Creamy coconut moon cake filling

cream Coconut Mooncake Filling


Cake powder 50g shredded coconut 135g white sugar 100g egg 55g hot water 30g cream 30g milk powder 15g custard powder 15g corn oil 15g

Cream coconut moon mooncake filling practice

  1. Add coconut milk, white sugar, and potted water to boiling water until dissolved.
  2. Pour cream, milk powder, custard powder, corn oil and eggs Stir
  3. Pour the cake into the mixture and mix well
  4. Walk the creamy coconut filling into equal parts and round it to enclose the mooncake skin


1, the cake powder is fried glutinous rice flour.

2, in the process of wrapping the filling, you can first apply a little flour and then wrap the filling, which can inhibit the sticky skin.

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