How do I grow my hair? faster? anymore? These are all common questions. Before we talk about any hair tips it is important for you to understand that your hair is growing !!! There are three common reasons why you do not see hair growth. You can read them here.Read More →

During the summer months – whether you realize it or not – we expose your hair to a lot of damage. UV rays from the sun can damage the hair down to the cuticle and result in dry, brittle hair that is sensitive to breakage. Salt water, because it isRead More →

Here is a simple DIY leaves-in conditioner made with coconut water. This DIY-leave-in conditioner leaves your hair updated and soft. <img data-attachment-id = "27188" data-permalink = "" data -orig-file = " 1200% 2C628 & ssl = 1 "data-orig-size =" 1200,628 "data-comments-opens =" ​​1 "data-image-meta =" {"aperture": "0", "credit": "", "camera"Read More →

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For a long time I was against heat, except that I use a hood dryer for deep conditioning treatments or sat for 20-30 minutes to help set my hairstyle. I rarely ironed my hair or dried it. And even when I do, I'm glad I've never experienced heat damage inRead More →