Dark blonde is the low-maintenance hair color trend, coming in 2019

There is no rule that says hair colors must be seasonal. But sunbreaked strings seem a little unpleasant in the season when the sun sets in the afternoon. "Tis the season for blondes to consider shading some shades (or adding finesse to your grown roots.) We spoke with dyes that turn to dark blonde as a shadow after the summer, which recommends that for brunette customers asking for a multi-dimensional color, and who, just imagine that the color is dope. Best of all, there are as many ways to play with the dark blonde as there are combinations of unicorn hair. It's not as colorful, but you will want to zoom in on these painted shades – one of which and took four sessions in the stylist's chair to achieve.

To control your search we have some of our favorite shades of dark blonde, perfect if you are a blonde who wants to go deeper or a brunette who needs a touch of brightness. And – shoutout to my gourmands – some of them are also inspired by food.

Sponge Blond Hair

The food-inspired hair straightener continues with, in all, a shade named after a sponge. Yokasta Perez (aka Yokii Techi at Instagram), a Rockville, Maryland-based stylist, made a customer's color correction in this ash-beige shade. It works particularly well on brunettes who want to try the lighter side.

Blond rusthår

This metallic ash is inspired by the heat of a cup of coffee. It marries the best brunette and blonde shades for an overall effect that falls within the brunt spectrum. Ask your stylist to paint your hair to create a multi-dimensional appearance that moves so you can stunt on them when caught in a seasonal blast.

Fall Cooldown Hair

Court of Whiteroom


A client came to Whiteroom Brooklyn's founder and stylist Elisabeth Lovell with a light hot blonde that had become brassy and too bright in the summer sun. They decided to cool down the overall appearance by first mixing their roots with an ashy light brown color. To neutralize the warm tones, she added a "very bright pearl" shade around her hairline. "[It’s] quickly and easily, giving your old highlights a whole new look, she says Attract.

Bailey's Irish Cream Hair

This beautiful textured combination of hot and cold highlights did not come easy, recognizes Massachusetts-based dye Amy McManus, also Instagrams @ camouflageandbalayage. McManus tells attract that it took four sessions of layering on lighteners and tones to achieve this look. "Something hair was painted every session, while [the rest] just painted a few times or skipped all the way to create a multi-level multi-tonal finish, "she says. But sweating and large amounts of product were worth it:" It's one of my favorite paintings I've done, says she. McManus recommends Bailey's Irish Cream for customers with light to medium skin, especially for natural brunettes with medium brown hair.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Hair

This painted shade shines from the rich brown of a cake fresh from the oven to cool, golden tones. It is a combination of warm brunette shades and strategically placed lighter sections. Unlike a chocolate chip cake, this look gets better with age, says McManus attract that "because her roots continue to come in, the color becomes more beautiful with deep up and a dramatically dark to light feeling." She suggests this shade for medium to fair clients looking for a low maintenance look.

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