Each masked singer reveals in Season 2

Much like a persistent rash, The masked singer is back for the second time in 2019. Because once wasn't enough, guys! Last season introduced us to certifiable crazy suits like Monster and pineapple – and really, what an unrestrained voltage it was to find out which is extremely famous ONE B C The D-list celebrity cheated under each mask. Spoiler alert: There is never anyone that is actually relevant, but it does not stop the judges from reaching the damn stars with their guesses, bless them!

Anyway, if you didn't look The masked singer last season, in which case, HOW WERE YOU, I will give you a quick explanation: Each week, a group of "stars" (emphasis on these quotes) meet in a song contest, dressed in masks (and full-on) costumes, as Flamingo) which is best described as a ghost. Can I just:



"That me, eggs," he seems to say.

Obviously, the best part of the show – other than watching the hopeful judges is everyone, "Wait, could it be Lady Gaga ?!" (answer: no … no, it couldn't) – is to find out which celebrity needs to shoot their agent to book them on this mess. We have done a tracker every week that acts as a therapy shelf too MOI, so here's who's been masked so far.

The person behind the mask: Patti LaBelle

Did I think Patti was behind the mask? But yes. She is PATTI LABELLE, her voice is a million. It is not every day that you meet a flower that sounds suspiciously like the godmother of the soul. Did I still live for her big reveal? Also yes, but see it yourself before you judge.

The person behind the mask: Kelly Osbourne

The moment you've been waiting for, which I mean to scare, has finally arrived. The ladybug came out of her mask like a scary moth from a cocoon and was transformed into the beautiful butterfly that is Kelly Osbourne. It was a metamorphosis I haven't seen since, IDK, the nightmare I had about this show last night. Enjoy!


The people behind the masks: Sherri Shepherd and Raven-Symoné

The masked singer has rejected us for two whole weeks thanks to something called the "World Series", and frankly it's been rough. Like, have I have managed my withdrawal symptoms by walking around everywhere in an egg mask? IDK, guys. PERHAPS. But anyway, the important thing is that we've done it, and now we all get to enjoy the fact that the penguin is masked. And frankly, it was worth the wait to see Sherri's exciting face emerging from that suit.

Like … ARE YOU OK? Shake the bill twice if no, and I will climb through this computer and help you!

Tonight's episode was twice the fun, twice the fun, which means we also found out who was lurking inside the Black Widow. Do you guess Raven? Because congratulations you are right! Tell all your friends about your achievement tomorrow, they will definitely not worry about you!

The person behind the mask: Paul Shaffer

Things more frightening than a skeleton: Paul Shaffer peels off a skeleton skull and comes out of the bag of his bag. Still, that's exactly what happened in tonight's episode of The masked singer!

Is there anyone available to create a fast time machine and help me travel back to, IDK, an era before this mental image existed in my brain? Thanks!!!! Until then, let's vote to IDK about you, but I have to express my feelings.

The person behind the mask: Dr. Drew Pinsky

The fact that I had to look at an eagle has removed my head this week Masked singer low-key seems like a betrayal. But still the eagle (IDK, help) hatched and revealed himself to be none other than Dr. Drew Pinsky.

If your answer to that is "Literally who in TF is Dr. Drew Pinsky?" You have clearly never seen Teen mom, because this guy has patiently suffered through the group therapy compounds shown for year. It's no wonder Dr. Drew agreed to join The masked singer. THIS IS LITERALLY A CRY – NJ, A CO – FOR HELP.

The person behind the mask: Laila Ali

Panda is the only character on The masked singer that didn't make me wake up screaming at night, so it was honest to see her saturated so soon. BUT! the where cool to see Laila Ali running out of the decapitated panda head!

If you were wondering, the judges got this completely wrong and thus went on to prove that they are truly terrible at their ONLY JOB.


The people behind the masks: Johnny Weir and Tyler Ninja Blevins

Wow, after a truly alarming performance that almost made me call 9-1-1 in an absolute crisis, the egg revealed itself to be none other than Olympic medalist Johnny Weir. Which honestly makes sense because many say The masked singer is basically the Olympics in reality contests. *

* Nobody says it.

Kinda murmured that the egg has already cracked, if you come, which I will not, but we must at least enjoy an egg-sensitive (HAHAHAHAHAHHA!) Performance of him singing "One Way or Another" by Blondie!

Next time, Ice Cream was revealed as professional "Twitch star" and "YouTube gamer" Tyler Ninja Blevins. I'll give you a moment to meet Google, that's okay.

I really never thought that something would ruin the dessert for me, but here we are, friends !!!!!!

Join us next time as this tracker is updated every damn week because of The masked singer to be the only thing that keeps me going.