Dry eyes, eyelids, excessive use of eyes? Don’t miss these eye care tips

The eyes are the windows of the soul, but the window of the soul seems to be particularly fragile. Long-term use of the eyes, excessive use of the eyes, improper use of the eye, etc., may cause eye discomfort. How to care for the eyes in daily life? Don’t miss these little tricks.

 Dry eyes, eyelids, excessive use of the eyes? Don't miss these eye care tips. inline=

Coup 1: Cold and hot alternately apply eyes

In the morning and evening, spend 5-10 minutes on each of the eyes to heat the eyes, promote blood circulation around the eyes, and help the eyes relax. If the eyes have symptoms such as edema, dry itching, fatigue, etc., apply cold and then apply hot. This method of alternating hot and cold water can also be used in bathing.

 Dry eyes, eyelids, excessive use of the eyes? Don't miss these eye care tips. inline=

Coup 2: Consciously blinking every day

Under normal circumstances, people aged 20-40 blink about 20 times per minute, but when watching computers or driving, when the concentration is high, the number of blinks Will be reduced to 4-5 times per minute. Every time you blink, you will form a new tear film on the ocular surface. The number of blinks is small, the tear film is insufficiently secreted, and the eyes are dry and sour. The tear film also has the effect of cleaning and protecting the ocular surface, and the blink of the eye is less likely to cause corneal lesions. The average person blinks at least 300 times a day. In addition to consciously blinking, opening the humidifier or putting a glass of water on the table will also make your eyes comfortable.

 Dry eyes, eyelids, excessive use of the eyes? Don't miss these eye care tips. inline=

Coup 3: Read two lights at night

The light from the bedside lamp and the desk lamp is not projected from the front or the top, which will cause visual fatigue, and the time is long. The eyes will swell. If you want to read a book, it is best to turn on the headlights at the same time to reduce the difference between the room and the light.

Coup 4: Learn to combine eye and work

In general, after half an hour with your eyes, you should close your eyes or look at distant trees. Five minutes, let the eyes get a full rest. If the symptoms still cannot be alleviated, you can use hot water to fumigate the eyes or apply a hot towel to strengthen the blood circulation of the eyes and strengthen the effect.

 Dry eyes, eyelids, excessive use of the eyes? Don't miss these eye care tips. inline=

Coup 5: Choose the right light source when you study

When the ambient light is poor (too bright or too dark), especially in the study, work and living environment with great eye strength The light brightness is not suitable, and the light distribution in the field of view is uneven or flickering, and when there is reflection or glare, it is easy to cause visual fatigue. Therefore, for indoor lighting, light sources with softer light and moderate brightness should be used as much as possible.

Coup 6: Do the right amount of outdoor activities

Keep the right amount of outdoor activities or exercise, while promoting eye blood circulation, the eyes will have more The distance can help relax the eye muscles and nerves and relieve visual fatigue.

Coup 7: Choosing the best “eye protection” food

Vitamin A is an essential nutrient for preventing dry eyes, vision loss, and night blindness; lutein It is the main component of the macula in the fundus and is usually found in green food. Among them, corn is rich in lutein and zeaxanthin (a kind of carotene), although it is not a nutrient, it acts like a nutrient. It is a powerful antioxidant that protects the sensitive area called the macula in the eye. In addition, eating more green food and supplementing nutrition can effectively alleviate visual fatigue.

 Dry eyes, eyelids, excessive use of the eyes? Don't miss these eye care tips. inline=

Coup 8: Massage the eyes to relieve fatigue

1. Press the forehead method: Each of the three fingers of the hands rotates from the center of the forehead to the left and right temples. Press the temples with force and apply force with your fingertips. This way the eyes will feel comfortable. Repeat 3 to 5 times.

2. Pressing the eyebrow method: The thumb belly is attached to the recess below the root of the eyebrow, and is gently pressed or rotated. Repeat 3 times.

3. Eyeball rotation method: The eyes look far away, and the eyeballs turn in the direction of right, up, left, and down. At this time, the head should not be shaken and repeated 3 times.

Source: Xinhuanet Science (ID: kxylydt)