Image Courtesy: Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels Home organization bugs me last month suddenly. First of all was how to organize my close. I remember that I had come across the Konmari methods for the organization well back in 2015-16, but I paid no consideration for it. Suddenly, oneRead More →

There are some products that are just so good completely dominates its market – like Coke in soft drinks and GHD for hair styling. This is what Tangle Teezer is for hairbrushes, and we haven't even met anyone who doesn't love them, and for $ 12 we can understand why.Read More →

My friend is on his trip to the US and I surf through Sephora to order some things my friend would get back from his trip. That was when I came across the sephora hair sleeping area. Anything that promises to condition my hair, grow my hair or make itRead More →

Did you know that your body and diet are the answer to your desire? Yes, the answer is in the latest antioxidant on the block – glutathione. This antioxidant has not yet become very popular as vitamin E or omega 3 or whey protein but this is the antioxidant thatRead More →

If you are something like us, a good concealer (or two) is an important part of your beauty kit. It is there for you after a night to party, when hormonal cysts say hello, and when post-inflammatory pigmentation just seems like it will never fade. Even if you have yourRead More →

Veganism is the newest trend to beat the beauty industry – along with everything CBD-based – but you don't have to be vegan to enjoy vegan makeup. If you are wondering which vegan beauty at all, it means 100% cruelty-free products that do not contain animal derived ingredients, such asRead More →

Source: Wayhomoe Studio / Shutterstock When it comes to taking all of it – makeup wisely – One would not believe that sludge on mud, coal and mud would be the way to go. On the contrary, these grimy ingredients (which should never go near your white towels, PS) areRead More →

The Thrones Game Hype is REAL! If you are a fan of the show, no doubt you have counted down the days to find out what really happens between Jon Snow and Daenery's – will they fall in love and share the throne? (Okay, that's a stupid hypothesis)! Anyway, UrbanRead More →

Source: Fenty Beauty Ever since Pon De Replay blew through our old school boombox nearly 15 years ago, we have been devout Rihanna fans. We didn't think we would love her anymore, and then she showed us wrong when she went to the beauty scene and MAJORLY shook you! ChampioningRead More →