Five Secrets You May Not Know About The Owlet Base Station

Secret # 1: Did you know you can suppress the base station?

The light from the base station is on you? The base station light can be suppressed! There are two light settings. To dampen the base station, hold down the base station down on a hard, flat surface for a few seconds until the lamp swims. For more detailed instructions, check out this article on our Tech Support page.

Secret # 2: Did you know you can test the red notification?

Are you worried that you do not hear the red report? Or do you just want to know what you would hear if you had a red notification? You can test the red notification whenever you want. (You may want to test during the day, or you can wake up your family!) To test the red notification, press down on the base station for 15 seconds. This article has a more detailed explanation.

Secret # 3: Did you know that the base station loads Smart Sock?

Yep! Smart Sock is charged every night with a micro USB cable that connects the Smart Sock to the base station. The base station is stuck in the wall and charges the sokan. The battery in the sock lasts for 18 hours! It's long enough for nap and sleep through the night.

Secret # 4: Did you know that there are three types of messages?

The red notification is designed to notify you if your child's heart rate or oxygen content goes beyond the preset range. Read more about red registrations here.

The yellow notification is designed to announce when Smart Sock does not find a good reading. The base station flashes yellow and plays a song. Read more about yellow message here.

The blue message is designed to notify when the Smart Sock is too far from the base station or when something blocks the Bluetooth signal. Read more about blue messages here.

Secret # 5: Do you know what the base station looks like?

The base station has a simple design. Check out this video that highlights the features of the base station and Smart Sock.