Eamonn Holmes reveals that he suffered a debilitating panic attack live in the air

He may seem to be one of the television's most casual and expert presenters now, but Eamonn Holmes has acknowledged that his job was not always that easy.

During Thursday's episode of This morning, The 58-year-old admitted that when he began the BBC as a young journalist about 30 years ago, he suffered from debilitating panic attacks.

Eamonn and Ruth talked to social media star Sophia Mei Lan, who has filmed her own panic attacks for her Youtube followers, of whom she has over 25,000.

Sophia explained his own panic attacks, when Eamonn revealed that he used to experience them as well.

He said, "I've had a number of panic attacks, thank you all 27 or something years ago now."

Share how hard they were at that time, Eamonn said, "But as you thought I would die. My management strategy was eventually," See, I will not die. "I would never have associated it with a mental problem. "

He also reflected on where his anxiety issues may have resulted from tracing back to his father's death.

The TV star said, "I'm going to look back on it, it was the result of my father's sudden death and could not say goodbye to him. And I think it came and I associated it with being from home and with bad things and what preferably. "

Eamon's father Leonard left 1991 when Eamonn was only 32 years old.

Later in the interview, the presenter showed that he no longer experiences panic attacks, but had one of perhaps the most tricky places – live on television. He also shared that he was also hospitalized after the attacks.

He said, "I've come through it and it never happened again in 27 years.

"It happened once in the air that was presented to BBC TV, and it does not get much worse than that, and has to cover it. Both times I was in hospital from it, but it will never be back."

He assured then suffered: "It can go away."

Watching This morning Eamonn praised for opening, with a saying, "Your honesty is so touching Eamonn. Love you and Ruth xx @ eamonnholmes & # 39;

While another agreed, commented, "Great admiration and respect for Eamon to speak out x @ eamonnholmes".

If you suffer from panic attacks and anxiety, you can visit the mental charity organization. Refer to for advice and support when handling them.