Charles Manson Murder House is for sale for $ 1.98 million

  • The home where Charles Manson's cult murdered Leno and Rosemary LaBianca in 1969 is currently for sale.
  • It is currently $ 1.98 million.

    Amityville horror. American Horror Story. The Trolling. What do these stories have in common? Apart from being a definite part of the pop culture and horror landscape, they are all stories that deliberately haunted homes that people end up (a) die in or (b) almost die and try to escape. And yet people buy these homes anyway. But who really cares when these homes have barley! appeal! and most importantly, have character! Right??? (I get sarcastic.)

    Now a new (potentially) haunted home seems to be on the market. The LaBianca House, including where Charles Manson's followers killed the owners Leno and Rosemary LaBianca on Manson's orders – literally the day after they killed Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate in 1969 – are currently on sale for $ 1.98 million. You know, just if you are in old Hollywood glamor as much as you are in macabre.

    According to The Washington Post, this two bedroom, 1.5 bath home is currently on the market and has been in existence for two weeks … coinciding in time for the premiere of Quentin Tarantino's latest movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and just shy of the 50th anniversary of the murders. The last time the property was on the market was 1998.

    pictureWith permission from Redfin

    pictureWith permission from Redfin

    Despite the house's history, Redfin real estate agent Robert Giambalvo says that the interest in the property is quite solid, which honestly … much. "It's just such a calm, peaceful, quiet environment that I don't think anyone cares about what happened long ago," Giambalvo told Los Angeles Times. "The first exhibitions were yesterday, and I already have several who tell me that their customers are preparing to make an offer."

    For those who are interested in the home, it is completely revealing that the property is the stage for the murders LaBianca / Manson, and an advice to do some investigations about the property before participating in the exhibition. "We do not want anyone to go into escrow and find out ten days, 15 days later that was the event that happened 50 years ago. And then they don't want to buy it because of it, ā€¯Giambalvo explained. "We just wanted people to make offers with their eyes open."

    So if you have a cool $ 1.98 million to spend and think the LaBianca House would be a good place to rest your head at night, who am I to stop you? Turn yourself out (and keep your eyes peeled).