Ciara reveals new retro stacked Bob hairstyle

CiaraThe first album was released in the mid-2000s, and Victoria Beckham carried her famous stacked bob in the mid-2000s. Coincidence? Yes, absolutely. But that doesn't mean they don't share a bit of a band, especially now that Ciara has debuted a new style reminiscent of Posh Spice's iconic hairstyle.

Perhaps celebrating her new status as team co-owner of Major League Soccer's Seattle Sounders, Ciara has parted ways with the waist-length look she has been sporting for most of the year. In an Instagram post with multiple photos, the amazing singer shared five photos that revealed her new look: a shiny bob that starts shorter in the back and gradually grows further ahead. The ends are slightly curled underneath, giving it an extensive look despite its smooth straightness.

Considering Ciara tagged César DeLeön Ramirêz, whose bio says he's been a "wig manufacturer for 21 years", there's a decent chance she didn't have to commit to cutting her own hair. "Love our bob for the moment," Ramirêz said as he shared a photo of the look on his Instagram stories, which further suggested that the look is temporary. He also shared a picture of Ciara on his grid and wrote, "Forever inspired by the 90s."

This is not the first time Ciara has rocked a bob this year. In June, she shared several photos of herself with a deeply separated, choppy length. Before that, we've seen her switch from an afro to locs to a pixie and back to her usual long, wavy look throughout 2019. So it's hard to say that this angular new style will stick around for a while or disappear in one day or two. (In fact, her Instagram stories show she wore long, curly hair in the hours since she posted the bob to the web.) Anyway, it will look incredible while it lasts.

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