First time anal sex – How to prepare for anal sex

Some people with hemorrhoids find anal for painful, but others think it can actually relieve pain (stimulating buttocks bring blood to the area, which keeps the circulation flowing). Again, it's your choice if you want to play with your buttock so if you have hemorrhoids, just do what feels right for your body.

4. Poop can show up from time to time, and it is NBD.

Some people are afraid that anal sex will result in an explosion of poop. These fears are generally overblown, but it is not uncommon to encounter pieces of poo from time to time. Some people anally shower before doing butt stuff, but many of us do not and it just works well. In my opinion, it's completely unreasonable to put your body through the douching process every time you want to do butt things so if you do not really love douching, there is no need.

You can reduce your chances of bumping into poop by choosing to mess things when you know you're still not melting food. But for the most part you will not see a poop if you will not get a bowel movement. Feces are stored in the colon, which is where the rectum path leads. Poop passes only through the rectum when it leaves the body; otherwise it will only freeze in the large intestine.

If you find that longer cases that enter you, you have a bit of poop at the tip when they are pulled out, it is enough because they have entered the large intestine. It's not big, but there's something to be aware of, and you definitely want to be milder the deeper you go.

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5. Analysis-free toys, including flared butt plugs, are important.

By now you know that lubricants are not negotiable for the buttocks. A good sex toys are meanwhile an ideal tool to get used to the feeling of being anally penetrated. Even if you're looking for penetration with a penis, it's wise to start with fingers or an anal-safe toy – and again, so a lot of lubricants.

A toy is sure to put your butt if it has a flared base or another stop point. That's why the rectum can suck things in the body like a vacuum (unlike the vaginal canal, which ends with the cervix). The last thing you want is to get into ER with a vibrator who lost your ass.

Starting with small toys helps you get to know how your rectum feels like things go in and out of it so you're prepared for a big deal, like a rem-on dildo or penis. For a good startup, check out Fun Factory Bootie Plug (small size) or Tantus ProTouch. Note Keep in mind that you should not use silicone butter with silicone toy as it may deteriorate the material.

6. Identify the tension you feel in your body and let it go.

While we can deliberately conceal and release our outer sphincter (try it right now), the inner sphincter can not relax if you are not super duper chilled inside. If you are a receiving partner, calm your mind, calm your breath and try to identify and let go of any tension you hold inside your body. You or your partner should start by slowly massaging the outer ring of the sphincter and surrounding areas until you feel the anus relax. Do not jump the gun – you have plenty of time to get to the main event.