Facialist Georgia Louise launches a tailor made face strap machine

In this week's wave of super exciting, but worrying, skincare news: Aesthetist Georgia Louise has blessed us with another skin care technique, the Tailored Cream Machine. Exciting because it is a first and very adaptable face cream machine, and worrying because Louise is quite famous for innovative skin care effects (see here and here). And we certainly do not complain.

The tailor-made cream machine, which Louise revealed last week on Instagram, does exactly what the name suggests: It whips up a custom drink based on your individual skin type. It also does all this as quickly as possible – as little as eight minutes, to be exact. Although most of us will not be able to pick us up on a Georgia Louise Bespoke Cream can at any time (more on this later), this machine is the first of its kind, according to Louise, and the latest in a string of beauty and skin care products that point to personalization as a future. And ultimately, a more personalized approach to skin care will benefit all of us.

"My philosophy has always been about hyper-adaptation because we all have different skin and what works for a person may not work for the next," says Louise attract. "I wanted to be able to offer your skin exactly what it needs to make up for something it doesn't do, [and] this technique is a total breakthrough. "

How Does Tailor Cream Machine Work, You Ask? First, different points on your face are measured using Louise's special equipment (a small but sophisticated device that is affected in different areas, including the forehead, cheeks and chin).

"To get an accurate analysis of the skin, we use three sensory probes," explains Louise. "The first is a Corneometer to test hydrate levels, followed by a Subumeter, [which tests] sebum levels, and finally the pH level, [which] is measured with a special electrode. "

Once these three data points have been collected, the machine immediately sends to a laboratory in Germany, which prepares a customized moisturizer recipe for your individual skin and ping it back to the machine, whipping the formula right in front of you. Phew!

"Within a few minutes, a single cream is made with clean and active ingredients specifically for the individual's skin care and needs," explains Louise. "Understanding these measurements and being able to read what happens deep in the client's skin means better skin care and better results."

There are a total of 17 different ingredients in the machine, although some are combined blends. The machine holds all these different ingredients and blends, then pumps into specific amounts of certain ingredients, depending on the lab-generated recipe – in total, the machine can probably boil more than 50 million different cream combinations.

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