Expo 2020 roaming glass car

To celebrate Expo 2020 and the perfect weather in the United Arab Emirates right now, an exposed ice cream van Expo 2020, launched in November to December 7, removes 40,000 ice cream cones to people across the seven Emirates to 7.

The Expo 2020 ice cream truck will also provide fun facts about Expo 2020 on the cones and napkins in memory of some of the innovations that debuted at previous World Expos.

Vanilla, chocolate and vegan-friendly mangoes will be distributed as well as a special ice cream during the UAE's national day, from December 1 to 3, sprinkled in the colors of the UAE flag.

Updates of the van's movements are published on Expo 2020's social media.
Twitter twitter.com/expo2020dubai
Instagram Instagram.com/expo2020dubai
with the opportunity for residents to bring the truck to their local community with the help of # Expo2020 on social media.