Eye Primer Hack to make your eye shadow more pigmented

They are perfect brushes to blend whatever you're working with, but perfect for blending dense crushing products because the short, dome-shaped brushes can work thick products without brushing through them, leaving holes or mixing the product away.

3. Pack on pigment, do not sweep

Okay so, I began with what we can consider the hero color of this look, the color that every other shade will melt into. I used a warm hot pink. This is Sandbar by ColorPop.

To apply shades to a wet primer, I used packages to really push the color into the base. In the back and forth movements from my outer to the inner corners I pressed, pressed, pushed the color until I got it into a shape that I could work with. This shade is basically pure pigment, so it was an ideal base for this look and did not take much work to place. I ended up with an abstract idea of ​​my week.

Now, because I have locked covers, I have to make sure that the rose sits a little over my pleat, on my orbital leg, giving an illusion of a fold but still visible when my eye was open so that you could see the mixture in other colors when that time came.

4. Mix, mix and mix a little more

Then I took a lighter pink shade and buffed the top edge of pink for a softer mixture. Due to the wet primer it definitely took a little more than a soft "buff" to make hot pink to diffuse. The fact is that when I started, I thought I was unhappy, to make something look like mixing on a wet primer takes some serious attention and elbow fat, not to mention a light hot pink softened by a baby rose. But with the Sigma E37, a little pressure and a little patience, I got it.

Now for the fun part: Extend the inner part of the fold. I used a mittton purple that served as a nice addition to the hot pink, while it was almost impossible to give the right amount of depth when it was on top of pink. With the help of packing motions again I focused purple on the inner part of the fold and eventually built up where it needed to be.

We go back to blend the hard edge out in a minute, do not worry. This look is about mixing and we make a lot of it. I also wanted to see you still see the depths that purple added when my main eye was open.

To immerse the purple a little, I took a small piece of a matte black shadow on a pencil and placed it gently on the inner part of the lilac, and mixed it to get purple to read as more of a royal, aubergine purple instead of a purple purple. Again: Mix, mix, mix.

It's coming, I promise.

5. And now for the mean bump

This is not easy, but it's feasible, even with my hooded eyes and low-set boiler. It's always a loving job and for me it's a little different every time. This time, I kept the clipped box focused on my actual lid instead of trying to make the lid bigger, as you can.

I could have put some color on the top of the wet concealer and became very fond of it, but I wanted to keep the look quite uniform, so I used a shimmering hot pink and a shimmering eggplant to create the look of a vibrant spotlight eye.