Fenty's New Bronzer just picked up the game (and our makeup)

twenty beautySource: Fenty Beauty

Ever since Pon De Replay blew through our old school boombox nearly 15 years ago, we have been devout Rihanna fans. We didn't think we would love her anymore, and then she showed us wrong when she went to the beauty scene and MAJORLY shook you! Championing Inclusivity, Rihanna's Fenty Beauty Line has products for all beauty lovers, and she has not only gotten every skin tone whether you prefer bold makeup or natural and fresh, the girl got your back.

Her latest beauty revelation is Sun Stalk, a bronzer that comes in eight shades, which is pretty good, considering until recently, most bronzers came in a size that fits all shade (Benefits Hoola now has four shades) . This not only means that people with deeper skin tones were almost completely excluded from the bronze convoy, but that even those with super clear skin tones would struggle to find a flattering hue. We tried the new Sun Stalk's bronzers, $ 30, to see if they were playing on our face, as they do theoretically.

What it is: A durable, transfer-resistant pressed bronze powder designed to "bring all skin tones to life with an instant sun-inflated glow."

What it does: The formula was specially designed to make bronze resistance – it is buildable and transfer-protected.

fenty beauty sun stalk's review

What we liked: When we first applied this, our first thought was that this was not a very pigmented bronzer, but at the end of the application we realized why the "soft pigment" is really amazing. How many times have you clapped your fave bronzer just to realize that you have too much on Waaay? Then you have to spend a few minutes carefully mixing it out. And therefore, this buildable formula is actually good, because it is almost impossible to go overboard.

Application Tips: To add all over glow, use a fluffy brush and dust your Sun Stalk's nuance over the high points of your face and around your hairline. For a bronzing, outline effect, choose a denser brush, like the new Fenty Beauty Cheek-Hugging Bronzer Brush, $ 36, or the Real Techniques Instapop Cheek Brush, $ 10.

The shadow area is impressive, and there is finally a complementary shade for fair and rich skin tones. Although we feel that the only real "bronzing" hue for deep and rich complexes is likely to be the deepest shade, Mocha Mami, who has red undertones that look very good looking and adds a fantastic warmth to the skin. If you haven't used bronze before, check out Fenty's Guide on applying bronzer for deeper skin tones.

Shadow Tips: We found that depending on how we built these bronzers, they worked for several skin tones. While it is about shopping online, it should be simpler (you will probably fit a few shades) we recommend that you go into the store to find the perfect shade that can be worn easily and built because there are both neutral and warm options. to choose between.

The verdict: We are impressed! We love the packaging and the fact is to have a mirror inside, and we find the formula very easy to use and play with. We are super impressed by the shadow and the formula, and we die over the shadow name – I $ land Ting, Coco Naughty and Mocha Mami are our faves. Once again, Rihanna nailed it.

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