Dad is a Hoot Father's day competition'

weston sheneman

Got the sock for my sister-in-law and they are so happy to have it. It gives a little relief to being a new parent.

Thank you for proving this gives a way as an opportunity for families to get some pretty amazing prizes to help welcome their new package or bundle of joy!
My boyfriend and I are expecting our first child in December and beyond excitement! My boyfriend actually works in IT and is absolutely obsessed and in love with Owlet products and how it can give peace of mind to new parents. I just wanted to nominate him to give away because of what a fantastic person he is and because I know he will be such an amazing father. He goes out of his way to give to others and I would like him to get something for a change.'

This is a great opportunity for all the wonderful fathers out there. I'm sure the one who wins this will be very deserved. Regardless of the story, being a father (or parent for that matter) is a lot of work and definitely comes upside down. It is refreshing to see a company that recognizes it and wants to give back this Father's day. My husband as so many others work so hard to help support their family. We both work full time so it is sometimes a juggling act, but he always finds time to get his son and I feel appreciated and loved, and I know that he continues to do the same when our little girl is born in a few short months. I would absolutely love to win this for my husband for Father's Day (and our anniversary was also this week!) But will definitely buy from owlet anyway!'

Elizabeth Phillips

We had owl monitors for our twins and loved them. Didn't plan on longer kids but was blessed and surprised with a 3rd nanny in April. Hope to add an owlet camera and monitor her.'

Destiny Garner

Thank you for holding this Owlet competition'

Alina Francisco

This is our first child together and we are so happy but also so prepared! We really have nothing, yet. But I am happy to say that we are moving into our little family's first small apartment in a few weeks! My baby's father would be great if we won these wonderful items to welcome darling to our new life. I know I would be beyond grateful too! Thank you so much for running this giveaway! Alina


Lindsay Marsh

Owlet is a game switch! All parents would be so lucky to have one.'

Ashley McCubbin

Love the Owlet sock and wish I could afford the camera to go with it. It was not available when I financed the sock! I absolutely love the sock and it gives me such a feeling. My daughter was born prematurely and I could never sleep until I bought this screen !! Thanks !'

My husband and I welcomed our son in late April. He is our second baby and a rainbow baby! Would love to win the Owlet and the other candies for my husband who has been such a wonderful supporter and dad to our children!'

Amelia Nardo

My husband and I suffered a house fire a week before our daughter was born. Everything in her nursery was thrown out because of smoke damage. We have slowly tried to make piece pieces together to make her room complete. I know it would give my husband and I a much needed peace of mind when it comes to the safety of our family. Plus he works so hard to drive our business and support us. He is really the best dad and I know he deserves to have a smile on his face.

Jordan Smith

Excited to read and learn more about the owl and everything it has to offer.'

James Gaston

We have twins and absolutely love our smart socks! We sleep far better by knowing that the children have an extra monitoring during an emergency or sudden breathing or heart rate fall. Something our children would do several times a day where 2 and 3 months NICU Bo.

Thanks for such a great product !! Happy Father's Day !!!'

Charlene Rhodes jeal


Michelle Selfa

So excited about this next chapter of our lives – would love to pamper my husband on Father's Day with your care pack. He deserves it! <3

Thank you for running this competition.;

Eileen Regan

My husband, Steve, is a hoot! He would love these gifts!;

Hope I can win this for our sweet boy to give us the mind!;

Eileen Regan

I would be happy to give this to my husband for his first father's day!


After just having another baby, it would be a blessing when we work out various crazy schedules and it would be nice for my husband to be able to check in on the kids while working nights.;


Trinette Oliver

I want to nominate my son Dakotah. Hes a Marine who loves his wife and children. They are both devoted to each other and their children as well as the country. I think this product is amazing. And a good thing to have for every baby they grow their family. Thanks. God Bless.;

rory daniels

Biggest invention for who is watching your child.;

Helen Swanson

I nominate my husband and colleagues for our 3 boys. He is the "fun parent" and loves our boys to death. The second day my eldest (5) said "dad you love us too much … mom doesn't love us so much". Daniel loves them to the moon and back, but also teaches them by being kind and compassionate. He recently chose to work on nights because he had to work late and kept missing the boy's bedtime. So he made the ultimate parenting and slept so now he can spend more of the day with them. I would love for him to win so he can check in on the boys when he is at work!;

Nathaniel Christerson

I am in the marina and my wife is a nurse. She loves this product for all the wonderful things she heard about it at work. When the child comes and I am out of service this would give us (her) such peace of mind. Having this for Father's Day would be such an amazing surprise.;

Helen Swanson

My sister let me borrow her owl sock for our baby and it just surpasses the peace of mind that I thought would give. I am excited about this challenge, but my chances are narrow. I also loved your Chicago take over today! We live in the burbs;

We are delighted to welcome our first baby to our family. I suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum and my husband had been a real hero. I have been non-functional for 3 straight months and he has taken over to manage our household and take care of our dogs. Not that I didn't know it, but he will be a good dad. He will put us all over. The Owlet helps keep our bundle of joy healthy and give our family peace of mind!;

Karen & # 39; Drobinak


Emily Norton

I would love for my boyfriend to win this father's day gift. It would be totally unexpected and he would love it. Our child is due September 29 and he has been there since day one. We tried back in August when his dad died, we felt that some of the family just left us and the only way to get this piece back was to bring our own into this world. We gave up after 15 negative pregnancy tests and a hospital visit. He was almost upset as I was but we both knew it was our time God let us know. It was until January that I received a random call to randomly use a pregnancy test. Then it was the big POSITIVE we've been waiting for. I was more scared than anything but I will never forget the excitement that came up on his face when I nudged the pregnancy test on the face. He has bought / brought me food when I ask and rub my legs when I get Charley horses. It is also the best snuggleren when I want to sleep all day, or when I have the energy to go up and go fishing, he is always there to help me get my line out. With how he is now, I can't wait to see how he's out with a little peanut. 3 months I don't think we can wait any longer.;

Fantastic products!;

Children who spent 2 weeks in NICU released heart rate and oxygen levels so I needed absolute owl when we got home and knew it could save their lives if he had another episode – it was worth every penny and we didn't have an alarm – false or real !! We would love to win some of the prices we now have 2 under 2 !!;

Jessica Brinkerhoff

In love with your product and know that it would give us the peace of mind that we need when our little Brinkerbaby comes. Our bedroom and nursing are on different floors, so with the screen and the camera is exactly what we need. Would be the most perfect fathers day gift.;

Melinda Castaneda

Just greeted our other baby girl! Hubby started a new job so he has not been able to take time off to spend with us. This would be exciting for us to win.;

Melinda Castaneda

Excited about this!

Our first baby, and we love him so much!;

Arianna Vincent

We expect our first child in 2 months – a little girl! My husband is overjoyed and can't wait to be a dad! Because we still collect the required stuff, it can be huge to be able to win this giveaway! We want to be prepared with all the best candy to ensure our baby is safe and grows up happy and healthy;

I could not appreciate my father's father more this is the second pregnancy not far from each other and I have had so many complications in both and he has been so supportive to me and to our daughter he is such a good father and I can not wait to Our little one will come up with all these complications I feel the owl helps us to give us a peace of mind when she is here.;

Destiny Garner

My husband I expect our first child in a few weeks. Although the pregnancy was not planned, he managed it as it was and so it was the perfect time in our life to welcome our girlfriend in this world. He is currently active in the Marine Corps and works tirelessly to support his family, and he is more goal driven than ever before. My husband has a heart of solid gold and it is full of love to give. I think we are pretty young, inexperienced parents, so the whole pregnancy was very new to both of us, and he made every step of it fun and comfortable for me. Even with the complications I experienced during my pregnancy, he was able to adjust and still give me an overwhelming amount of love and support, and I believe he continues to do so for the rest of our lives together.
With the gifts that he can potentially get from Owlet, I think it can help increase his confidence in being a new dad, and give us both a peace of mind knowing that our cute baby will be safe and have quality products that we can trust.
My daughter has no idea that she already has the best dad in the world. To say that I am proud of him and who he has become is an understatement. I feel like I met the jackpot with him. My husband is my absolute everything and deserves the world.;

Megan Williams

Put simply, my husband has become more caring, caring, careful and loving since becoming a father two months ago. He was made to be a father.;

Brooke Watson

My husband and I expect twins in October! We had a hard time trying to get pregnant. The thought evry failed fertility treatment Taylor, my husband, was there with me through every tear and every difficult moment. He never hesitated to support me. After successful IVF treatment, we will now receive our blessings. Since I have been pregnant, Taylor has jumped to my every need and need. He does everything he can to make sure I'm happy and healthy through this time. It's just a nice top of how wonderful a dad he will be. Our children are already so blessed and they do not even know yet!;

Karen & # 39; Drobinak

Hello again!!;

I would love to win for my husband! We have a 5 month old baby. We LOVE our owl sock and would also love the camera! The sock has been so sensitive after taking home our NICU baby!;

My husband works so hard every day so I could stay home with our son for the last 3 months. The fight has come to both of us at this time and I can see it when he comes home. But he puts on a smile and loves us like no other. He deserves so much. I really hope he wins.;

Tamarra Sillers

My husband has been a fantastic strong supporter of me and the kids. After we got married we became pregnant soon after so he has been the soul from us 6 soon to be 7 and I cannot thank him enough. I hope he wins because he does everything while he is always sure to make me smile. He deserves this he is beyond fantastic.

Alejandra alvarez

I would love this for Father's Day. Would definitely give us both peace of mind. Usually, her dad wakes up to check on her, because I'm on medication that makes me sleep. I would really appreciate this.;

Christina Dominguez

My son was born 3.5 months early, we spent 79 days in NICU. My husband took care of both of us. My daughter had no problems, while we still pray for my son to develop well. This would be good for us to be selected for this gift. Thanks.;

Sean Edwards

My husband deserves to win because he puts us first, I couldn't have asked for a better partner. Seeing him dad beside me makes me a proud mother. I love him so much that I would not have our family without him and it would not feel like home without him.;

I would love to win this for my son. His rainbow child is due October 14, 2019.;


Anna Descartes

My husband has been a stone throughout my pregnancy and PPD. I am happy to share with him the Fathers Day gifts and this one would take the cake!;

We really need this.;

I always had a vision of the person with whom I would bring children. My husband, Dustin, has exceeded those expectations. God has truly blessed me with a selfless husband / wife! I would love to give him this Ultimate Dad Gift Pack! He is so deserved.
Happy Father's Day, everything.

Silvia Brenman

Grateful for the big man who became great dad.


Michelle Humphrey

My husband is working so hard to put in overtime to try and run out for us. Even with a damaged back he goes to work to support us. He also has a lot of anxiety about our little one and the possibility of not breathing at night, so having the owl would be so good for him. I would love the ability to treat him to some real goodies this year for Father's Day.;

Will give it up to my husband Sir Braxton! He has given so much up and got even more to help me raise our children and build our family! Get him a plaque with the dad of the century on it.;

My husband is so amazing, we had a rough start when our son was born with a rare genetic disorder. We know nothing about this and I give him all the credit to get us through the first few weeks and be in NICU.;

I'm so happy to meet my girlfriend!;

Crystal Nicole Bolding

Hi my name is Crystal and I am proud to be part of the Owlet;

Michael Valencia

I am very blessed with a fantastic man and a fantastic dad to our little girl Avalee and we have identical twins along the way. He works so hard for us and I could never thank him enough.;

Joann Fontenot

Happy Father's Day;

Mirtha Solorzano

I nominate my amazing husband Roy who is our family's stone. I had a hard / high risk pregnancy and was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. He helped me get through every day, took care of me, cooked, cleaned, stopped a number of endless nights when I couldn't sleep, while retaining his challenging full-time job. Without him I wouldn't have done it. The work was a mountain coast trip, 46 hours of work and he did not leave my opinion, supported me all the way. I could feed our beautiful baby boy 9lb 11oz.

Because of his love and dedication to our family, I was able to overcome the postpartum depression. He took the lead in all aspects so that I could heal. Every day he inspires me.;

Aimee O & # 39; Connell

Just had twins! My husband is amazing. He changes everything from cooking to the middle of the night in addition to the usual paperwork as a lawn. The best part is that he does everything with jokes and laughter. I would love for him to win because our family wins with him as a father!;

Would love this for my husband ❤️;

Tracy Kirkpatrick

My husband does everything for our children. We expect our first grandchild next month. No one deserves this any more.;

Sometimes the best fathers are not really fathers at all !! I know mine is;

My girlfriend is 6 months and I love every mine of being a dad, it's amazing !!;

Victoria Babb

For my wonderful husband, ridiculous hours work to give our children and I. Deserve this and so much more.;

Suzann McLane

I nominate my wonderful husband James. James has been at my side since the day we met. He has been great at taking care of me through our first pregnancy, which helps me continue with gestational diabetes and all high prenatal meetings. He was also the strongest support I needed to get through the difficult birth and surgery afterwards. I couldn't have found a better man to have a family with. He is a very caring and attentive dad to our 3 week old son Jamison. James works hard, 7 days a week, to support our beautiful family. I would love for his first of many father's days to come to be very special.;

Michael Kuykendall

My husband has been a wonderful dad to our boys. I absolutely couldn't imagine our lives without him. I hope he wins because he deserves so much.;

leon sevilla

Just have the most beautiful child and I am the happiest person to live congratulations to all fathers !!;

Henri Dugas IV

I'm crazy excited to meet my little lady! I also look very much forward to the mind that my Owlet Sock and Cam will give me and my wife after we meet her and begin to take care of her every need. This will help with the needs that we may have been previously unaware or unprepared.

I would love to win this for my husband. He is a hard worker and a good supplier for our family. He risks his life every day as a law enforcement officer and he deserves this.;

Gina Ruocchio

We have a micro premium and have used this product since she finally came home to us 9 months ago.;


My fiance would love to win this. He loves his children with all of him, and always thinks of them every moment … always making sure she gives them something home.;

hope job job


Nicole Hefferan

I would love to win this for my significant other. This is our first child and we are both extremely happy to be parents for the first time. He always makes sure I have everything I need and I know he will be a good dad!;

Jacqueline miller

Mu daughter will have a baby is September 2019. She is single and can not afford much. if there are any kind of discounts. Please let me know!;

Rhonda Ottey


Jasmine Nygaard

I would love to get this for my significant other. This is our first child and he goes above and beyond to make sure we are happy and caring. He travels for work, which he gets upset because of being gone after the baby will be born. But he has been sure to be at home for this special day in our life. He really deserves the world.;

My husband is so helpful with our 2 grandaughters that we have custody of;

Words cannot express how amazing my husband is. From losing our first baby through miscarriage, to welcoming our son, to coming in to the hospital after 2.5 weeks after perfume and having surgery, he has been our rock through this crazy journey. He has done so much for both of us, works tirelessly and loves me and our son firmly. He is the best dad and his first Father's day should be as remarkable as he is.;


Cheyenne Pridgen

Love my owlet sock for baby Ethan Zane. The bad the less stress on me at night would highly recommend it! Be sure to get the owlet camera.;

Nominate my husband who is 16 years old to our one year old and just as great to the next little one because of Father's Day !!!;

Jessie R Walker

I nominate my husband. Of course, most women think that their men are the best for different reasons. But we will! That's why we love them so much! I nominate my husband because he is our rock! He works hard, time-consuming jobs but still makes time for his family. He reads a book to our daughter every night as his own "personal time" now that we expect baby no. 2 after 9 years of trials and almost gives up, he is amazing. (as I knew he would be) He is always sure that I am ok and if I need something. He doesn't miss an MD meeting and always on top of things. He does not take much time for himself and he deserves a reward! (We try to make sure he knows his value and appreciation as much as we can, but sometimes extra would be great!) And having things for the baby would make him even happier especially the owl we hope to get. After such a long trial, we can't help but worry and have a great thing to help so much!;

Stacey Berger

My husband and I recently had our second baby. You never want to hear "we can't find their pulse" in an emergency. At 2 weeks of age we almost lost him to wpw svt. Endless nights in the icu and tears my husband was strong and positive that everything would be okay. He was our stone and could pick me up in a horrible situation. We now monitor his heart daily with a stethoscope and heart medicine for at least the first year. Had we had the owl we would notice his unusual heart rate before and could have had early preventive care. He assures me every day that everything will be fine and we will be fine. While I recover from a section, my husband tends to take care of the home. Our 2 boys, cooking bbqing, weekly medical appointments and ongoing matters undoubtedly. I couldn't do anything without a dad like him! I am so proud of the father he has become.;

Emilia Bourn

My husband and I expect our second child together and I want to let him know that he is as important as I am!;

Kristin Michael

My husband is the hardest working man. He wants this for our girlfriend but can't afford it. I'd love to surprise him for Father's Day.;

love it;

Dallen Gunter

I nominate my husband Dallen. He's really amazing. He has worked three jobs and attended college at the same time as we have been married. He did this to make sure we had everything we needed. We also have two boys. A two year old and a month old. The week our youngest son was born, he was in the middle of finishing his last week in college. Not only our son came early but he was sent to nicu. Quite unexpected for both of us. Despite this, Dallen could still take all his finals and graduated with his bachelor's degree in technology, while preventing me from losing myself. Having a baby in Nicu is something you don't think of until it happens to you and it was harder for me than I like to admit. He kept me calm and assured me that everything would be fine.

Hope can win!;

Marissa Slate

My husband is a fantastic man and father. He took 6 weeks of paternity in his job to help me when I recovered from an emergency room where we almost lost our son because of HR complications. He is a full-time parent who always gives 110% without having to be asked (and he understands that he is a parent, not a "babysitter").;

Chris Campbell

Would be a great price to start the summer with a newborn


Rachel Kotheimer

My husband is such a stone. We expect our first baby in October. At 20 weeks we have discovered that our baby has some health problems that must be taken care of. My husband Will has been such a support for me when we go through this and help us prepare. He will be a good dad. Owlet is a goal for us to help us monitor the health of our new child during the first few months.;

My husband is amazing! He takes care of our son 12 hours while I am at work, and then works 12 hours himself!;

I would like to nominate my husband. We recently welcomed our first child, a daughter named Zoe, to our family. My husband could take 2 weeks in the beginning and got devastated when he had to go back to work. But shortly after returning to work, he had to go back to the workers for a damaged back. While healing, he has been extremely supportive of my return to work. In addition, he has received great confidence in the weeks we have had our daughter. He was so nervous when we brought her home and really got into his own time from home from work.;

Choose Me! My girlfriend and I have died to get this, she is obsessed with it!;

Anthony McLeod

Nominerar min make Anthony. Han jobbar heltid, går till skolan heltid och kan fortfarande vara en underbar far till våra 5 månader gamla. Han är den bästa pappan och man man kan begära.;

Välj mig! Två pojkar med tvillingar på vägen!;

peggy hernandez

Jag kom in i min man för att han är den bästa pappan att vara och har jobbat så hårt för att uppnå allt som behöver göras innan vår välsignelse kommer! Glädjen som denna graviditet har fört oss båda är bara så vacker och som ingenting vi någonsin har upplevt förut.;

Min man är en vistelse hemma pappa. Han sover aldrig när barnet sover kanske det här kan lugna sig tillräckligt för att få en tupplur.;

Eddieth Amalia Ruiz

Jag nominerar min pojkvän Aaron! Han är en ganska fantastisk pappa och vi förväntar oss vår första älskling tillsammans i höst! Han är en så hård arbetare och hans främsta prioritet är hans barn och är en bra pappa! Vänligen välj honom!;

Katie Metzelaars

Nominating my hardworking, sweet husband who provides us with endless laughs and love. Xo;

Whitney Kuss

I nominate my husband, Ryan! Unfortunately we do not have any living children! We have gone through 3 miscarriages! Some people don’t believe that we are parents because we don’t have any living children but I don’t believe that! He will always be the daddy of our 3 angel babies! ❤️;

I’m nee mom and i love to win.;

Elizabeth Ferrante

My husband Ryan is an amazing father to our 5 year old daughter and I can’t wait to see him interact with our son, due in September. He works so hard 6 days a week to provide for our little family and I truly feel he deserves recognition beyond myself and our little girl; although I’m positive he’d say that the appreciation we show him is more than enough. He’s humble, kind, and always willing to help someone in need. He’s a great man and we’re lucky to call him ours’.;

Our very own Mary Poppins in a Dad! I know it might sound crazy, but my husband had never held a baby prior to the birth of our baby girl 8 weeks ago! No one knew just how he would interact and react to becoming a daddy. But from the minute she came out, unplanned c-section, he instantly bonded with her, having to take care of her since I wasn’t able at first. To this day, he dances with her, gets her to smile more than anyone, watches hockey with her nuzzled in his arm and loves her more than I though possible. Watching him grow into this role has been such a gift and makes anyone who sees him interact with her smile. He deserves to win just so he realizes how unique and special he really is!;

Alizabeth N.

My husband is the most deserving, hard-working dad out there. He works countless hours in the field as a farmer to provide for our family and it would be amazing to spoil him with this for Father’s Day!;

Caitlin Billingsley

Trevor is one of the hardest working Fathers out there! He is dedicated to his career in our local police force, and to his new found joy of being a brand new DAD.;

Holly Whitman

Nominated my husband. He’s super dad and super husband. He works, cleans, and takes care of the kids!;

Jessica Brown

I nominate my husband Ronnie. We have 6 children together. Our 7th is due August 2nd. We’ve never had an owlet but we would LOVE to have one. He’s an amazing daddy!! He comes home from work and plays with the kids, helps them plant a garden, teaches them to ride bikes. He’s awesome!!;

Hi, I would like to nominate my husband Lou. We are expecting our first child in Oct. We just got married and will be celebrating our one year anniversary in August. Lou is a special education teacher and he is so dedicated to his job and his family. He had such a kind heart and will go above and beyond for anyone! He is so sweet and sensitive. After we found out we were pregnant, we found out they were cutting back at his job and he has to find one for next year. It was emotional for both of us. Newly married, just found out we are pregnant and now this cut back. No matter how much I worry, he keeps me can and reassured that everything will be alright. He is my rock and I love him so much!;

Nominated my husband! He is absolutely amazing! Although he was deployed for the birth of our daughter he has been the best father and husband I could have asked for. He has made so many sacrifices for our family, I couldn’t appreciate him anymore. This fathers day I want to surprise him with an amazing gift! He deserves the world! I know how hard it was for him to be gone while his princess was born

My husband and I are trying to get pregnant but sadly I had to have abdominal surgery so we stopped trying. We are very proactive though and plan ahead for everything both financially and materialistically. We would be thrilled to win this package.;

Nominate my husband who is the best husband and father!;

Sean is the best. That is all.;

Ashley M Domey

My fiance has been the best daddy to our little girl and keeps saying he wants an owlet to give him piece of mind at night. He is already a protective daddy.;

I love the Owlet and will use it for all of my babies! Our girls have the best father who loves them unconditionally working long and hard hours to make sure they have everything they need. We sure do love him !;

Cassandra McKeown

My husband and I have had quite the journey trying to get pregnant. Miscarriages and chromosomal problems with a pregnancy. But finally our beautiful and perfect little girl was born on May 31st (her actual due date) at 12:59am. My husband has been the most supportive person through all of this and this prize would mean the world to him and I.;

Emily Callahan

My husband deserves this and so much more. Our little girl was born 7 weeks early and spent 6 weeks in the NICU. Everyday he supported me and was calm, collected and caring. He still worked and came to the hospital everyday. I never saw him break which was so helpful to me when I was so scared everyday!;

My Husband is a pastor, he gives so much to so many including being an incredible husband and father to our 2 beautiful children! He would be so surprised to receive something back after all he does for our community, church, and family!

I’d like to nominate my husband. He is the most supportive husband to me and the best loving father to his daughter and son. There isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for his family. We do almost everything together as a family unit because he is just as involved as I am, a true partnership.;

Maria Elena “Malena” Munroe

I’m nominating my husband, Robert. He’s 49 years old, and Clara Jean is our first child. Being older parents comes with it’s own benefits and pitfalls. The Owlet helps us sleep soundly, knowing our little one is healthy. And at 4am, when he groans “this is why people have children at 25!” we both laugh, and are thankful for this amazing time in our lives.

My husband and I were gifted the owlet sock and love it!;

Trish Timlin

My husband Joseph is the most amazing father and husband I could ask for. Not only was he great during my pregnancy, and so supportive during the difficult birth of our son, but he works full time and still gets up with the baby in the night to help me get a little extra sleep. I can’t imagine being on this journey with anyone else, and he deserves nothing but the best!! He is also a great doggie dad to our two pups!;

Nominating my husband who it the best father and partner to our two kids

We would love to win and enjoy these products;

Meggie Bilon

This would be great to provide us peace of mind!;

Victoria Cray

I am so excited to get my owlet sock for my premie baby! I was so scared to bring him home in two weeks before I putchased the sock! This gives me a piece of mind and makes me feel less anxious to bring him home!;

Dustin will becoming a dad this year and he is the best already! I cant wait to see how he will be once she is here.;

Kelsey Brown

Kevin Brown is the best daddy to our five and a half month old and our second baby coming Christmas Eve!;

I am nominating my husband and soon to be first time daddy to our little boy or girl! He is a firefighter for LA City and works so hard to keep our family and others safe!! He loves the idea of a pulse ox for baby, and all the safety features the Owlet provides, it has been on our must list! This is the first Dad centered giveaway I have seen, and what an awesome thing, as they are such a big part, too! 🙂

I have such a loving and supportive husband I nominate him! Can’t wait for him to meet our little girl.;

Stevey Pope-Allred

I would to nominate my husband Mika Pope-Allred. We both just began first time dads 3 weeks ago to our daughter Skylar Jae. This Father’s Day will be both of our first and it’s been such a long journey to our dreams of finally becoming fathers. It’s been the most beautiful experience watching Mika with our daughter this last 3 weeks. It’s a true display that love will always win! 🙂;

Jessica Cumbie

This would be wonderful! He works so hard for us and always doing his best to be a great dad.;

Nominated my wonderful husband.;

Tabatha Fluhrer

Pick my hubby! He’s our hero and protector. We are both firefighters and he is also a police officer. He works hard to not only provide and protect us but to protect everyone in the communities he serves.;

Sierra Calhoun

I am nominating my boyfriend! He is amazing. He is a great dad to our new baby and he has 3 additional kids (from a previous marriage) that he has full custody of. He is a hard worker and a great father! He works 80 hours a week plus side jobs to provide for our family. He is always thinking about me and the kids and he rarely treats himself to anything. This gift would be perfect for him!’;

My husband Josh is a wonderful Dad to our son and so excited for our daughter due is August. He is hardworking and constantly sacrifices for our family. Gives up his hobbies and activities just to be present with us and interact with our son. He’s an amazing partner and my best friend.;

Nicole Stephani

I’d like to nominate my husband James for this contest. I have hyperemesis (HG) and I was bedridden for the first 21 weeks of my pregnancy. It’s by far the biggest challenge that he and I have ever faced in our marriage, but he completely stepped up to the plate for his wife and his unborn daughter. I’m amazed by his dedication to family, and I know our pregnancy journey has been really hard on him, too, as he has worried from day one. We have had to take quite a bit of time off work due to my illness, so this prize pack would help us tremendously financially. Thank you.;

I nominate my husband because he is a great father to our first two children. Therefore I know he will be wonderful to the third. This baby is HEAVEN SENT due to my families tragic lost of my brother in December 2018.
My husband is hardworking and feels like I don’t appreciate it. This would be the perfect gift to help me express how important he is to our family and we love him beyond infinity.;

Pick Travis he is a wonderful father of 2 wonderful boys he does a lot and works alot and still spends time with his boys;

I will forever recommend the Owlet to all expecting parents The peace of mind is priceless !;

I am nominating my husband Chase Ruby! He is the most amazing step-father to my first born. Now, after 5 years of infertility and countless treatments and miscarriages, he is the most proud and blessed father to our 7 month old miracle. He supported me through my horribly difficult and scary pregnancy. We suffered hyperemesis, preeclampsia and our son making his way in to this world premature! My husband stood by our side and did everything and anything in his power to make us feel better! If I could purchase the world for him I would. He is a first time biological father and is rocking it! Win or lose.. he is always a winner to us and the BEST Daddy to us!;

Amanda Saunders

I am nominating my son. He is going to be a first time dad and we all are so excited. He is wonderful with children and has relocated with his job so he can be home more often..;

Andrea Wahrenberger

Hope to win for my husband;

I’m nominating my husband Nick. We’re having our first in October. This would be a perfect daddy starter kit gift for his first Father’s day! From his love of bar-b-q, to wanting his own carrier and “daddy” diaper bag , he would be more than grateful and excited. We’ve both been very interested in the Owlet monitor + sock since we found out we’re having a child. Regardless of winning we will be purchasing one , as his job keeps him away from home for periods of time throughout the year . With the Owlet monitor + sock he’ll be able to stay involved, connected and updated on our growing baby , never missing those precious moments. Thankyou so much for this amazing opportunity!;

My husband Micah and I are excited to welcome our newest addition in November. Looking at all these prizes I am thinking about how each prize could be used by him. How sweet for him to carry our baby around in the ergo carrier! The owlet baby monitor would give us peace of mind that this little ones breathing and heart rate is within range. He misplaces his keys a lot I am willing to bet it will be worse when being tired sets in with a newborn! Most fathers would enjoy and nice grill, this list just names a few! Happy Fathers Day to all new, soon to be and babies/child that grew into angels!;

Sheida Albert

My husband Max has been the greatest father to our first child! I had an awful and long postpartum recovery, he quit his job to take care of me and our son 24/7. It’s been very rough but we couldn’t have made it through without his love and dedication to us.;

Ashley McCurdy

First time parents, would love to give my husband and soon daddy to be an amazing gift!;

Jessica Buckway

Josh is the best daddy ever! I could not do this without him!;

My husband is a wonderful Dad and loves all the techy stuff for our sweet baby. We currently have a refurbished shock that has literally saved her life. Our miracle was 5 weeks premature and her oxygen will decrease randomly and stimulation is needed to remind her to breathe. We are able to sleep knowing that if she needs our help, the sock will let us know! It would be awesome to win a package with shiny new tech!;

I’m Nominating my husband jay for being my rock throughout our infertility journey and all the loses we have had. I know he’s going to be the best father to our bundle of joy on the way because he’s a great father to his daughter already;

Kimberly Penza

Dominic is the best daddy to our first little girl. She likes it best when he puts her to sleep and he knows how to keep a smile on her face. I am so proud to have a man that works so hard to allow to me to stay home a few days a week with our little girl. We love you!;

Thank you for this fabulous opportunity ♥️;

After 5 years of IUI and IVF treatments, our little miracle is finally here with us. We’d love to share these gifts with the other fathers in our lives, especially those who have stood by our side these past few years.;

Breanna Graham

I’m nominating my husband. After 5 years of trying to conceive we finally got our miracle baby in January. My husband has helped me so much and as both first time parents we are all we got. I appreciate and thank him for everything he does.


Nominated my awesome husband who is the best daddy to our baby.;

Kimberly Tsoronis

I could not ask for a better father and husband. We our his world and is such a great father to our 6 month old son.

So cool I hope we win!;

Katrina Romney

We are expecting our fourth, and I couldn’t ask for a better man to be by my side! He is the most kind and caring person I have ever met, and I’m so gratefulto go through this crazy life from raising kiddos together!;

Abbey Archambault

My Hubby is the best Daddy to our little boy, and I can’t wait to see him with our second little guy come October!;

Jennifer Calvert

I’d like to nominate my husband Greg. He has been an amazing father and us supportive to me. He will be deploying this coming October for 6 months and missing out on so much of our baby boy’s “firsts”. Having the Owlet products will help keep him connected while over seas.;

Mikaela Harris

I’m nominating my fiancé, Don. He’s the best father to our 4 children. I say our four because even though my oldest is his stepson, he has accepted and embraced the father role for him since we first started dating. He goes above and beyond for our children, from working hard to provide for our family, to making sure the boys get to every soccer practice and extra training they can. He devotes so much to all of us, picking him as the winner would be a great little way to show our appreciation for all he does for us.;

Jessica Cancino

I nominate my husband as hes the best dad ever working hard for our babies lost my job last year and is working very hard to provide for all of us love him always for being there as a husband and dad!;

I really would love to win this giveaway. I and my partner are new parents and have been trying to get these items for our son . Please pick my boyfriend justice he’s a great dad to our son.;

Laurence Mabie

I nominate my fiance Laurence R. Mabie. He is attentive, nurturing and one of the best humans around. He is always giving and I would be tickled if I could give back and show my appreciation for him. He came from a hard life and still makes me laugh.;

I would love to be able to gift these amazing prizes to my husband! He works so hard and always puts us first! This would be such a joy to give to him!;

Ginger Riggs

Please nominate my husband, David! He is an amazing daddy!!;

Kimberly Mathis

Nominate my son, my first grandbaby is due to arrive Aug 14, 2019 and he is going to be a wonderful father. He has done so much to prepare for this little guy and although he didn’t have his father in his life he wants to give his son a better life and I am very proud of him for the man he has become.;

Savannah Bateman

We absolute love our owlet monitor. We used it with our first child who is now two. This devise is what saved his life.
We were told to give him formula with my breast milk. He had a reaction to the formula and quit breathing on us. He was wearing his monitor at the time. It notified us. I was able to call 911. And they saved his life. He went into to have seizures from not breath. It was a heart breaking moment for us. We are thankful and blessed he is still with us. And we to this tell everyone owlet saved his life and tell every new mom to get one. So thank you!;

we would love to try these products!;

Julie Radenberg


I am nominating my hardest working husband for this price.;

Kristen Marchant

So excited for this giveaway!;

My husband Dominique is the best father hands down! After coaching me thru 12 hours of contractions, emotions and exhaustion, I ended up having a c section. We welcomed our IVF rainbow baby Desmond shortly after! The first 3 days in the hospital Dominique waited on me hand and foot and did everything for Desmond because I could not get out of bed due to the c section and pain I was in. He’s simply amazing. He’s the best partner and father. I’d love for him to win this package! This is his first father’s day having his own child, we do have an angel baby as well.

My husband is an amazing man and works extremely hard so that I can stay home with our baby girl. But with me dealing with post partum I have extreme anxiety about my daughter sleeping on her own so this would really help!!;

Rachel Radke

Would love to win this for my husband. We just had a baby boy in March.;

Nicholas chubb

My husband and I have been through it to military deployment and some time apart do you do both of our work commitment. This is our first baby after 10 years of trying !;

Courtney Beatey

Joey is one of the hardest working dads around! While he runs restaurants that are a 7 day a week responsibility, he still makes time for our 6 year old and newborn!!! He for sure is more than deserving of this prize!!!;

Julie Demsky

I nominated my husband Mike! We have been through two miscarriage in the past year (one at 18 weeks 5 days) and he has been my rock! I know he will be an amazing dad one day and I just hope that that day is soon!!;

April Triplett

Please allow my wonderful husband to win this. He has taken care of me through preganancy #1 without me having to work. I then became a stay at home mom and now we’re expecting baby #2. My husband works 60-70hrs a week in all the elements and NEVER complains. He only takes a day off once every month and a half. He works so hard for this family and really deserves something nice. Unfortunately finances are tight and now expecting baby #2 things are going to get even harder. He really does do so much for this family and deserves something special. I feel like a terrible wife that i can’t give him the nice things he would like to have.;

Sarah Robbins

I nominate my husband. Hes going to be the best daddy to our rainbow baby. After losing our son to Trisomy 18 last year he (we) needed the happiness of the little girl we get to meet in a couple short months.;

Nicole Williams

Todd is an amazing father! Although this should’ve been our second rodeo, seeing him with our daughter makes it worth the wait. I was laid off last June and found out we were expecting in August. The timing wasn’t perfect but everything has its purpose. He’s been working hard while I’ve gone back to school. Their interactions are adorable and I love watching them have their daddy/daughter conversations. If you pick him, it would be a major surprise!;

Morgan Garner

For my Special Forces soldier hubby, Sam! Happy Father’s Day and thank you for all that you do for our family.;

Brittany Aldridge

I nominate my husband, Adam Aldridge, because he and I didn’t plan to be parents…but he is actually meant to be a dad. With our little surprise bundle of joy, he has proven to be an amazing father….he is a natural. I want to show him how much I appreciate him and hopefully give him the best first fathers day every!;

Lexie Rivera

Nominated my husband David! We will be first time parents this summer! He is amazing already as a dad! This gift would be so incredible for him.;

Pick Anthony! He is so excited to be a daddy, it’s the sweetest;

I’d like to nominate my husband. He does so much for me and our little guy, especially since I’ve been pregnant with #2 he’s stepped up and have done things that I struggle doing with out even asking;

Nominating my husband. He does so much for me and our little guy, especially since I’ve been pregnant with #2 he’s stepped up and have done things that I struggle doing with out even asking;

Prizes would be given to my son who is a proud father of two small boys.;

My husband is not only an amazing spouse but he is an phenomenal father. He goes above and beyond for his family and he deserves to be spoiled as much as he spoils us!;

I hope I win;

I am entering this contest for my son in law Jonathan. He is a first time Daddy-to-be and he is going to rock This! He’s patient, gentle, loving and kind . He’s a good man.
What makes this extraordinarily special for us is that they’ve had too many horrible experiences trying to have a child and now, well… we are all over the moon with joy.

Christine Rivera

I am entering this contest for my son in law Jonathan. He is a first time Daddy-to-be and he is going to rock This! He’s patient, gentle, loving and kind . He’s a good man.
What makes this extraordinarily special for us is that they’ve had too many horrible experiences trying to have a child and now, well… we are all over the moon with joy.;

Brittany Marsh

We are due at the end of July (7/27) with our first, a little boy. Within that same week, we’ll be celebrating our wedding anniversary (7/23) and my hubby’s bday (7/21). Eric works hard to provide for our family, supports me in my endeavors, and continues to impress me daily with his outpouring of love. It would be so awesome to win this and be able to surprise him!;

Amber Counterman

Pick my boyfriend! He is an absolutely wonderful father to our almost 2 year old and soon to be here little girls! He always puts us first and loves his girls!;

Hello! I nominated my amazing husband for this contest! Owlet has been a brand I have been obsessed before I was pregnant!! It’s on my registry but it would be so amazing to win for my husband!!!! Thanks for having this contest!!;

My husband is the hardest working man I know. He works two jobs so that I am able to go to school & take care of our two children. Every evening when he comes home and I’m making dinner he makes sure to give me a break, even if it’s just five minutes to myself, when he’s the one that’s been working all day. He is so selfless. He would do anything for anyone. I love this man so much and our children are so lucky to have him as a father. He more than deserves to win this;

Nominating my husband for being the best dad to our daughter!;


I am nominating my husband for being the best (first time) dad to our sweet girl! He works tirelessly for our family so that I can stay home with our daughter. He deserves something extra special on his first Father’s Day!;

Emily olmstead

Please consider my friend Jesse Davenport! He and his wife, my best friend will be having twin boys this fall and this would be such a blessing to them!;

Nominated my husband he works very hard for his family wakes up every morning at 4 to work and get out sometimes around 530 at night. He does what he cam and couldnt be more proud of him.;

I’m nominating my amazing husband who is a full time husband, soon to be dad, college student, and construction worker, and he wakes up every single morning and walks to work or school (we have no vehicle) and does it all without any complaints!;

We have the smart sock and absolutely love it. Such an awesome product that helps us new parents sleep somewhat better at night!;

Nominated my best friends husband. They are soon to be new parents and deserve this sooo much!;

Stephanie Wheeler

Nominated my husband. He is the hardest working man I’ve ever met. Everything he does is for our family. Our little girl is so blessed to have him.;

I am so excited to try this product! Such a great concept and innovation to put your mind at ease with a newborn. I am nominating my wife as not everyone has a husband! 🙂 I cannot wait to sport this gear!;

Taylor Ahrens

To the best husband and father around. We love you and want you to know how much we appreciate you ❤️ Thanks for loving our baby girl to no end!;

Whitni Stevenson

Nominated my husband! He is the best daddy to be and I can’t wait to see him with our little girl!;

Jenna Hughes

Pick Nick! He’s the best daddy to our 1 month old, Atticus. He’s also a bomb dog dad to our two pups, Jax and Watson.;

Alana Nichols

I am a first time mom this is a paraplegic due to a snowboarding accident. My husband is Roy Tuscany and is a first time dad also has a spinal cord injury (but can walk). After his injury, he started a foundation called High Fives. to support others with spinal cord and brain injuries. He’s the hardest working man in non-profit, he also volunteers his time and is going to be an incredible dad. I really think he would be so appreciative if this amazing package!!;

Alyssa Thompson

I’d like to nominate my husband. I lost my sister to suicide 3 months ago & he’s been my rock through my pregnancy and birth. We lost a lot of our personal belongings due to the death taking place in our bedroom & had to pack up and move back in with my parents with our newborn.;

Amanda Iverson

So excited about this little contest! My husband is such a great dad and works so hard to make sure I can stay home with my 2 year old and soon to be here baby! He always buys us presents and treats, but he never buys anything for himself. We’d like him to have this. 🙂;

Rachel zitomer

MaxZitomer is the hardest working guy I know. He runs a family business with his dad selling baseball and softball equipment. He works with other families everyday inspiring them from t-ball to college and beyond. He is humble and knows the true meaning of hard work. Over the weekend he broke-in 40 new baseball gloves by hand until his hands bled and blistered. He also makes silly videos on youtube and facebook to promote the business and everywhere we go people recognize him and smile. I know he’s going to be the best dad to our son or daughter because he has a great dad who taught him everything about success, failure, growth, love, laughter and respect. I have all the faith in the world that once our child is born he will pass down all he has learned from his amazing dad. Boy or girl baby zitomer can’t wait to play catch with daddy and grandpa Roy. #owletdadcontest;

Amber Terron

Cant wait to bring our little one into the world!;

Dallen Gunter

Dallen is the best dad and husband anyone could ask for. He has attended college full time while working two-three jobs at a time to support our little family. He graduated this spring with his bachalor’s degree in engineering. We have two boys, a two year old and a one month old. Our youngest little guy joined our family unexpectedly four weeks early. We thought we had it all planed our that he would come after school was finished for the year(and for good!) He was born on the day Dallen was supposed to take on of his last finals to graduate. Due to his unexpected early entrance into this world our new baby boy was emitted the nicu. It was a very emotional and draining week, but Dallen still was able to do what he needed to pass his classes and graduate all while keeping me from losing my mind. We appreciate him so much and are lucky to have him!;

My husband is a police officer who is gone most of the time. He misses so many of our baby’s milestones and our outings that it breaks his heart he can’t be here to share in them so I constantly send him pictures and videos. His sacrifices however have allowed me to become a stay at home to our 8 month old daughter and our new arrival in October. I wish I could shower him with gifts on his FIRST Father’s Day (also his birthday!) but because we are now a single income household that simply cannot be. To be chosen would mean the world to us and to show him that even though he cannot be here, it is because of him we are able to do so much. I would love to show him how much he is appreciated by his family and community. Thank you for the consideration.;

Chelsea Sanford

My husband is a wonderful daddy to 5. I hope to win this for him.

My husband is a police officer who is gone most of the time. He misses so many of our daughters milestones and it breaks his heart he can’t be there. His sacrifices however have allowed me to be a stay at home mom to our 8 month old and our new arrival due in October. I wish I could give him so many presents and tell him how thankful we are to have him work so hard for us, but because we are now a single income household that simply cannot be. I hope I am considered for these wonderful prizes so I can show my husband how much he is appreciated and how much we love him.;

Tina funderburk

Great Dad deserves Great Gifts..
All i know is every Great Dad deserve to have this amazing giveaway..

And all im hoping is my amazing Husband will be the lucky one to have this.happy father’s day to all amazing Dad out there!;

I finally left an abusive marriage after 13 years. I have 4 wonderful children from that marriage. Honestly, after what I had gone through and what my life looked like, I never really thought I’d find someone to be a true partner to my situation. I grew my business, worked hard to keep my little hobby farm, and help my children heal from the trauma we had been through previously. I was content being a mom and an individual and we were all doing very well.

Suddenly, this man enters my life, this beautiful, gentle, embracing, loving man who won my heart and my trust. He stepped in,not only never having any experience being married or having children himself, and took on 4 children, 2 of which are moody (but wonderful) teenagers, a hobby farm, etc, but his father died by a drunk driver when my husband was 2 and grew up with out the benefit of a father himself (he was in the car with him when he died). He absolutely astonishes me every day.

When we go through difficult times, he pulls me close and says “I’m here through everything. Let me take your worries on my shoulders” and instantly, I know everything is going to be okay. We are now 34 weeks pregnant (with his first biological child). I know he’s going to be An excellent father because of how he has loved and cared for my (he calls them “our” kids) children like they were his own. We are naming our baby Atlas Steven. In honor of the “strong shoulders” my love has offered us in support and love as father and husband. And his middle name was his late father’s name.

We are all so excited for baby Atlas’ arrival!!! He’s so lucky he gets to have such a wonderful father.;

To my husband the future dad to be, although he has been a dad to our 4 fur babies, he is most excited about our little baby. To the moments I catch him in the babies room just looking around, to him melting over the tiny little onsies, I know he will be a great dad. It’s the moments where we plan our future family vacations to Disney and all the little outfits our baby will wear there! I can already tell he will be everything our daughter needs and more. He deserves the world because that’s what he gives to every being he cares for! We love him!;

I nominate my fiance Kyle who is going to be a first time dad. And has no experience with babies or children so I wish him luck in our journey with our soon to be new born girl;

So excited for a chance to win this for the best dad ever! Dru and I love you, TJ!;

My husband, Brian, is the backbone to our family. He keeps us grounded and is the best daddy to our two boys and new baby on the way. Wouldn’t want to go through this life without him by our sides. My hope is for him to know is he is appreciated not just on Father’s day but every day!;

Amanda Gardner

Christian Gardner he’s a saint just for putting up with me in the first trimester but now that we’re just a few months away from our girl arriving he’s been even more amazing, which I didn’t know was possible. He works so hard for our family, goes to every appointment, researches everything we need/what’s safest for baby and continues to take care of me as I get bigger and a little more helpless (). Couldn’t imagine going on the journey of parenthood with anyone else! Best husband and dad-to-be for sure #owletdadcontest;

My husband and I are so excited to be having our first baby. We have been together since middle school and we always dreamed of having a family. He has been my biggest supporter through the good times and the bad and I am so grateful for him! I am looking forward to seeing him as a father!;

Felicia Kruse

My husband and I Lost our Quints (Yes 5 babies) do to premature birth. All 5 lived 2 hours. My husband had a very hard time but we both trusted God with his will. 7 months later we got our 5 month foster son, God blessed with us being able to Adopted. When he was 3 and 1/2 his birthmom reach out and wanted us to adopted the baby she was carrying. With our lost it had us nervous bringing home a baby from hospital. So we order a owlet sock to help ease our mines. She is 15 months and we are over the moon and blessed. My husband has overcome and been so strong through out our journey.;

Kristie Nichols

So very proud of my husband for all that he has done for our family. He truly is the best man we could both ask for. We were told we could not get pregnant and SURPRISE! We did. We were the normal very nervous first parents and he truly eased my mind with the purchase of the owlet. He deserves the world and unfortunately I can not give him that. Hopefully this can just give him a taste of what he deserves.;

Robbie Andersen

My husband and I are expecting our 10th baby in December, and we are grateful and excited to be having another baby! Three of our 9 children have/had (one was stillborn) congenital heart defects. Having an owlet would bring a lot of peace of mind.;

Debra Dubois

At 50 new granddaughter that I will be raising was not in the plan but what a huge blessing she is to our lives God is great!;

Danielle Romeyn

I am so thankful for my husband. I was a foster parent before I met him and I ended up getting two girls long term. He has been such a great father figure to them. We are now pregnant with our first and he is so excited. I would love to win this for him to bless him as we start a journey with a little baby!;

Ashley Schauf

My husband has hit the struggle hard. He is not adjusting well to having a baby in the house! It’d be really cool to give him a gift to help him adjust & make him feel a little better about his PPND diagnosis;

Sheryl Jensen

I would love this for my grandbabys;

My husband Chris is an amazing father to 2 biological, 2 step, 2 adopted, and 2 foster children. He has stepped in to the position of a father to many children in need over the years, and has continued to do so out of his love for children, and my crazy dreams of a large family. This man works long hours to support his family, so that I am able to be at home with our children, and be available for our ever amounting medical appointments for our medically fragile ones.

Hi my name is Ibtisam and my son and wife are expecting to have their first baby in November and I am sure he is going to be the best dad ever , he already is best Husbend .Really wish he wins the prize;

rosemary todasco


Areli Miguel

We had been trying to get pregnant for the last ten years and with no luck. We have had multiple miscarriages. Two of them these past few years and they have been heartbreaking because we couldn’t seem to past the 12 weeks mark. But we had faith and this past March we got our rainbow baby. We both couldn’t be happier with our baby girl. We celebrated Mother’s Day and Father’s Day from our previous pregnancies with sadness in our hearts because we both were parents even if we had them for a short period. He has been very supportive, loving and understanding and has keep me up when I fell in depression and he gave me the strength to keep going. And it would be nice to be able to give him these nice gifts which i wouldn’t be able to afford for his first official Father’s Day with her daughter in his arms to let him know how much we appreciate him.;

Michelle Rodriguez

My husband really deserves this. He’s an amazing father to our son.;

This will be the perfect pack that comes with my precious girl;

My husband was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia 24 hours after our first baby was born and our house got a leak and flooded. We have been given the ok to have another baby and are expecting early 2020, this would be a wonderful way to celebrate as we weren’t as able to focus on our newborn the first time around. He’s an amazing father and husband and very deserving of this and more;

My hubby is an amazing man and wonderful daddy. Not only does he cook meals, play cars and trucks, and change diapers at all hours of the day, he teaches and instills character, love and devotion to our three kiddos. This would be a great prize to show our appreciation.;

Samantha Schlanger

It has been a tough journey for us to be able to get pregnant, and my husband has been incredible throughout this process. We went through IVF, and he was so supportive and loving every step of the way. This is our third embryo transfer, and we’ve lost 2 potential baby girls. We have been together for 11 years and married for 3.5. My husband is so excited about our next step, and he has built the crib and hung up all of the decor for our Marvel themed nursery. Whenever I expressed doubt about this working out, he always patiently validated my feelings while also expressing optimism and hope. He is going to be an incredible father, and I would love to surprise him with these amazing prizes. Alot of focus is put on mothers, and women going through IVF receive the bulk of the support since they are the ones experiencing the hormones, needles, and procedures. I want to honor what he has been through as well and show him how much I appreciate everything he has done.;

Natalie & Zachary Wisler

Hi Owlet!

My husband and I got a surprise last week at our 12 week scan, and they MISSED our 2nd baby. We are expecting TWINS. We will have 3 in diapers (a 15 month old) and the newborn twins will have to be on formula because I have a condition where I cannot produce breast milk. The Owlet gave me such a peace of mind for our most recent baby (we also have a 7 year old), and I would be devastated if we can’t have one for both twins. We just found out we will be a family of 6 instead of a family of 5, and we are scrambling to afford a new vehicle to fit all of us. I am not normally the type of person to ask for help, but we are financially struggling and just want the best for our babies. Especially if they are in the NICU, I just won’t rest without an owlet on their feet.

My husband is working full time/overtime, and is doing all that he can. He is a wonderful man, and this would brighten our Father’s Day!! Thank you for your consideration;

Our daughter just celebrated her 5th birthday. She is close to her daddy and and is his world and princess. We have had a rough past two years losing a home, being homeless on the street then living in a family shelter almost a year and now just in the past month have moved into our new apartment. Of course I wish we were more financially able to spend on extras but through all our bottoms we are still a solid,loving,kind and haven’t lost our humor family unit. I hope to win something so I have something besides a hug and words to show him and give him on this father’s day that we appreciate him and love him and wouldn’t be the same without him. Thank you.;

I fall more in love with my husband everyday. His kindness, patience and love towards our son brings me so much joy and calms my soul.;

My husband is such an amazing father to our 7 month old, he deserves this!;

This would be a perfect gift for my husband. Last year we faced a miscarriage that devastated us. Took months for us to crawl out of a depressing state and reach back at life. We are finally expecting our rainbow baby in a month. We couldn’t be more joyful.;

Halleigh Neely

I could not think of a more deserving husband and father to win this ‘Ultimate Dad Package’. He works so hard for our family and doesn’t complain one bit to come home after working 16 hour shifts to play with our son and even help around the house. These items would not only be a perfect help for our family but would be a dream to have!;

Christina Shiets

This would be perfect for my son in law for their new baby girl! He serves our country and protects our community – well deserving father!;

My husband Jon rocks the dad job, staying home with our youngest Elijah, so I can continue my career. He does it all: cooks, cleans, fixes and loves on our little guy- teaching Elijah while having fun together! What a dad! Often I come home to dad and baby rockin’ out on the piano. I couldn’t ask for a better father figure for my boys.;

Brittni Rivas

My son just had his first baby in May. He deserves this prize! He is a wonderful father.;

Jessi McCormick

My husband met our first child when she was 11 weeks when he returned home from Afghanistan. He’s worked so hard to make up that lost time and build an amazing relationship with our baby girl. These prizes would really help him out next year week when I have to leave for a year long deployment and he had to play the role of mom and dad! #dualmilitary;

I would love to nimate my child’s father, Jason. He’s so awesome with our 4month old son, his first child. I also have an older son who is 12 he’s been apart of his life since he was 2. He’s always treated him like his own. All these gifts would help him in so many ways to contending awesome, or give him a peace of mind when he’s alone with our baby.;

Hi we are expecting are first baby. We have been told that this is an awesome system. It would be a great first fathers day to my husband. I know he is going to be an amazing daddy.

Marissa Erickson

Love these brands!;

Our first one, she’s our bundle of joy.!;

I’m a dad but I’d give most of the stuff to my dad for all he’s done for me. I gotta keep the owlet, thermometer and wagon for my family;

So thrilled to enter this giveaway!! Fingers crossed!;

My husband is more than deserving of this, he’s a father of 2 and one more on the way. He’s an amazing father, husband, best friend, and partner in life. I know this will benefit him as well as our new little girl. Thank you so much!;

My husband would love this gift! Second baby due next month and we are so excited!;

After having a 23 weeker and knowing we will be spending my husband’s first Father’s Day in the NICU is hard. Anything would be helpful.;

Hernisha Bryant

My husband really deserve this …such an amazing father this would be great for him;

Jessica L Lake

My husband is an amazing dad! We are expecting our second rainbow baby and this would bring us so much peace of mind to know that we can keep our sweet little one safe. Thanks for this opportunity to win!;

Hernisha Bryant

Really need this I’m pregnant and haven’t been able to get anything yet due to low funding;

Hi ! It’s been quite a journey for us to get pregnant and now finally we are expecting our first little baby. Our sweet precious little girl will be due in October 2019 and my husband and I can’t wait. I know he is going to be an amazing father and I would love to surprise him with a full gear of baby products to start off raising this baby the right way ! Tack!;

Taylor Lamoureux

Hej! My name is Taylor! We are expecting our beautiful Rainbow baby girl! Due in September. We would love to have this product! Many friends have used and highly recommended!;

We just had our very first child! Precious little girl:) However she was born jaundice, has really bad reflux (still has reflux), has laryngomalasia, which has resulted in several ER visits, she has still managed to be a happy happy baby #rainbowbaby
Sooooo…. This would be an awesome gift set to receive, for everything we’ve been thru. (Even tho I know all you mommy’s and daddy’s have had struggles of some sort along the way as well!);

Would love for my guy to win! He is such a great step dad to my daughter and such a kind and caring soon to be dad. He deserves this win!;

Whittney porter

My husband deserves this because he is always striving to work hard and make sure that our son can accomplish his goals in motocross. We are both extremely excited to be welcoming our baby girl this month. This prize would come in handy with the amount of traveling we are going to be doing since she is coming this month and that is when motocross becomes quite busy for us.;

We love Owlet;

Had my first child in April and after a complicated labour she had respiratory distress at birth and spent sometime in the neonatal unit so would love to win one of these for peace of mind!;

My husband and I are expecting our first child (a girl), and he is so excited and involved! He’s such an amazing husband, son, brother, and friend, and he deserves the world!!;

We are expecting our first child in January, and my husband would love to have these! He’s so nervous, and this would help calm those nerves!;

Jodi L Hodges

Expecting twins! I’d love for my husband to win!;

Would love one at this grandma’s house;

Had my first grand daughter in April and a grandson is due in Oct. My son or son in law would love this. I brought the sock and cam for daughter and daughter in law for mothers day so this would be a great fathers day gift.;

I would absolutely love to win all these amazing products!;

Lillyana Stocker

My boyfriend stepped up to take care of my son who isn’t is, we are now expecting our own child together and I want to show him that I appreciate him and love him for everything that he does to help out our family

I have enjoyed watching my husband become a father this year. He has been wanting to have a baby carrier of his own to tote our LO around but we can’t seem to find the right one. He is so hands on and does everything he possibly can to make life easier as we transition into this new season of our lives. We are first time parents and we are loving this journey! So blessed to have a man like him to support me and our son. He deserves this type of surprise so we can show him how much we love and appreciate him.;

Michael Morrison

Would love to use these products with my son;

Mary Canning Vaughn

My granddaughter Caylee is expected to be born 2-3 weeks early due to complications. Winning this would be such a blessing and give peace of mind to my precious daughter and son-in-law.;

My husband is the greatest person I know and I am glad that my daughter gets to see first hand what it means to be a great person. He loves with such compassion and works his butt off to take care of his family. He deserves this and so much more.;

Delany Huggard

I am so excited to watch my husband become a father in a few months. He has already become to attached and melts every time we get an ultrasound or listen to our baby’s heartbeat. We have been looking into getting a few of your items especially the sock & cam but as of right now we can’t afford it. Winning your products would mean the absolute world to us and give us peace of mind when our baby arrives. Thank you for your consideration;

Liliana Elizondo

It would be an awesome surprise for my husband. A blessing!!!;

Tristen vincent

My husband would love this give away!! He’s such a hard working daddy! He just started his own company and is working his bit off so I can stay at home with out son! What an amazing give away;

Alexis Martin

I have wanted the smart sock since I had my daughter and she is now two, I would love to have these items as they would come very handy to me for both my daughter and my son and to be able to get something for my husband. I always have the kids by myself because my husband works all the time and I’m very thankful, It just gets hard at times and anything to make it easier would be a blessing.;

My husband is the best dad to our son and daughter. Parenting a teenager and a newborn is no easy task but he does it with ease, a warm smile and a joyful heart. He doesn’t get tired and is always ready for what ever the children throw at him whether it be a soiled diaper or high school geometry. I am so thankful for him and our two beautiful loves of our lives.
Thank You for this opportunity.;

My husband is currently Daddy to a five year old German Shepherd, and I can’t wait to see how he handles our twins that are due in October. This was long overdue after our 3-4 year struggle with infertility.;

we are a biracial family and her family doesn’t approve at all and we just want to know our baby is safe so I enter this contest to get the monitor that we cant pay for on our own with no help;

Jessica Carroll

We’re expecting our first baby together ! A little girl! My husband is active duty military and will be deploying shortly after baby is born !!;

My husband has taken to being a dad so naturally, and I am forever grateful to him for partnering with me fully on this journey! With a one and half year old here and a baby on the way, our life is going to get much busier- but with a man as patient and kind and caring as he is I can’t wait for all our family adventures ahead! I wish all kids could have a dad like my kids have… the world would surely be a better place 🙂;

Morgan Rosser

My husband would be so excited to win this for Father’s Day! We have been searching for a new monitor to use for our second little boy due next month. We found owlet and have been saving ever since! If we were blessed enough to win it along with the other prize items, we would be so thankful! #Fingerscrossed my sweet husband wins!

Best Dad ever!;

2 littles, one who is only 4 months. The greatest dad to them both 🙂;

Would love to win this for my husband and 3 kids! Tack!;

Shawn Willoughby

I would really like to win this. I am a social worker, I work with abused children on a daily basis. My wife and i are expecting our second child within the next four weeks. Being able to win this would be great. We had a baby shower but one of the things we really wanted (owlet cam) we did not recieve, so I would really like to win it.
Thanks for any consideration.;

My husband has done so much already to help me and baby Flynn. He is so excited to become a dad and I cant wait to watch.;

Hoping to win this for my amazing husband!;

Jeanette Gonzalez

I nominate my amazing husband, we went through birthing classes together and he was my coach through our 37 hour long labor, he helped me push for 4 hours and was extremely encouraging, when our baby was taken to NICU my husband was on top of it, went with our baby and was attentive with everything that needed to be done, he was my caregiver as well, and always made me feel amazing, he was our rock ! We would love to win this for peace of mind after our NICU experience;

May soon to be daddy is the best;

My husband, I not even saying this because he’s mine, truthfully if I lived in an alternate universe and he wasn’t mine I would be saying the same words. This man, soon to be father, is so much more than a woman, a friend, a soon to be mother can ask for. He work sooo hard, he’s an electrician, the hours are already long, laborious and hot as heck in the texas sun, he has volunteered him self
For 3 weeks to work 36 hours straight Because all he can see is making over time to put in the bank for her soon to be daughter. Most people would be under duress and he seems joyful for the opportunity. The length of sacrifices he would go for me are endless. He’s not overwhelming during this pregnancy but just the right amount of support. There when you call him, there to make you laugh, hold me and make fun of me when i cry over crying too much, when j wake up at 4 am with terrible gas pains in my back and he has to wake up at 4:45 and he rubs my back until i can fall back to sleep. He is my best friend!!! Thats my dawg (that’s his words, I don’t even feel fully cool enough to use that term) and boy would i be jealous if he was someone else’s. He may not be the best but he’s my best. I cant wait to see him be a daddy.;


Our first baby due in August 2019! My husband deserves this as he Has looked after me this whole pregnancy and really gone above and beyond! He is already the best uncle to his nieces and nephews and is going to be an even better dad!

My husband and I have purchased the owlet monitor sock for our baby and it has helped keep me sane. I’ve struggled with post part in anxiety and being able to keep an eye on my daughters vitals has given me peace. My brother has just become a first time father June 4th of this year to a darling baby girl and I think this package would really bless them and I’d like to do that for my baby brothers first Father’s Day! *fingers crossed*;

My husband and I just had our first baby boy together! He is also a wonderful step-dad to our older son! I’d love to win this for our family!;

My husband became a first time father in April! She was a complete surprise and came as a shock! My husband did not think he could have children as he is cancer survivor! He has been such a great stepfather to my 11 year old! He is the best ever!;

Katie Atherton

First baby coming in September 🙂;

christina Stewart

I would love to win this package for my amazing husband. We recently had welcomed our baby girl into the world after a long 26 hour labour, Episiotomy and a forceps delivery… then our baby had an infection and had to stay in hospital for five days with me and my husband.

My hubby has been incredible, he kept me going strong throughout labour, he’s been an amazing dad to our little girl and he works so hard to take care of us, hes one of a kind and deserves a nice treat. This bundle would be a perfect gift to appreciate all he does for us x;

Baby girl due in September! It’s our first child and my husband and I are SO excited!!;

Been having my eyes on that Veer Cruiser for a long time!!;

Lori Eslinger

If there was a man pictured next to the word selfless in the dictionary, it would be my husband. He is the hardest working, most loving father and deserves the world for trying to give his girls just that every day. We were blessed with our little girl recently and would love to use these items to help give back some of the peace of mind he’s helped to provide me while caring for our premature baby girl. As a loyal Owlet community member, having a second sock for our soon to be son, and the addition of the camera for use with both of our children, would be magical. The whole package of this prize is more than one can dream! Fingers crossed! Thank you for your consideration!;

I have personally received the Owlet cam and absolutely love it! It’s picture quality, easy setup, and two way voice control is wonderful!! A family member has been using the suck and has loved it as well and plans on gifting it to me. With my little guy being a Nicu baby when he comes in August, i will feel so much safer because of these two items.

I nominate my husband Wes who works long hours and is a great role model to our 2 boys. Just recently we bought the sock because our youngest stopped breathing and my husband started performing CPR for 5 minutes before the ambulance got to our house. Our son was diagnosed with RSV and was life flighted to Albuquerque and stayed in an isolated room in the NICU for a month. When our son was discharged we immediately bought a sock. It has been our personal peace of mind and can sleep a little better.;

Best dad ever!!!;

Aimee LaFriniere

My husband is the best and most deserving dad. We have our first child together and nothing has made me love him more!;

Would love to win this for my partner. He is s father to our three boys and is a hard working man. He loves spending time with children from the moment he steps through that door;

Such an awesome opportunity!;

Lindsay Hutchinson

Micheal is such a wonderful father. He definitely deserves this! We have a 10 month old little girl name Madelyn and she just smiles ear to ear when she sees him! Plus we are expecting another baby in October! This would be so perfect for our family!;

I am a first time Mommy. My child’s father did not want me to have her and wanted me to get an abortion. I couldn’t live with that decision so I am doing this journey all on my own. I know it will be hard to fill both parent rolls. But I just love her so much, and we haven’t even met. These items would be a great help. Especially that I can’t really even afford one of these items by themselves.;

My husband and I had our first child in November of 2018 and we just found out we are expecting baby number 2 in January of 2020. He is over the moon excited. He is a great provider for our family, working tirelessly in another state 2/3rd of the year. He makes sure that when he is home, my daughter and I are his number 1 priority. The love and compassion that he exhibits to all of his girls so far is one that is unmatched. I am continuously amazed by his selflessness. He is very deserving of all great blessings that comes his way.;

Would love to win an owlet sock for my son. He spent the first few weeks of his life in the NICU due to breathing problems. Now that we’re home with him we don’t sleep much because we’re always afraid he stop breathing. The owlet would be an amazing stress reliever but we just don’t have the funds to purchase one right now.;

Ashley Reynolds

My husband is who I would like to recommend. At 21 I met my husband and married fairly quickly. He stepped up and became a father figure to my 3 year old daughter whose biological dad passed away. He has been there every step of the way even when the Army took him away on 4 deployments. We tried and tried for a second child for almost 10 years and finally we are having a beautiful baby girl after 9 miscarriages. He’s amazing supportive and our hero and something like this would make him so excited and he deserves the world because he gives us the world. I love you CJ!;

We would love to have the Owlet monitor for our second little one! It would definitely allow me to sleep a little better at night and have more peace of mind!;

My husband and I just had our 2nd child after an almost 5 year gap. My handsome man is a full-time stay-at-home father for our (now) two sons. He has sacrificed a lot, and this would be a great way to help say “Thank you!”;

After struggling from one loss, we are fortunate to be pregnant again but this time as ‘high risk.’ I am lucky to have the most selfless, supportive husband in the world, who is also the best Dad to our two boys. Now we’re having a girl! Hope we can make this Father’s Day special for him :).;

My husband and I are expecting our first baby in December. Since I took my first pregnancy test, he has been supportive, excited, thoughtful and sooooo happy. I can’t wait to share this experience with him. We are both in the medical field and value health and safety and definitely will do whatever we can to make sure our little one is safe, happy and healthy. Thank u for the opportunity!;

When I was pregnant with our daughter- I always heard about how hard it would be to parent alone because men never take on the hard stuff of having a kid. Those women were crazy! My husband has been and is absolutely amazing! He loves spending one on one time with our girl and jumps at the chance to take on the major roles of caring for our sweet little. We are so lucky to have him leading our household and although we don’t have any babies on the way we are trying for a second child and the dad pack would be amazing as we gear up to be pregnant again soon! ❤️

Rujeko Muzwidzwa

We are expecting a little angel in August! This would be a lovely gift!;

Jessica Lucas

This bundle would allow for so many adventures with my husband and two little boys! My husband loves to go on adventures with our 2 1/2 year old and I know our 6 month old will be joining it before I know it! My husband has changed so much since becoming a Daddy and works so hard to take care of and provide for me and our boys! What a great way to be able to say thank you and experience new things together! (Peace of mind with the camera and sock would sure help ease my mom anxiety especially in the coming months when my 6 month old moves to his own room.);

First baby for Nate and I! We will be celebrating his birthday and Father’s day in a few weeks and would love for him to win the cam to go with the sock! After hours of research on the safest products we knew our baby would be in good hands with the Owlet products! This would be the perfect gift for this proud father to be with our daughter coming in August!
Thank you so much!;

Cheyenne McLeran

My husband is the best dad. With our first child, he left on a deployment 2 short weeks after her birth. He was gone for 10 months, and missed everything. Sacrificed not only his life, but the very special moments he could have had with our daughter. When he came home, he took to being a father so well! My daughter and him are best friends! Once he came home I left for basic training so now he went from not knowing how to do anything, to being a single working dad. Let me tell you he killed it! He did amazing!!!!! We found out we were pregnant with baby number 2 and were so happy he would be here. Again shortly after finding out amazing news, we got some bad news. He had to leave for another deployment, he will not be able to make it to the birth. Yet he still takes time out of his sleep to make every appointment, just like he did with our daughter. He asks all the questions and very involved. I seriously think my husband deserves this amazing gift. To show him his sacrifices for our family aren’t going unnoticed.;

Chelsey Dominguez

Hi there! My husband is a father of two and is such a hard working man for our family. This would be a plus for him. He probably go for the traeger first. Happy Father’s Day to all those dads out there.;

Janet De La Rosa

My Husband and I are parents of 5 wonderful Children . He provides and I am a stay at home mom after a horrible car accident so it is even double the work, stress ect ect for him.. he works up to 18 hours a day to make ends meet. It would be a very well deserved treat

Expecting our first grandchild in September 2019…this would be perfect.

My husband and I are both part time stay at home parents and we both work part time. He is so wonderful at caring for our sweet little girl, and I’d love to bless him with some help!;

Ismael Freyre

My husband is absolutely amazing and deserves more than I can ever give him! He does everything for us and the two kids, he works full time and keeps our entire household running! I don’t know how we got so lucky! I am forever grateful for his selflessness! Hoping he wins this contest;

My husband is the best dad to our 8 month old. He’s so patient and caring. He works several jobs, on top of his full time teaching job, to take good care of us and give us the best life. We love him and we would love for him to win!;

We have the owlet and love it! Have been able to sleep knowing our daughter is safe with your invention! Would love to win the prizes!;

My husband is amazing father to our 3 children.My kids adores him and they love being with him all the time.We moved here in the united states 5 yrs ago i was left behind in my home country for almost 2 yrs. He brought our kids with him and he became a dad and a mom at the same time. He did it with flying colors. It was tough and hard because we are always together but nothing stops him He is the epitome of an ideal dad and husband. I thank God for giving him to me if I would be born again i would still choose him to be my forever…;

Have loved being a father the past 8 months and would love to win!;

My partner has been amazing through my whole pregnancy. It has been hard with moving house so close to my due date and he has done it all on his own while letting me put my feet up. He even surprised me with setting up the nursery. He is very deserving of this amazing prize. We never win anything so this would be a nice reward for him.;

I would like to nominate my son-in-law for this prize. My son-in-law has his 1st Father’s Day this year. My daughter developed pre-eclampsia and HELLP Syndrome and had to deliver her baby by emergency c-section at 27 weeks. My grandson was a micro-preemie at 1 lb. 10 oz. and needed to stay in the NICU for 12 weeks. My son-in-law stayed by my daughter’s side 24/7 while she was in the hospital, even had to help her pump since she had a PIC line and couldn’t bend her arms. He is a constant rock for her and their baby and I couldn’t imagine anyone being a better father. Baby Calvin came home on oxygen, an apnea monitor, and a pulse/ox monitor. They got the Owlet sock as a shower present and switched over to that instead of the pulse/ox monitor because it doesn’t give so many false readings. He just came off of oxygen and will soon be off of his apnea monitor too, but they will continue to use his Owlet monitor as long as it will fit his foot because it gives them much peace of mind for a parent of a preemie with chronic lung disease of prematurity.;

Savannah Tate

This would be the best gift To give to my father on Father’s Day! And of course the baby stuff would be nice for my daughter to have a shit now almost 6 months so she still my to give to my father on Father’s Day! And of course the baby stuff would be nice for my daughter to have a shower almost 6 months this is still a baby little baby!! It would be nice to g it would be nice to give Back to my father who raised me;

Savannah Tate

This would be an awesome gift! To the first girl in the family of the dad as he comes from seven brothers and they all have girls so this will be fun for us as a new family! Also the best gift to give to the best father;

Savannah Tate

I am a mommy of a almost 6 month old Baby girl! Who is happy and healthy, what a proud parent wouldn’t this help? It would be great gifts for Father’s Day or I could say it will be the birthday present I never got as my birthday was 29 May LOL;

Maggie Reinholtz

We have 3 year old twins and are preparing for #3 this fall. My husband is an amazing Daddy who works hard enough for me to stay at home with the kids. His family is always first and this bundle would be amazing to give him as a thank you for all he does for us.;

Would love to gift these beautiful items to my husband this year for Father’s Day! We are expecting twin girls (our first babies) in just 25 days!;

Have this in our registry, really hoping to receive this as a baby shower gift, but will Buy regardless!;

Brooke Schafer

These are such gorgeous and thoughtful prizes for any Dad! My husband grew up without a father, only to become a true rockstar Dad himself!;

My boyfriend has been such a wonderful male figure to a 3 year old girl in a family friends life. We found out we were expecting and are going to be blessed with a baby girl of our own. He is going to be such a wonderful father. I wouldn’t want any others man in my life to share this experience with. These items would be great for a first Father’s Day!;

Mercedes Edwards

My sister in law is expecting with their first baby (even the first grand baby too) and I know it gives the whole family peace of mind keeping the little bean more secure with these amazing technologies! It’s crazy what we can do to prevent harm to infants these days! 10/10 would recommend Owlet sock and Cam to friends and family!;

Jessalyn Damian

My husband is an amazing father! We have a one year old little boy and another son on the way due in November. My husband and son are best friends and look like twins, they even have matching birthmarks! Our first pregnancy was a surprise but instead of being scared about becoming a father my husband instantly stepped up to the plate and dived into becoming the best father possible. I couldn’t have asked for a better role model and friend for my children!;

Gina L Gilpin

Grandma. I’m gonna be a Grandma. This would make a great First fathers day present.;

Lindsey George

I work nights and my husband stays with our 9 month old during that time, this would be such a great gift!;

This is our first baby, after going through fertility treatments and IVF! I’m so excited to see my husband become a father!! This would be an amazing first Father’s Day gift!!;

I can’t wait to use our owlet for our first child coming this December!;

We just bought our little girl home after 4 months in the NICU she was born at 23 week 4 day. It would be nice to still have her monitored to watch for Bradys. Thanks for the chance to win.;

We just had our first baby come into the world and daddy is already so amazing!!! He wants to get all the best and most expensive things and I just think he would love to have these on hand for our little girl Ayla. He would cry, I know it.;

Shaycee Lawing

First baby! I’m super excited!! This would be ideal because I already worry about everything;

Hannah Tikson

My husband is already one of the most sacrificial and responsible dads ever. The morning after we found out we were pregnant, he took a sick day to start working on all the responsible dad-things that he could think of. Before noon, he had started a 529 savings account for a baby and applied for life insurance. Money that he had been saving up for a dog was rediverted to a baby fund. He called TriCare and got all the healthcare logistics figured out. He’s in school right now to be a physician assistant in the Navy, but that said money is very tight right now. He’s donating his plasma multiple times a week to help pay for baby supplies. If he were albe to win this, he, and we would be very blessed. He does so much for us already and this would be the ultimate Father’s Day present.;

Our brother is in law is going to be a first time dad! This will be there first child who is due in October. This would be a great gift to give to them! They have not been able to have a child due to miscarriages. There anxiety levels are already so high, if this can help them get some sleep and not be worried, that would be priceless. Tack! My brother in law will make a great soon to be father!;

My husband and I have experienced 2 miscarriages in the past 14 months. He was the absolute best partner during the heartbreaking process of losing a child. We are so hopeful that soon we will have a successful pregnancy and if not we will begin the adoption process. Like every parent should, we will want the absolute best for our child and this would be the greatest head start!;

My husband and I are expecting our first in October! We’re so overjoyed! This would be the ultimate new daddy starter kit gift for his first Father’s day . From his love of grilling, to wanting his own baby carrier. His work also keeps him away for a few months at a time and I know he would love the Owlet monitor + sock to stay connected,involved and at ease when we have our new born when hes away. I love that he would have the ability to check in on our baby and get updates with the Owlet sock . Thankyou so much for the opportunity!;


I would be extremely excited to win this for my family and I!;

Kierra Ronholt

My husband is a wonderful father to our almost 4 year old daughter and will soon be a father of two come December! He works full time, is finishing college, and still somehow finds the time to be an incredible father and husband. I’m so proud of him and how hard he works for our family. We’ve wanted a Owlet monitor since our first and this would be a HUGE blessing! Fingers crossed. You never know!;

Valerie Maglio

My husband and I lost our daughter (our first child together, he had a son when he was younger). We are now pregnant with our second child!
This is definitely God’s plan.

My husband, Tyler, would be so deserving of the Ultimate New Dad Gift. This would give us piece of mind with our next child that we’ve prayed for.;

Sierra McGinnis

My husband deserves to win this because he works his butt off and doesn’t ask for a thing! He continues to provide for my family day in and out! We’ve just had our second son and are looking into getting an owlet as this is our rainbow baby! I would be thrilled to receive this for our family! Thank you for your consideration!;

My girlfriend is currently pregnant with our first baby. These gifts would be an awesome father’s day gift and help out our family.;

Currently pregnant with my first baby and these prizes would be an awesome gift for a new dad.;

I’m currently pregnant with my first! Winning these prizes would be awesome and help out our growing family a lot!;

Alexandria Hess

This is such an amazing giveaway!! Good luck to everyone!!;

I would love to have the dock and cam for my son;

Joanne Mccord

My husband is nothing but amazing on this pregnancy. We have been trying for 13 yrs and gave up on having kids, but god has a different plans. Day after thanksgiving last yr I broke my foot and found out I am pregnant. We are both excited especially him. He haven’t missed any dr appointment despite the fact that he is working 7 days and 12 hour shift. He amazing, awesome and gonna be the best dad ever!;

Tiffany Thomas

I just had my daughter in April so I am still home with her. My husband is a stay at home dad but looking to go back to work. I wanted to get this when my son was born but it was still mostly for Apple. I’ve always been interested to it would be amazing to Win for my new daughter. She is our last.;

Jaemi Marshall

Always worth a try to win! My husband works long hard hours to provide for us. It would awesome to win! Good luck to everyone!;

Laurie Pessetto

1st grandbaby coming in October! These things would be perfect for baby’s family!;

Marylynn Mcveigh

No kids due.

My husband Jake is such a hands on dad with our kids. We are so excited to be adding our third child to our family. With all the attention on me, the baby, and the other two kiddos, this would be the perfect gift for him to let him know how much he is appreciated and loved!;

Aubrey Shivers

My husband is a wonderful stay at home dad to my 2 older children and we just had our first child together. We have been looking at joining the family but haven’t been able to do so this far- winning would be amazing and help keep both our minds at ease while our LO is sleeping soundly. The other prizes are all awesome as well and would all get used – I just started Babywearing and y husband has been looking for a carrier of his own, it’s always helpful to know where our keys are etc. Here’s to hoping !;

It’s been a wonderful experience seeing my husband become a father this year. I’m so excited to celebrate his first fathers day. Our son makes our heart melt and facing glow. I nominate Christian Zia to win this package for being the best dad a boy could ask for!;

My husband is the best father to our first born, from coaching me through our home birth to every day play time, diaper changes, and cuddles. This would be an amazing gift for his first Father’s Day though, he deserves so much more for being an amazing father.;

Good luck to everyone;

Courtney Dubrava

Would love to win this amazing giveaway, there’s no other better giveaway then this,;

Would love to win!;

My son’s going to be a dad for the first time! October 2019
Would love to give him all of these wonderful gifts. Tack;

Fiona Bamford

I love the peace of mind owlet gives you. Especially on nights alone.;

It would be amazing to win! We do a lot of research on safety for our little guy. We have another monitor and we wish it was an owlet we’ve spent a few nights awake making sure he was ok because the monitor we have would keep going off and when that happens we want to know what the oxygen reads.;

Great products;

Really want this;

No comment.. 🙂;

I am a mother/baby nurse at a women’s hospital, mother of a 1 year old and due with my second boy in October! The owlet would help ease that newborn anxiety and my husband would be jacked for the grill;

marcela nelson

Love to win;

Jessica Schmidt

We have been trying to grow our family for years and we adopted a baby boy born on April 14, 2019 and now we are due with a baby girl due November 14,2019. We feel very blessed and would love to be able to have the owlet for our little lady since our son has one! It gives us a peace of mind knowing they are monitored at night.;

This year will be my husband 1 st farther day. We had a long hard road with our baby Victor. He was born premature at 27 weeks. Our baby has had a very hard beginning but we are so grateful for our little one. So worth the sleepless nights to wake up to his beautiful smile.;

Eric Rodriguez

This would be awesome for my partner to win (Eric);

Chris Campbell

Would love to win this . Would be very helpful;

Daughter is 15 months old;

This is our first baby! We couldn’t be more excited for this Christmas present we’ve been so desperately wanting!
We had our first ultrasound today!;

My husband and I recently welcomed a new little boy to our family! We have a five year old daughter that my husband is the best father to. I am so excited to see his relationship grow with his newborn son! Would love to win this for him!;

We have an energetic little boy who will be just over 2 years old when his little brother or sister shows up at Christmas. We’ve been looking at the Owlet to make the transition from 1 to 2 easier.

Hey,I’m a 21 year old first time mom and me and my husband would really appreciate it if we won.;

Christopher Jones

I’m very excited and thank you for the opportunity ♥️;

We would love to win this awesome package for my husband. He will most likely be spending Father’s Day working to support us. He deserves a great gift for all he does for us.;

First time parents, would LOVE to win this package for hubby!!;

Jessica Pitts

Just had sweet baby girl #3 – she’s not even a month old!! Would love to win as it’s a wild household over here!;

This is a dream prize package. Expecting my 3rd boy after 6 years! — & my boys truly have the best dad!

First time dad!;

Brittany Silva

After trying for over a year I just found out we are FINALLY expecting! After owlet saved our first baby’s life back in 2016 I know we will definitely be needing the latest model for our newest addition! I would love to win these items as a little gift for my husband to help out since he is our sole provider.;

Sheila Moissonnier

We have a 2 week old and love our Owlet!;

Hayley Helsten

My husband would absolutely love this!! It would be a miracle in our crazy life right now.;

Hayley Vogelsberg Helsten

My husband and I would LOVE this!! The budget is just a wee too tight right now and my husband is too anxious to let our son sleep in his own room, and I can never sleep with him in ours!;

I can’t wait to try these;

This is my husbands first Father’s Day and this would be a great treat for him and our 2 month old daughter! As all dads do my husband works so very hard for our family and we want him to know how much we appreciate all that he does for us! Tack!;

My boyfriends first Father’s Day and I know he would absolutely love this pack!;

Stephanie Zarr

I would love, so much, to win this for my husband. He works so hard for me and our 2 kids, 10 hour days, leaves at 4:30 am and home at 7pm. He gives his all for us and he deserves a win like this!! The owlet would be a great peace of my tech for our little one. And my husband is an avid watcher of BBQ pitmasters and winning a Traeger grill for him would be amazing!! I’m crossing my fingers. Winning would be amazing and he deserves amazing things.;

Demetra Oranday

Owelt is the Best i have ever came across for my baby. I love the company so much and what they stand by for.;

The owlet cam would be amazing to win! Huge piece of mind;

Nominating my husband. He’s currently working over 14+ hours everyday and he still manages to come home and help me. The first 3 months of my pregnancy was hard for us. I was having problems and got told I had HG. He would come home and try his best to help me out. He would always be there as support. Many times he would loose sleep taking care of me but not once would he complain or show that he’s tired. I don’t know how he does it but I’m glad he’s going to be a dad and glad my baby will have an amazing man in her life. I am hoping he will be picked because he honestly deserves this.;

Chad Gillyard

This will be my first fathers day to celebrate with my new baby son Cj. Thank you.;

This is my husband’s first Father’s day. This would be the ultimate gift for his new daddy starter kit . He works a lot and the Owlet monitor + sock would be perfect to keep him updated and involved on our baby and able to check in when he wants . Thankyou for the opportunity!;

Austin McBride

I would love my son in law to win, they just had twin identical girls and the entire pregnancy was a challenge. My daughter was on bed rest 10 weeks and in the hospital for a month and Austin has been a wonderful husband, and I know he will be an amazing dad. The girls are in the NICU and should be for awhile longer. This would be a wonderful surprise for them.;

I nominate Romeo Cooley for this giveaway he is a fantastic father and does everything he can to support his family.

This would be the perfect gift pack for my husband’s first Father’s day. The Owlet monitor+sock is a must have for any nursery. Thankyou for the opportunity!;

Kaitlyn Thornhill

We’re expecting our second child, and our friends have the Owlet sock and RAVE about it!! We’d love to win the sock and camera!!;

I’m nominating my husband Nick. The prize pack would be an amazing daddy starter kit for his first Father’s day! The Owlet monitor+sock would be the perfect way for him to check up on our baby and stay involved while at work, while giving us both peace of mind while the baby sleeps. Thankyou for the opportunity!;

Would love to win




Barbara Zanella

We love Owlet!;

Our rainbow baby’s first Father’s Day with dad!;

I’d like to nominate Nick Cani on this his first Father’s Day (to be)
My daughter and Nick are beyond grateful to become parents after yrs of thinking they werent able to.
Having the added comfort and peace of The Owelet would be a blessing to bring their baby boy home to.;

My husband is amazing and this package would be amazing to win for him.;

Monet Armstrong

I would love for my babies dad to win this prize pack , our baby came 3 months early and had a horrible 4 month nicu stay… through it all he went to the hospital everyday and made sure he was with her through everything. I’m getting teary eyes thinking about it because he was literally my backbone. There were days I thought I couldn’t get through and he held me together so I could be there for our baby Hendrix. This would be an awesome surprise and a great way to show my appreciation. To whomever wins, dads rock and they deserve to know that !!;

This will be my husband’s first father’s day. He is busting his butt with not only being the only working parent, but also the late nights/early mornings to help out this sleep deprived mama. These two girls are so very lucky to have him in our lives and would love to see him win.

Just had identical twin girls delivered at 31 weeks, they are both in the nick and will be for awhile. One was 3lb. 8oz. the other is 1lb. 13oz.;

Already have the owlet sock and LOVE it. Would love to have the cam as well along with the other amazing goodies to surprise hubby with!! First time father for my husband and he is a complete natural.;

Nicholas Canni

This will be my first fathers day, and i cant thank God enough for the opportunity to be a father, winning this would be such a blessing for my wife, my son, and I.;

I love Owlet and their products. We use the Cam currently for our baby and it’s been such a relief. It would be so nice to be able to give some nice gifts to my husband for Father’s Day!;

Sarah lynn miller

Would love to win for my husband who has been such an amazing support through such a tough pregnancy of our first baby. It would relieve some anxiety of first time parents 🙂;

Donna L Holder

this is a great and awesome giveaway. tack


Proud dad of 4 boys and soon to be q baby girl.;

Joselyn Lopez

We had our baby boy this past March, my boyfriend will be celebrating his first Father’s Day and this would definitely be the best gift.;

We’ve been trying to save money for the Sock and Camera, it would give both of us so much peace of mind when our little man comes into the world.. He’s going to be and already is such an amazing father to his unborn son, and an amazing life partner for and to myself. He deserves the world, I’d just like to try to give him a piece of it.;

Love Owlet!!;

Samantha D Wickstrom

Can’t wait to use all these goodies

Love Owlet!!;

I’m nominating my husband Nick . This will be his first father’s day . We’re both so excited and nervous. An Owlet camera and sock has been on our registry since we heard of it and would be the perfect device to help ease our minds while our baby boy sleeps . The entire prize pack would help tremendously and be a more than perfect gift for his daddy starter kit. Thankyou for the opportunity!;

I have the Owlet and couldn’t sleep without it! We are planning another baby soon and would LOVE another owlet for that baby! Would love to use the cam with the Owlet. I wish the Cam was available before we bought ours! All the prizes look Amazing!;

Terah Jo Waterman

This would absolutely help me sleep while my husband is gone working nights!!!;

Shannon Walker

I have a baby boy due in October and a 9 month old baby girl at home. I already use the owlet sock and would love to try out the rest of these products. This will be my husbands first Fathers Day and I would love to be able to spoil him! Thank you.;

Chelsea LaBarge

My baby spent 5 days in the NICU with oxygen issues. This would really help ease my mind!;

Aimee Swensen

My husband has a left foot missing, so whenever he dances with our boys he always says “guess what’s worse than having 2 left feet?” ….. “NO LEFT FEET!”….. he thinks he’s funny. I think he’s all right….;

Danielle swanson

We just had a 10 week premature baby and it’s been an incredibly long road for us. This would be huge for us as we have lost a child before.;

Kayla Quinones

After 6 years of trying we are expecting our rainbow baby this year, I would love to give my husband some peace of mind for his first Father’s Day!;

Lindsey Paullin

Thanks for the opportunity to win this package! My husband is celebrating Father’s day for the first time this year.;

My 3rd baby was born 4/15/19 with unexpected club feet and severe reflux. He has to sleep sitting up due to the fear of spitting up and not being able to spit it out.;

The new daddy in my life deserves to be spoiled!;

Jeffrey Reeves

I am a father of 3 boys and expecting another baby January 17th 2020 . I’m really excited and lookin forward to using owlet for the first time with my newborn.;

My husband would be so grateful to win this and not have to get up all the time to check on our son for me.

Amber Merrill

My husband is a great dad to our toddler and new born and he deserves so much! He would love to win an amazing present;

First baby (and grandson on both sides) and we are so excited! Would love to win these awesome items.;

Would love to win this!!;

Brandi Rodgers

Love the owlet… it gave me peace of mind when I put my baby down to sleep. Best thing ever!!!!;

Owlet is awesome! What a great way to celebrate Father’s Day! Thank you for the giveaway!;

Madison Stubbs

Hope I win!;

Owler is awesome! What a great way to celebrate Father’s Day! Thank you for the giveaway!;

Would love to win this for the hubby. He will be a first time daddy and has been so baby excited as we are getting closer and closer to our due date.;

Would love to win this prize for my hard working police officer husband! We are expecting our first baby- a boy beginning of July;

Cassandra Smith

Loving the smart sock I have. Would love to get the camera when we transition over to his crib in his room.;

Marc Hauswirth

Would love to win for my baby;

I would love to win for awesome daddy I have helping me 🙂;

Horacio Rene Leal Barrera

Pick me! Pick me!;

Haleigh Sweeden

I’m a new mom and would love to use Owlet to ease my anxieties I have with having my first baby!;

Hunter randall

Would recommend this product to anyone with a newborn. Very good quality and very fast response time.;

Heather Gibson

Love this! Hope to win;

Winning this gear would be so great!! We just had our first and are going to go far a second when the time is right!;

SO EXCITED! I hope to win <3;

My spouse and I have a 2 year old and are now expecting a second little one! We would love to win! Very excited to use the owlet baby monitor with our second!;

Stephanie France

My husband is a soldier and works so hard and makes sacrifices to support us as a family so I can stay home with our baby and toddler. Thank you for offering a giveaway!;


Sierra Matheny

Expecting my first baby, and would love a owlet sock and cam, to calm my first time mommy nerves.

I’m a mom of two beautiful kids (a toddler and a newborn). Really hoping we can gift dad this Owtlet set!;

When our son was born he had trouble breathing and was taken to the NICU. I told my husband to go with him and he never left our sons side in the hospital. Because of his breathing troubles ever since we got home we have been wanting something we could use to keep track of his oxygen intake but haven’t been able to afford it. We would love to use the owlet sock to know that our son is doing well breathing and have peace of mind.;

Elyssa Ratliff

This is my husband and my first baby together. It is also our rainbow baby. We have a blended family, but our youngest is 11. So we haven’t done the baby life in a very long time! I know that my hubby would love all the items in this package and then he wouldn’t have to use all my girly stuff!;

Mommy of 3 (12, 10, & a 9 month old) plus expecting again 🙂 I’m beyond grateful for my fiance who has shown me that a Daddy’s love is the foundation for a child’s growth. As a single mom to my first two I am in awe of how much love, involvement, and gentleness my fiance has with our baby girl. I never thought I’d be so Lucky.. Until now 🙂;

Jennifer Ramsey

New parents here! We have a 7 week old daughter. We live on a lot of land & would love the Veer wagon!! We already use the Owlet Sock.;

I have a son who is going to be 7 years old. My wife and I have been trying for over 4 years to have another baby, but nothing was working. Then after we gave up on the idea on having another one, my wife became pregnant!. On top of that we just found out that we are having a baby girl, which we all wanted!. This is going to be our last child. But we are excited for a new baby, a baby girl, and all the new experiences raising a little girl will bring. We have a YouTube channel with our two latest videos showing how excited our son was when he found out we were having another baby and when he found out what the Gender was.;

Hope to win!;

Michelle Weaver

This will be our first baby!;

Rumeena Rafiq

This will be our first time celebrating fathers day;

I’m Abby, wife to Bill & brand new Mom to William, born two weeks ago. We would be thrilled to have an Owlet Sock + Cam to ease our worries and keep an eye on William’s levels.;

My husband works away from home a week at a time and is the most amazing father anyone could ask for. He only had a few days at home with our little man when he was born because he took so long to make his appearance. He was devastated and deserves an amazing Father’s Day! He comes home next week and would do love and appreciate a package like this!;

Entering for my husband! Currently a fantastic dad to our 4 year old daughter but we have one one the way due in November. He is also a great uncle and father figure to his niece and nephew. He has helped his mom raise them both since they were babies. My husband definitely deserves to be recognized more than one day a year for all that he does!;

Hubbys first Fathers Day! This would make an amazing gift!;

I would really love to win this for my son-in-law!;

Celebrating Father’s Day for the first time this year!! Have a happy Father’s Day everyone!;

After hearing how the Owlet alerted close friends of ours that their newborn had stopped breathing in the middle of the night, this is a must have for our baby due July 2019.;

Would love to win this !;

Marcus Conway

This would be so awesome for my husbands first father’s day after battling infertility for 8 years!;

We love our daddy;

Hope to win!;

Nicole Davies

Just had a brand new baby and my husband moved mountains to get there in time. He was over 14 hours away would love to spoil him on his first Father’s Day.;

I just gave birth to my beautiful daughter on May 5th. Her daddy has been such a big help. We have been lucky enough to have my mother stay with us and he has been able to go to work since she has been here, but everyday he takes her for a few hours before work to let me sleep. I really hope we can win this for him because he has given me so much ❤❤;

Looking for first Father’s Day! Hoping for some Owlet;

Luis Castaneda

Owlet it’s amazing;

Lauren Galloway

Thanks and happy father’s day to all expecting and current dads!;

Stephanie Erhardt

Thank you for this opportunity! My husband is a wonderful father! It would be pretty cool to surprise him with this win!;

Sarah Browning

Would love to give this to my husband for his first Father’s Day!;

Would love to win.good luck everyone;

The Owlet is the only reason we’re getting any sleep with our three week old. Can’t put a price on peace of mind for first time parents. Thank you!!!;

Fijarda ibrocevic

I would love to win this for my husband for his first Father’s Day after going through So much and waiting for soo long for our baby girl;

Looking forward to the first Father’s Day with our new baby girl.;

gentiana bitici

First time Father’s day for my husband. He would love this prize pack!;

Christopher Singh

I think I should win!;

I am an expecting mother of my rainbow baby and would love to get this and be able to spoil my husband at the same time!

My wife and I are both medical professionals and the owlet has really given us a piece of mind while our little one sleeps;

I would love for my Fiancé to win this!! He works so hard to provide for our little family. Sometimes he works 7 days a week and he’s always trying to pick up extra hours. He’s truly a blessing to us

I love the owlet , such a great idea!;

Sarah Goldsmith

My sweet hubby works hard for us. He works long hours. When he gets home from work, he watches our son when I go to work. There’s no rest in the Dad life. We’re trying for baby number 2, which means he’ll be taking on even more responsibility. I would love him to win these things so he knows how much we value him as a dad;

Kylee McCluskey

My baby boy Silas is 3 months old. We are so blessed to have his daddy Jake, that works and goes to school at SLCC while I get to stay home and experience every moment with our growing son. He works at a non profit organization for all pathways to recovery from mind altering drugs. His team goes to hospitals all around the valley to talk with patients of overdose or other reasons of admittance related to drugs and gives them information, support, and guides. He also works with women once a week who are expecting and talks with them about recovery and help from the time they come in all the way until a few months after their baby is born. He is so amazing and does so much. In his free time he loves hiking, climbing, and fishing. Especially fly fishing. He loves spending time with his family especially his two children. I would love to give him this gift for Father’s Day if he were to win. My heart would be so full. Thank you for the consideration.;

Yasemin Buscema

First time Mom and would love to win especially after loosing (miscarrying) so many times.;

Would love this prize pack!

I would love to win for my future baby! My husband would be so grateful to be honored as a new dad as well!;

Demirra Davis

I love the idea of this product;

Ashley McGrew

We would be more than blessed to win something like this!!! It’s going to be first Father’s Day!!! We don’t hav enough money to buy any of this, so if we were to win, it would be a big blessing for out family & dad that works hard every day for us to barely make it through the week!;

Claudia Atkinson

We already bought the sock for our little girl that is due in September! My husband has been amazing supportive throughout our journey to get our rainbow baby! We have been trying for 6 years and were about to give up all hope. In December last year I had surgery and by the first week in January we found out we were expecting. Both of us are overjoyed and couldn’t be happier. My husband is in the military and we will be embarking on our 6th move in 12 years together to move to a strange city I have never lived in. We will be leaving our natural support network where we are so he can serve his country. Either way we know that being together somewhere where know no one is still better than being apart. I don’t want him to miss any of the precious moments that are yet to come.;

I would love to be the part of the family …! Heard a lot good things about the products!!!! Can’t wait to have one ….;

My husband never knew who he would become as a dad. He makes mistakes, he gets tired, he tries again and again. And our baby laughs out loud at his jokes, faces and games. Our baby looks at the door when he hears the engine of the car waiting to see his dad coming through the door. He is a husband and a dad and he found out how much bigger his heart could be.;

Would love to win

My husband deserves this and more!! He has been my saving grace through this pregnancy. Now he takes care of me and both our girls while in Medical School!;

Expecting our little girl in November and already purchased sock + cam! Would be great to win other items !;

I am a mother of a toddler and expecting another. Am really looking forward to using an owlet with my new baby.;

Baby due in August this would be a perfect Father’s Day gift!;

Marcela Jimenez

Would pove to win!;

Shaneria sanders

Im entering this contest for my husband Stephen. After having a C-section, I was emotionally and physically drained. Taking care of the baby was so hard. My husband has been my saint. He took care of the baby, was my therapist and cooked me 5-star meals everyday! He deserves this and so much more!;

I am in love with the Owlet and it is a necessity to have for all furtive children we have;

I would love to win this because my husband is such a loving father for our daughter. He so sweetly carried our daughter in my PINK baby carrier when she was a newborn and ever since but I’m sure he would love a more masculine print Ergo. I also thought we didn’t need a video monitor since we were apartment living but it would be so handy to see how she is sleeping and reassure me that she is safe. We have been looking into getting one, just haven’t decided on one to buy yet. Please save me from the indecision!!;

Antonio Ortega

It will be his first time celebrating fathers day. I know he loves our little one and even if he doesn’t get much sleep. We love him as well for all he gives us and the endless love.;

Chad Pederson


Chad Gillyard

This will be my first fathers day to celebrate with my new baby son Cj. Thank you.;

Antonio Ortega

First time that I’m going to celebrate Father’s Day. Very grateful for my little one, so worth the sleepless nights but always waking up to a smile.;

Taylor Kilroy


Antonio Ortega

First time that I’m going to celebrate Father’s Day. Very grateful for my little one, so worth the sleepless nights but always waking up to a smile.;

New father to Baby Shea.;

This will be my fiances first father’s day and I know he would love this prize pack;

Brandon Pedersen

Excited first time parents and would love to win!;

adriana rosete

love this;

Cassidy Strom

My husband has sacrificed so much for my daughter and I. He is an amazing father, hard worker and a very attentive husband. Our little girl is such a daddy’s girl and he is just wrapped around her finger. I cant wait for our second baby to arrive so I can see the joy on his face that I saw on the day our daughter was born and he became a dad.;

Zach Thompson

I would like to nominate my friend and fellow new dad, Zach Barrow, to win this Dads a Hoot Fathers Day Contest. He has been a solid rock for his wife and new baby girl over the last three months and has worked tirelessly to care and support them through everything. He is a selfless and humble guy who really just deserves a surprise gift and some acknowledgment for his efforts and for being a great dad and husband.;

Lindsey Strayer

Love owelet!!!! Been a lifesaver for our first born.;

Hi i am a soon to be mom of a baby boy I’ve suffered 4 miscarriages and 1 still born me and my husband are super excited to welcome our baby boy is September


I think my husband deserves to win this he is such a great husband and father to our 3 kids.

The Owlet is great!;

Donald Almendarez

Single Father this sure would help!;

Jared Wilwerding

Great product

The Owlet is great!;

Paige Winegar

This would be great for my husband and our new baby girl set to arrive in Sept.;

Kaytlin Vidrine

My husband is a worry wart so with this it’ll help put his mind at ease for our new baby to be.;

I would Really Love to win this;


Holly K Arnold

I have wanted to try these so badly I just cant afford them;

Since my husband become Dad, the baby is his drug, he overcomes his depression, thanks for our baby. She is so cute.;

Kiana Rickard

Love our owlet!;

Simon Sarkisian

My wife and I are expecting TWINS.. pretty sure they will be preemies … The owlet will definitely be helping with peace of mind!!

Does the app work for Twins??;

It does!;

In November of this year my beautiful wife will give birth to our first child. We are so blessed and so excited.

So excited to be a first time mother! My husband and I are expecting in October with a little boy.;

Like the idea of knowing my child is breathing and doing well while they sleep with the foot monitor.;

Julie Walters

My sister-in-law has twins and 3 year old. They have their hands full to say the least. This would be so grateful for a gift like this.;

Jillian Bowlin

All growing up I knew I wanted to be a mom and never spent too much time thinking about a career after kids. But, I found that I love working and am good at it. My husband, Justin, supported my desire for both my career and children and offered to be the stay-at-home parent. He raised our 2 amazing older children (now 9 and 12) and we just welcomed our 3rd baby Girl last month. I’m so blessed to be able to have it all and know my children are in loving and capable hands while I’m not home. He is fun, loving, and caring…and deserving of some extra special recognition today and everyday.;

Nicole Velazquez

Hope to win!! Would be an awesome gift for my husbands first Father’s Day!!!;

Adriana Jenkins Strothcamp

Daniel is my husband and he’s one of the best father’s. He has a daughter from his previous marriage that he has primary custody and he’s terrific with her. We are TTC-ing and I can’t wait for him to be a great father to our baby.;

Michele Crowley

Hello, this is me and my husbands first child together and it’s been a touch one. We had 3 miscarriages before this pregnancy. I’ll be 36 weeks tomorrow but was admitted into the hospital 4 weeks ago for some bleeding. We are deliver our little guy tomorrow 4 weeks earlier and can’t be more excited!! Thank you!!;

Mom can get a good night sleep and is a lot more relaxed since we received the owlet camera and sock. Dad can also see the baby from work which is great.;


We are so excited to try this product!!;

We just had twin baby girls, and they are a hoot! I am enjoying getting our cameras set up and look forward to using the socks as well.;

What a great first fathers day gift!!;

My husband has been dropping hints that he’d love to have one of these but we just don’t have the budget at the moment. This would be an amazing surprise for his very first Father’s Day as a new Papa!;

Linda Jackson

I like the way Owlet keeps parents informed!;

Samantha Dixon

We would love to win!;

This would be awesome!!!;

I’d love to win !;

My eldest son will soon be Dad to 2 under 2. Caring loving & attentive;

Hannah Spasojevic

We love our owlet sock & cam, gives us such peace of mind while we sleep!;

David Meirose

I hope I win!!

I would love to win!;

James Hofmeister

Not only is my husband an amazing Dad to our two, he seamlessly stepped in to be a Dad to my older two. He’s a farmer who puts in long hard hours but always makes time for his kids.;

This is my 1st Father’s Day with my newborn Hailey. So excited to be a father.


My dad is a great help with my son I’m a single mom so while I work my dad stays home and watches him. My dad has myasthenia gravis so it’s not always easy for him to watch him or get up and down to go check on him in my room. So this would mean the worlds to win for my dad;

Nick is an amazing dad who deserves the world!;

Jessica Anne Stockwell

This would be an amazing gift for a new dad like my kids dad.

I would love this for my baby . Such piece of mind !;

I am excited!!;

Jennifer Pocock

love to win;

Jessica Grant

I want to nominate my husband, Collin Grant. He is such a great father to our 2 little boys!;

Ashlee Halsell

Our baby has Down syndrome and a congenital heart defect, which will require open heart surgery around 6 months. Your product will give us peace of mind.

My husband is the best!!;

We have a 3 year old and a 2 month old baby and my husband Sam has always been there for us. Being great with both children, always taking the time to play, teach, and encourage our 3 year old. He has also adjusted really well to caring for our colicky newborn well balancing work and home life.;

I am nominating my husband Marc jones. Our first child was a stillborn baby boy full term. We had our rainbow baby 2 years after and want to have the peace of mind with our third. I am more than happy to write a full story with how he is the most wonderful dad.;

Robyn Whitnee Lucas

My husband deserves this. He’s the best man!! He works so that I can stay home and take care of my baby girl!!;

I was put on hospital bed rest at 22 weeks in a hospital 3 hours away. My husband had to quit his job and stay home with our other 4 children. He really stepped up and became and even more amazing father than he was before. He took over my role and did everything for our children. While still making sure they knew that mommy loved and missed them everyday. My husband deserves to be rewarded for his hard work and dedication to our family.;

Lorelei Vella

My sister just tragically lost her newborn son so I am entering to win for her in hopes of a future baby being able to use this.;

Me and my spouse are expecting our first baby together in August. He has a son from a previous relationship and we foster 5 children . We are very excited to have our first child together as we have been trying for many years and lost a pregnancy 2 years ago. He is going to make a great dad, he loves teaching kids new things, giving them new experiences and will do anything to make sure they are safe and happy! We can not wait to meet the new addition to our family!!

Would love to win this package for my husband who is a soon-to-be dad!;

My husband would LOVE to win this set! Watching him grow and become a father has been the greatest experience, and I know all of these products would make him feel so much more safe and comfortable!;

Franklin Cataldi

Love this prize pack;

Christopher O’Quinn

Aren’t expecting again yet but this is the best product we ever bought. After our scare with RSV and our babies’ intubation this has let us sleep comfortably since. Kudos!

We are excited to be expecting our first child!;

Chelsea Meirose

Our due date is December 13 with our rainbows… twins after 4 previous losses


Cynthia Cedillo

Would love to win this so I could give half of these items to my DAD as well as for my husband as well!! They deserve it all and so much more for working so hard to always keep our family feeling secure and happy!!;

It’s great to see a company that focuses on baby products do sketching for dads. It’s usually all about mom!;


Baylee Taylor

I would love to win this package for my husband;

This package would be amazing for our entire family. We have twin boys and are constantly on the go, these would make our life substantially easier!!


We have twin boys due 7-18-19. We have already purchased 2 smart socks for the boys but if I won I’d donate the smart sock and camera to someone in need.;

My husband works tirelessly to help our growing family. With a 1yr old and 3 month old it’s a fulltime job in itself. On top of recently losing my father and our 2 dogs hes been a pillar of support and without our dads this year would love to have a surprise like this for him


Alexandre Boulerice

We really enjoy the owlet, it brings good peace of mind allowing us to sleep better at night.;

Joshua Tonkin

Here’s to hoping! We’ve always wanted one of your products, but it’s just not in our budget.;

I’m nominating my husband, Rick. He is a working dad, and I am a stay-at-home mom. He works 50+ hours a week so that I can stay at home. He does everything that he can for his little peanut! We just love him so much!;

Ashlynn Keeling

My husband is a very hard worker, working anywhere from 6-7 days a week to provide for our family. A gift like this would help me show him how much we truly appreciate everything he does.;

Natalie Hillier

Would love these for my twins.;

Kathleen zolondek

this is a tremendous bonus for parents with a child that needs this type of monitoring