Christmas Flamingo Lawn Ornaments are here to live your farm

If you want the best lawn decorations in your area this high season, here are some tips: Christmas lights and snowballs inflatable are yesterday's news! Flamingos are future.


SantaMingo and ReinMingo Couples

Pink Inc.
$ 38.14

Pink Inc., the company behind a series of seasonal faux flamingos-like shell-a-mingo and turkeyymingo-also makes two versions for Christmas. There is a lovely skinny virgin, complete with a full suit and beard, as well as brown flamingo "clean", topped with pipe cleaning excavators. You will need a second to get this in.

Flamingos stand about 33 cm long, but make no mistakes – they are all as eye-catching as the 6-foot-long inflatable your neighbor sets up the day after Thanksgiving. You can find both versions on Amazon: One is sold as a two-pack (one Santa, one clean) and an epic four-pack, so you can recreate your own truncated, tropical version of Santa's sled.

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ChristmasMingo Set

Pink Inc.
$ 70.00

Just be prepared that not everyone can agree with your, uh, coastal style. But it can make you love them all harder, as a reviewer noted:

"My neighbor hates them with a passion. She's mumbling about them all the time, and her hatred is burning my joy," wrote Tammy, a verified buyer who said that her flamingos survived Hurricane Sandy back in 2012. "As such, it has been proudly shown in my garden since I got them. "

Your neighbor can continue to mumble. It's your farm-you do it.