For 2 years I thought of my divorce

Over the years I have been nothing but transparent about my trip to marriage, maternity, entrepreneurship and anxiety / depression.

What you did not know is that I have struggled daily to build a life and company that gives me freedom and flexibility to take care of my boys as a single mom.

For 2 years I thought of my divorce, I was worried about how they would be affected.

I have worked extremely hard to design and redesign my life for optimal joy and happiness.

I volunteered a single mom.

It was completely against my plans, but I knew there was a risk that I had to take not only for me but them.

They deserved a healthy and happy mom.

Last week I received good reports from both of their teachers. They are flourishing! We are thriving!

Everyday I am so grateful for this trip! It's always my hope that I sow into you is rich as you have sown into me.

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