A sharp industrial feeling emerges in this season, channeled by the pragmatic costumes consisting of blouses, shirts or polo shirts wearing matching pants. Sartori adheres to an agenda rooted in tailor-made essences, transforming tradition into something that fits the pace of a hyper-linked global generation. The silhouette is stylish: boxy blousons, volume layers, stylish three-button blazers and narrow one-button jackets with 3D patch pockets are paired with lean but soft pants or fuller. Generous pockets migrate from the more sporty items to tailor-made, while tailor-made details move to sports pieces, suggesting a mix of categories that extend the possibilities to use. Stickers are building blocks that increase the modularity of modern dressing. Fast and Extremely Light Fabrics – Woolen, Technical Silk, – Improves line precision and weightlessness in the sartorial design with flattened shrinkage, photo print graphics, and progressive edge patterns that provide rhythm to the surfaces. Macro china designs have a paint, mineral colors give depth to denim. The #UseTheExisting mindset is a brand's commitment to using more and more wool and technical fabrics developed by Zegna Textil Division with innovative processes from existing sources. The "Achill" suit, entirely made with wool residue from Zegnas Achill farm, is discarded during clothing manufacture and then remixed and re-woven, closing the whole circle of traceability and durability. In accordance with functional ambience, the accessories are pragmatic: bold-insulated printed boots or derbies; signature Claudio sneakers; portable laptops and bags in small geometric shapes.

The feeling of industrial elegance is rounded off by the mixture of mineral paints of cement, steel, coal and matt black with earthy tones of brass, rust, red sponge, sand and carpet gold and light notes of nude, aqua, deciduous, teal and oxidized copper.

Transformation emerges as another aspect of inclusivity: a Zegna pillar through and through.