Customers are waiting for the launch of a new budget machine

Now winter is very close to us, the days are shorter and shorter – and the morning is getting darker and more miserable.

But if you're looking for something to get you up during the early startups – look no further than Lidl's latest edition.

The retailer has just announced that they are launching a new Pod Coffee Machine, for a fraction of the price of other similar models.

Lidl will be offered for just £ 49.99, a bargain considering that other machines like it on the market usually start from about £ 90 – and can even go up to hundreds in the cost.

For example, Nespresso mini-coffee machines start from $ 89.99 – with one of its most expensive models, it goes for 429.99 kr.

The new Lidl machine has a folding cup holder for espresso cups, and is even compatible with Nespresso capsules, if you can not bear without your more advanced coffee in the morning.

Lidl also sells its own brand version of the bows, the Bellarom capsules. They come in three intensities, from Ristretto to Classico, and sell at just £ 2.69 for ten pods.

But the new coffee machine is part of Lidl's limited edition, which means it will not remain in stock forever. So when can you get it? It will be launched on Sunday, October 28th in the stores, and will only be until the last one is sold out in your local Lidl. So get up early to grab you!

Josie Stone, Director of Non-Food Purchases at Lidl said: "At Lidl we are always looking for new ways to optimize our customers' day and the coffee machine Bellarom pod is no exception.

"Customers can enjoy ultra-light coffee in a moment, but without the price tag for other brands." We can not wait!

Lidl's new edition also fits perfectly at the end of summer time. Watches will be back this Sunday, marking the end of the official summer and the beginning of the darker fall and winter.

So if you're looking for something to wake you up when the winter goes in – it might be the perfect purchase!