Child-made, homemade creamy ice cream

Cute cat claw cream ice cream

When I was young, I liked the food with the word cream, especially in the summer, the favorite cream ice cream. But the full creamy taste is the flavor of the flavor, not like doing it at home, that is to do it with real cream. The yellow part is mango pure fruit. I never knew that the original mango was frozen directly, and it was better than the creamy ice cream! With a cute cat claw ice cream mold, the ice cream made by the children rushed to eat.

 Children's hands-on, homemade creamy ice cream

Materials: 30 grams of mango, 80 grams of whipped cream, 20 grams of condensed milk, 50 grams of milk, 20 grams of milk beans


1. Mango peeled the nucleus and took the flesh. Press it into a mud with a spoon.

2, pour into a part of the mold and freeze to hard.

3. Add condensed milk to the whipped cream.

4, sent to 50% of the hair, can flow slowly, light lines.

5, add milk and mix well.

6. In the mold before pouring, remember to insert the ice cream stick in this step. I just forgot to insert it later.

7, add milk beans, no need to add.

8. Cover the ice cream cover and freeze the ice cream for a few hours.

9, eat directly!


1, there is already sweetness in the condensed milk, and the mango is sweet without sugar.

2, remember to insert the ice cream stick before pouring the liquid, and then the surface is not too good.

3, milk beans are a small snack made of milk, plus more taste, can be contained in the mouth, milky flavor.

Children’s creamy old popsicles

Super delicious cream popsicles, the best cream popsicles of all the recipes tried.

Materials: Animal Light Cream 140, Milk 250g, Milk Powder 20g, Starch 15g, Sugar 40g


1. Take a small amount of milk, dissolve the starch, and set aside.

2, the milk powder is added to the remaining milk, stirred, and fully dissolved.

3. Remove the milk from the dissolved starch. Pour all other materials into the pot and heat it on low heat. (This stage is also possible with a medium heat.) ~~ Stir more, let the sugar dissolve completely, don’t let the liquid Boiling will make the starch very easy to agglomerate.

4. Change to a small fire. After the sugar is dissolved, add the milk that dissolves the starch, stir evenly, stir more, don’t let the pot boil (must stir more, especially after the starch is added, the bottom is particularly easy to agglomerate, which will affect the taste). Continue to cook until the liquid is fully blended. Turn off the heat, cool, and pour into the popsicle mold. freezing.

Strawberry Milk Ice Cream

Children make, homemade creamy ice cream

Materials: Strawberry, amount of milk, amount of sugar


1, wash the strawberries , squeeze into juice, add sugar

2, pour strawberry juice into the mold

3, then pour the milk into the mold

4, freeze 8-12 Hours


The amount of sugar is determined according to personal taste