Clothing is also a culture! Interpretation of clothing culture

Clothing is an inseparable item in our lives. It is used every moment. There are many kinds of it. There are boys, girls, and old people. There are all kinds of clothes to wear, no matter who they are wearing clothes. With the development of our time, the progress of civilization, our clothing has now undergone relatively large reforms, and basically the clothing of all countries has been unified. However, before we talk about other countries, we have different clothes in different dynasties in China. Different nationalities also have different clothes. Let’s talk about all kinds of Chinese clothing!

First of all, let’s talk about the most famous Tang suits. Tang suits are actually the unified name of foreigners on Chinese clothes. Why do Chinese clothes are called Tang suits? Because the Chinese people live in a place where they live in a foreign country, it is called Chinatown. Therefore, foreigners call our Chinese costumes Tang suits. How did Tang costume come from? In fact, Tang suits are not the clothes that were worn during the Tang Dynasty. Tang suits were the Tang suits produced by the combination of traditional clothes and modern clothes of the last feudal dynasty of the Qing dynasty. Tangzhuang is a new kind of clothing that is formed by applying the method of making suits to the traditional clothes of Manchu! Tang costume is very representative in the world, and it represents our China is unique!

Apparel is also a culture! Interpretation of clothing culture

Let’s come down and introduce the national costumes, first talk about the Mongolian costumes. The Mongolian people are also a nation with a long history. They have their own unique culture and naturally have their own unique costumes. The Mongolian costume is also called the Mongolian gown. It is mainly made up of long robes, a wide belt, and the kind of long boots worn on the feet and some jewelry hanging on the clothes on the neck. Because the Mongolian people live in the grassland for years, their clothes are also full of the color of the grassland, the style of the grassland! Because the Mongolian people have lived in the grasslands of the north for a long time, the weather is cold, so they wear long robes for both men and women. They live by grazing and their bodies are particularly strong, so the clothes look particularly fat! These are probably the characteristics of our Mongolian costumes!

One of the highlights in ancient Chinese history is the embroidered shoes worn by our ancient women! This embroidered shoe can be said to be a must-have item for women in ancient times. Each woman will have her own embroidered shoes. Embroidered shoes, you can hear it from the name. It is embroidered with a variety of good-looking patterns on the shoes. This is a kind of technical activity. First of all, it must be embroidered. He must first stab his favorite pattern on the upper, and then find The right sole is then sewn! The real embroidered shoes can be regarded as a craft! It is our unique handicraft in China!

We have a lot of different unique costumes in ancient China, each with its own origins, their own characteristics, and each costume has its own story! Therefore, when we look at different costumes, in fact, we should all have a heart that wants to understand the costume, let ourselves know more about the knowledge of the garment, add a certain knowledge to ourselves, and become a Clothing people.