Cuyana collaborates with Daniel Martin on the Travel Makeup Bag

In recent years, luggage companies have realized that makeup artists and hairstyles know something or two about packing for a trip. These individuals really put their suitcases and travel packages through the ringtone – fly around hundreds of pounds of makeup or two dozen styling tools all over the world on airplanes, trains and cars. That's why MILK joined Burton two years ago on a suitcase just for makeup artists, the reason why Calpak designed a collection of hairstyles Jen Atkin (who's never in the same place for more than two days at a time) and why Cuyana – a leather goods company loved by fashion and beauty editors – collaborated with the make-up artist Daniel Martin on their new Vanity Case.


Now you've seen Daniel Martin's name pretty much in 2018. It's because his friend Meghan Markle got married this year and asked him to make the makeup (you know, relaxed). But the duke of Sussex is not his only high profile client. Martin works with Elizabeth Moss, Frieda Pinto, Kaley Cuoco, Nina Dobrev, Jessica Biehl and Jessica Alba to name a few. But it is the last name of the list of celebrities who played in an integrated role in the collaboration. "A few years ago Jessica gave me a Cuyana bag for Christmas," remembers Martin, "and later on, we made a football with Jessica for something, I can not remember what, and she introduced me to Karla [Gallardo] and Shilpa [Shah]founders. It was all very relaxed. "

That meeting resulted in Gallardo and Shah reaching out to Martin to collaborate on a travel business. "I thought, oh my god, this is amazing, and I was excited to do something that was something of my kingdom." Another factor that attracted Martin to Cuyana was the brand philanthropy, as they do through its Lean Closet initiative in collaboration with H.E.A.R.T. "When they came out, this was for vacation, I really wanted a reproducing component to it," says Martin. "It's so important to me, considering that I've been very successful in having my career and the long life I have that I would like to take this opportunity to pay it further. "Martin does it by donating all partnerships to HERT, which Cuyana will then match in nature.


Martin sat at work thinking about his clients and friends when he designed the case. "Many girls i know wearing bags that do not fit their foundation. Or if it's on the side or it's in a tough type of a case," says Martin. "So I took my Dior Undercover Foundation, which is a fairly standard height for the foundation, and measured by it. If the bottle could stand up, you could fit a lot more things in the bag. Literally I would create a bag that you can put your whole face in, so that's the reason, concealer, bronzer or blush, a small eyeshadow quad and lipstick. "

But he also thought about himself throughout the design process, because Martin is never in a place longer than a week it seems. "For boys, our things tend to be a bit bigger, whether it's a deodorant disc or a cleaning agent. So I really thought about how versatile this bag may be, no matter what you want to express it. The most important thing, but what ever had inside could stand up in it. "


Like someone who also travels a lot, I appreciate the fact that Martin designed the bag squared by edges, rather than the curved crescent shape that we often see with travel makeup cases (if you have ever tried to zip one of these up after you fill it with all your makeup, you know what I'm talking about). "The form was very important," says Martin, who admits they played with a few different versions. "The bottom is a larger base [than usual], and it's tight on top, so you can still fit a lot without feeling it's crammed. "It also comes with a small wallet that slides nicely in the outer pocket." We thought you could hold tweezers or scissors or eyeliners inside. I'm a Virgo so I'm very special about everything and where it goes, "Martin laughs.