Childlikeness (prose) bathed in the summer rain

Li Gangshan

In the hot summer, it’s hard to get hot, if it’s raining for a few days, it’s really rare. There are still such days, and that is the weather we have been waiting for for a long time.

I remembered the childhood of a long time ago, and the rainy days of the day will make us very excited, because it will add us an outdoor activity that we usually don’t have.

I remember one day, I slept until three in the morning, listening to the light rain outside the window, and I was so sleepy, I climbed up and walked out the door.

There is an agreement in advance. If the rain does not stop at night, go to the small partner to dig the nest with the little friend.

This fur is a common name in the local area. In fact, it is a kind of thatch, and the Chinese literature is called Lactarius. The place where this mushroom is called “Chongyang” and “Goose Goose”. “”.

Some places of “grass” grow from September to October each year. The more the rainy season, the more humid the climate, the more the grass grows. Chongyang bacteria stewed pork can be regarded as the best in the dishes, sweet and delicious, endless aftertaste, and the taste is extremely delicious. Chongyang bacteria stewed chicken, delicious taste, high nutritional value, is the autumn tonic dishes.

At that time, it was innocent and unscrupulous. Pick up a broken straw hat and buckle it on your head, even if you have a rainproof tool.

That grass is our paradise. We have been here many times, and it is unusual to pick the nests in the rain.

Seeing that they are hiding under the thatch, they grow secretly and look very cute. That shape is like a narrowed yurt model, one next to one. They seem to wait too long, I hope we will pick.

We are not afraid of being wet by the rain, shouting, laughing, and collecting… There is only excitement and no fatigue. Not much effort, we were wet, and the wolf was filled with baskets. Only at this time will there be a sense of accomplishment.

Despite being wet, my heart is hot. If the sun is coming out of the face and it is burning in the heat, they will soon wither away. At that time, it will only be regrettable to collect!

Going home, not blamed by adults, there will be a delicious dish in the future! This time has gone far, remembering the childlike interest in the rain, how hope to “small” the last time, back to the happy childhood!