FENDI's irreversible, colorful and ironic spirit marks a recurring event Selleria Roma / Cupid drop.

Continued cooperation with the new protection for contemporary creative minds, the Roman luxury museum, along with graffiti artist Pref – with whom it had collaborated for the FF Reloaded launch event in London – went on playing with the FENDI logo to recognize new eye-catching graphics about the relationship between FENDI and the eternal city.

The result is Selleria Roma / Cupid drop, with an exclusive selection of clothing for clothing and accessories for women, men and children.

Street and sportswear hero products get a hip makeover in Selleria Roma / Cupid Men's Capsule, where the collection's iconic graphic motifs are printed and embroidered on a range of pieces, including T-shirts, comfortable joggers and all printed sweaters, silk pajamas and nylon blowers. The range is complete with sneakers and bags, where the FF logo is enriched with Selleria Roma / Cupid waves and rainbow effects.