Exclusive: Lady Gaga's House Laboratories & Face Lace Debut Winged Liner Stickers

When Lady Gaga finally shared details of her much-awaited beauty line House Laboratories Last summer, you may have noticed that black lining was missing – a dazzling neglect from a woman who has made cat eyes one of her signature looks. When Lady Gaga's face is not covered with glitter or bright shadows, black girls are usually outward from the corners of their eyes. No one knows this better than her makeup artist, Sarah Tanno – a longtime architect of these wings. "What Gaga is known for more than anything is her black-winged eyeliner," Tanno told attract when we met last week. "Ever since I've been working with her, I've played with it every day and developed it in different ways in all ages we've done together." So when Haus Laboratories products are actually delivered on September 17, you will also be able to get new launches based on this element.


In an effort to make the perfect wings as simple as possible, Tanno and Lady Gaga partnered with Face Lace to create Eye Armor Kit ($ 35). It contains black liquid lining and what they call "Wingtips": reusable stickers in the form of flicks. Face Lace has gained popularity recently with the help of Euphoria, but the London-based brand has long been an important part of Tanno's work with Lady Gaga.

A few years back, during what Tanno refers to as Gaga's "jazz era", the makeup artist had to make several quick changes for the singer's Cheek to Cheek Tour with Tony Bennett. "She wanted this elaborate make-up, but I would have less than a minute," Tanno recalls. "Less than a minute with a fluid liner when you put on a wig and change suit – I just didn't get the precision I was happy with as an anal makeup artist and I wanted things to be more dramatic."

That's when Tanno first reached out to Face Space's founder, Phyllis Cohen, to create custom creations for Gaga. Since then, they have worked together on dozens of beautiful pieces, including but not limited to Gaga's bejeweled mask for her iconic Super Bowl 51 performance.

Larry Busacca

When assembling products for Haus Laboratories, Gaga and Tanno knew that they wanted to bring this essential part of the singer's makeup to consumers. And instead of creating their own stickers, collaboration with Cohen and Face Lace was crucial. "I always like to make sure we give props to the artists we work with," says Lady Gaga attract. "I will not steal, I think it is wrong. So for me it was very important that we worked with her."