Facial theory: lack of opinion, timid as a mouse face

Some people are indecisive, hesitant, always uncertain, lack of opinion, and courageous, but they have the advantage of being cautious and very suitable for doing some careful work.

face to face: lack of opinion, daring The face of the mouse is as small as The mouth is very small

The person whose mouth is small and the outline is not clear enough, the courage is very small, and the work is small and cautious, for fear of causing any trouble. And there has always been no opinion, like relying on the people around them, they are suitable for the most careful work, such as auditing and proofreading.

The ear position is low

The person with the lowermost part of the ear is lower than the position of the corner of the eye. It is as timid as a mouse, slow to respond, and does not like reading. Hesitant, undecided, and chaotic, so it is difficult to achieve.

face to face: lack of opinion, timid as a mouse Face eyes are not firm

The eyes are scattered, not strong enough, the reaction is too slow, there is no decision-making power, and the courage is very small, afraid of the burden, the problem is confused, Lack of opinion, can not clearly express their own ideas, people cloud, follow the thinking of others, time has become a habit, because it is this habit to be used, for others as cannon fodder.

Browsing eyebrows

People with longer eyebrows than eyes, not too concerned about feelings, mouth is very broken, there is no charter, no focus, often can not accurately express Your own meaning. Moreover, when I started to do things and lacked my opinion, I hesitated and did not dare to make judgments and decisions easily.

face to face: lack of opinion, timid as a mouse Face nose is long

The person with a long nose is timid, the temper is very slow, everything is not anxious, some sensitive, the sister is full of doubt, no matter what problem, I think more than others, sometimes because I am too cautious, can not take decisive ideas, will miss a lot of good opportunities, emotional aspects is an example, can not be brave to express the favorite, only to miss.