Father's guidance to get to know your new baby

Whether you have mentally prepared for your child to come home for years, months or weeks, they are finally here. And if you're watching a lot of brain-motion movies, you can expect an instant mental connection with your wee who will tell you exactly what they need and when. But beyond Hollywood it's unlikely.

That does not mean you can not get to know your newborn in a way that seems magical (almost). And even if it does not happen overnight (it never does) you will get there. Meanwhile, this insight is how you and your little one can get better known.

Bonding: It's impossible to destroy them.

This is about, right? There are so many ways to strengthen the relationship between you and your baby. Whether it's skin contact or sharing your favorite songs by singing or dancing, when spending a connection with your child, it helps you improve the binding process.

And do not worry to exaggerate it. Babies long for your touch, your voice and your presence. In addition, this is a great way to get to know them. Are they ticklish? Is there a special place you can sneak that strikes them asleep? Do they think it's a special melody? Be there, experiment, and the binding will follow.

Handling: You will not break them.

Many of us grew up saving it if we did not hold a baby just sowe would harm them. And with caution is a good thing, it can be harmful in large doses. Babies are not as fragile as we think they are. Their legs are smooth and unlikely to break if we breathe too heavily on them. Even the soft spot on the top of the head is less dangerous than you might think.

It does not mean you should be sloppy, but you can trust your instincts about how to touch, carry and play with your baby. If your little one has a full hair and you want to comb (or style), go to it. Just be careful.

Feed: They know what they need.

It's tempting to put your baby on a feeding schedule out of the gate. The problem with it is that we do not know when other people are hungry. Try to resist the urge to enforce a strict feeding plan with your newborn. This can be challenging, but it's a great opportunity to learn to listen to your child's clues about what they need. You will learn to read them, and they will trust you to give them what they need.

Do not obsess about weight gain or uns guzzled. If your baby seems lucky, sleeping (albeit in short puzzles), and showing interest in eating, they may be okay. However, if you are worried that your child is not eating enough or showing signs of obesity, contact your doctor immediately.

Pamper away: skip the daily bathroom.

Babies do not work sweaty on the daily gate we are. They do not need daily bathing – and their skin can do without it. But that does not mean you can not spoil your baby's inner Kardashian.

Consider learning infant massage. Many local massage schools and clinics teach classes, or you can find instructional video online. This is a great way to introduce regular contact, which is one of the most basic ways to tie with your baby. And it helps you to gain confidence in your touch, especially for new parents with a lot of anxiety about hurting the child.

Venturing: You do not need to be closed.

One of the best ways to get to know your newborn is to see them interact with the rest of the world. Granted, if they are very Newborn evidence of this interaction can be difficult to detect, but you should make a point to get your tote outside the house regularly as soon as possible.

Use only some precautions – keep newborns out of direct sunlight, stay away from high places (no concerts), avoid sick people and wear cloths and detergents with you (for the child and those who want to touch the child). This allows you to change the landscape while sharing your happy package with the rest of the world.

Sleep: This is the tricky one.

It is true that you will lose some sleep with a new baby at home. But this real curse of new parenting is yet another way to get to know your little one. While their tendency to be a morning or a night person probably will not be rocked, you will learn when they sleep the most, which environment encourages their best sleep and when you have been waiting for too long to put them down.

This may be the hardest dance you will do with your baby, but it is one that will provide some of the most useful tasks. And if you notice, you can only get a full night's sleep in six years or so.