Christmas Tinner Is the dinner in one you can never have needed you

One of the best things about Christmas (in addition to singing "Everything I Want for Christmas You Are" by Mariah Carey for the 17th Century) hangs out in a dinner spread. Well, dear friends, apparently, someone thought the time to make such a party would be better spent on doing something else, so you could have a full Christmas dinner in a jar. Introduces (the appropriate name) Christmas Tinner from GAME.

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The levels contain everything you need for a traditional Christmas dinner, including dessert. It starts with scrambled eggs and bacon (maybe it is meant for breakfast?). Then it goes down to two chopsticks, turkey and potatoes, sauce, bread sauce, cranberry sauce, Brusselspiror with filling or broccoli with stuffing, roasted carrots and parsley, and to complete the meal, pudding.

pictureChris Godfrey

pictureChris Godfrey

It does not take rocket science to say that this really is a scary product. I think I would rather eat sushi bought from the back of a Honda Civic. But hello, A + for creativity! While it gives back hours of cooking duty on Christmas, I think I'll wait for turkey to cook.