Fall Back: Tips for summer time

"Falling back" is the time change you loved before you became a parent because you got an extra hour of sleep, but you now fear that your little one can wake up even earlier than usual! Here are our tips to make the transition as smooth as possible.

  1. Let your child sleep at his usual bedtime on Saturday night. (If you make any dream or weaning feeds, keep them accurate while you normally do them.)
  2. Before going to bed, turn back at 1 hour (your electronics will automatically do this at 2 am).
  3. Your child will probably wake up a little earlier by the new clock than he usually does, says 5:30 (which still feels like 6:30). Psychologically it can be painful to watch your watch at 5:30 and deal with a child who is bright, scary and probably hungry. Go ahead and get him up if he is awake and offer a feed. You can try to give him some quiet activities to play with if you are not really ready to start the day yourself, but unfortunately there is not much you can do with his energy level this first morning after the change of time.
  4. For naps, stretch him as far as you can towards his normal first nap (according to the current clock). In other words, if your baby wakes up an hour earlier than usual, his body will want to nap an hour earlier as well. Don't let him! Instead, do what it takes to keep him awake. Give him a bath or make Hokey Pokey around the house to keep him as close to his normal first nap time as possible, then stretch as far as you can to the next normal nap time according to the current clock, then do the same for a third nap if you have one, then bedtime. Do not allow him to nap longer than usual for any of his naps, as it may continue to cause waking up early in the morning. (If you need to offer some extra feeds due to scheduling and hunger potentially coming during a nap, feel free to "top" the feed before nap).

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Guest blog post written by Jill and Jen. Jill and Jen share Owlet's vision to fundamentally change the world's sleep industry and have provided Dream Lab with its deep knowledge and expertise. With over 40 years of combined experience, they have guided over 500,000 children to a full night's sleep. Dream Lab gives you access to this week's Question Expert sessions led by Jill and Jen.