Do not leave the house without these bags for bags

Warning: This is the personal experience of a blogger, not the sponsor, or a medical expert.

I have two little ones; my daughter is three years old and my son is 11 months old. That means I have transported a gear bag for more than three years – there are a lot of smelly bums!

When I first started wearing a purse I packed it so full of things – just in case – I could often not find any of the things I did really needed. When you are out with a little in a trailer and they have only done the most almighty poonamien, it's the last thing you want to change the bag and try to find diapers!

So, I have gradually streamlined what I need in my gearbox for just seven things. Yup, seven; not eighteen million! Some things are quite obvious (keys, wallet, phone), other things less, but now I do not know where I would be without them (and I mean not only my children!).

I also love multitasking products that can double in their uses, so I've included some of them as well.

Plus, another advantage of streamlining your bag means that you can put your necessities in a bag you want, not just "mom" bags (I have enough of them under my eyes).

In this vlog, my children and I introduce you to our bags for bags. How many of these do you have?

Limitation of Liability: This post is sponsored by Sudocrem.