Find a diamond match for the Sabyasachi wedding collection #Fiza

Sabyasachi Mukherjee is one of the biggest names to think of Indian wedding dress, extremely popular in the fashion industry, he is acclaimed for his ethnic wear and is a favorite among Indian brides. His detailed work and creative twists that keep in touch with the traditional outfit concepts have fascinated a couple of brides and their wedding Lehengas.

He just launched his new Spring-Summer 2019 collection "Fiza", a name we are already in love with and it is a tribute to the Indian heritage along with a modern touch. The absolutely wonderful collection has a very modern look and is something safe every bride will love. The majority of the couture bits from "Fiza" is a modern bridal dream with deep colors, bold shades and the ethnic aesthetics that every bride lehenga demands; We only know that 2019 weddings will see quite a few of these safely.

While Sabyasachi Mukherjee can be your matchmaker for your perfect wedding perspective, Papilior has jewelry, single-color, wide-embroidered borders and intricate craftsmanship, so every single outfit is unique in its own way and style, reminding us of the novelty found on with all gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, gem jewelery and solitaire jewelry that are built into the fashion development.

Since 2019 has been such a unique year so far in terms of fashion and jewelry, there is nothing better than the great Sabyasachi collection to compliment the bold and the new. Here are the balls to match your favorite choices from the # Fiza collection to accompany the beautiful Lehengas and Saris.

      • The sorbet color lehenga has such an intricate detailing and is an elegant design that fits perfectly for a wedding day and can be paired with a graceful pair of gold earrings, solitaire pegs or gold crowns. We are gaga over the earrings for this subtle colored lehenga as they are the perfect jewelry for this part. Check out Round Arrow Earring for a minimalist look.

    • Trendy wedding gown with glamorous prints and borders has been a staple of the Sabyasachi Mukherje's appearance book, this hot pink lehenga deserves a pair of Rose Chimes Pink Sapphire Diamond Earrings that will add a shade of spark without bridging the ensemble. Likewise, it requires the brave sherwania with a subtle print to a classic match like the Amar Gold Kada.
  • Many Indian brides today choose White; the stylish gold and white combination gives something different to the table and is a bridal worthy unique look. Sabyasachi's pattern speaks for itself in this Sari-Lehenga combo that can make any bride appear in a crowd. We recommend that you choose a pendant as a Dahlia Diamond Pendant set that can complement the upholstery along with a statement diamond ring like the Maze Diamond Ring.
  • This paisley inspired colorful lehenga is a bold choice for many and for brides who are really the star of the show deserve something that fascinates like this. We absolutely enjoy the # Fiza collection and how well the clothes and jewelry go hand in hand. A neat spin on jewelry with a three-tone Chloe Diamond Bracelet and a neat Solitaire piece like the Golden Star Pendant set is the way to go with this pink color-colored pendant.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee has given the Indian bride a chance to make unforgettable memories and see their best on their special day, the unique design collection at likes to do just that. All of the above mentioned Diamond and Solitaire jewelry can be purchased online from; every piece purchased from the site is delivered to your door safely with a BIS Gold, IGI Diamond Certificate and a transparent pricing breakdown of the bill.

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