Dos of colors Mickey Mouse Makeup Collection is already selling

November marks 90 years since Mickey Mouse was introduced – can you imagine a world where the little guy is not part of the pop culture's collective awareness? And although his appearance has evolved since his debut in Steamboat WillieOne thing is true: Mickey Mouse is classic. So it's perfect that all shades that make up the Dose of Colors Mickey Mouse collection, launched on Monday, are also classical.

The star of cooperation, which Dose of Colors has taken #DisneyandDoseofColors, is definitely Mickey Palette + Highlighter. Under a lid with a flashing Mickey Mouse you will find six eye shadows and a generous dose of a highlighter called Beyond Classic. Shadow shades have appropriate healthy names: Let Show Begin, hug me: (matt light brown), Hooray (skiff skimmer), Oh Boy! (matt mauve), M is for Mischief (matt brick red) and Ah Shucks! (matt eggplant). And talking about "Ah Shucks!" – It's probably what you say when you hear that the $ 39 palette sold out the very first day. (No word if they plan to resume, but the palette has "notify me when available" button so there is hope.)

Courtesy of Dose of Colors

Fortunately, the rest of the collection is still available, and it's just as amazing. There are three satin lipsticks, all with a surface that falls somewhere between matte and creamy. The colors include endless, a deep blackberry; Forever, a cool, brown nude; and a shadow called after the year we celebrate in 1928, which is a peach nude. Each one is $ 17.

Also $ 17 is the lip gloss, which, like the lipsticks, is spun with a cover covered with gold micro mouse silhouettes. They continue the collective neutral color story with a milky shadow called Rockin, a super-portable cocoa called One and Only (hot cocoa) and Muah! A clear base with copper and gold reflects it looks amazing over other colors.

Although there are many brands that help Disney celebrate, Dose of Colors co-operation seems to be the only makeup set for Mickey Mouse's 90th Anniversary – at least in the US Maybelline launched a Mickey Mouse makeup collection with lipstick and eye shadow palettes as well, but The brand says it's exclusive to China.

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