“Cleaning your face” to see the sweet face, learn the correct face washing steps, the skin will not work well.

After a while, I was brushed by the sweet-smelling face, and it’s so easy for her to turn the powder. I’ve never seen a baby.

After reading it, I feel that I have washed my face for many years. It is white washed, how painful I understand~

~~~Basic washing steps~~~

1, wash your hands before washing your face

Before you wash your face, be sure to wash your hands first. You can use soap or hand soap, but don’t use soap.

2. Make the cleanser full foaming

Before applying to your face, be sure to fully foam the cleanser in your palm, because if the cleanser is not fully foamed, it will not be cleaned and will remain in the Causes acne in the pores.

3. Warm water wash

People figure Things, wash your face directly with cold water; some people think that they are oily skin, you need to use very hot water to wash the grease on your face. These are wrong, the correct way is to use warm water to ensure that the pores are fully open , wash the dirt in the pores.


Gently apply the foam to your face. Do not use too much force to avoid wrinkles. Probably massage for about 15 times, let the foam spread over the entire face. The whole process of washing your face is about two minutes. (Smart baby can put some soothing music in the process so that you don’t Boring.)

5, running water face

After washing the facial cleanser, unscrew the faucet, use both hands to pick up the water and clean the face for secondary cleaning, and let the cold water shrink the pores.

6, wipe your face with a towel

After washing your face, first pat the water on your face, then gently press the face with a towel to dry Moisture. (Note: Towels that are not wet for a long time are prone to breed various microorganisms, so the towels should be kept clean and dry at ordinary times, washed with boiling water at intervals and aired cleanly.)

7. Check the hairline

Inspect the mirror to see if there is any residual cleanser around the hairline. Some babies are always prone to acne around the hairline, in fact, because it ignores this step.

Washing beautiful ~~~

Do not worry about the skin, how to do it , quietly tell you the first step in skin care…that is

Follow the three-hearted little cute haha.