Eamonn Holmes mom makes the first time a TV look – and fans love it

He has been a successful television career spanning more than 30 years and now This morning presenter Eamonn Holmes makes it a family business.

The 58-year-old went to Instagram on Monday to share the exciting news that his beloved mother Josie would make his first TV appearance at the age of 90!

To share a preview of Josie's little screen debut on UTV's latest episode of Back Home, he wrote sincerely, "My 90-year-old mother has never been on TV earlier. Is it?"

Fans of the star could barely believe what they read and responded quickly with a flurry of comments, with some matching the show, which broadcast on Tuesday.

You wrote, "So beautiful to watch, we need more of your mom on television."

While another added, "Absolutely loved the show. I can see where you get your amazing sense of humor from !!! Always & Forever Belfast Boy:

A third wrote, "what mother you have to be so proud"

In the show, Josie gave a rare interview about her celebrity son and revealed that she did not treat him differently from the rest of her litter.

"I never even thought he was a star, but he's still my nice boy. He does not differ from the rest," she told the back presenter, Malachi Cush.

Asked if he is the same Eamonn she picked up, she replied jokingly: "He's definitely or knowing what's going to happen."

In the exhibition, Eamonn and Malachi also visited St Malachys College where the star went to high school.

And while he was in the chapel, Eamonn made an exciting answer when he asked what he thought about life after death.

He said, "I see my mom now and she's 90 years old and my mom just looks forward to one thing and it reunites with everyone she has known who has left and left this world.

"It's true comfort for her, and if people get comforted with something like that, it's very good. It's better than the alternative, to have no hope, to have nothing to look forward to."

Before adding that this is not a topic, he is quite ready to consider.

"I think I'm too young to think about it a minute," he revealed.