty brands that youRead More →

Happy Holidays, my love !! I'm in Lapland for the holidays, and it is the most magical, christmas place ever! I'm not going to lie, it's totally freezing because I'm used to the Dubai sunshine, but I love the cold and I'm so happy to take my daughter Nour hereRead More →

Scott Barnes is a makeup legend. Idolized for his work with muse Jennifer Lopez and his signature, bronzed beyond belief, "Glow" style, he pretty much slaughters the illuminated from within the game. So, of course, we turned to glam God for his proven tips and must-have product choices. From theRead More →

via Giphy We get into it: a UTI, even a urinary tract infection, is one of the most common bacterial infections that occur in the body. UTIs affect roughly 150 million people worldwide, so at one point in your life, chances are you'll experience it. When we say it, weRead More →

via Giphy It may sound a little dramatic but everyone who has experienced it a bottom paint job says there is nothing worse. Trust me, as someone whose hair was once dyed orange instead of the Serena Van Der Woodsen blonde, it's pretty fucking heartbreaking. Not only does killing yourRead More →

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