Ford GT Coupe – A perfect addition to the Ford family

Where did everything start from?

The Ford GT 0 60 is one of Ford's most successful cars. And when Ford plans to get started with a new launch, Ford has to brainstorm a lot because of the history, line and unprecedented performance and popularity that the American car manufacturer is wearing.

Ford came with the Ford GT Coupe and it is the perfect addition to the extended Ford family. The 2018 edition of the Ford GT is a supercar in itself. The car is a complete no brain car and will control the roads when it begins its journey.


The Ford GT 0 60 Coupe has gone through some major changes. The car has abandoned its historic V8 engine and transformed into a massive and large 3.5 liter eco boost gasoline V6 which is also dual turbo charged for a massive 638 hp. The Ford GT Coupe is more compact compared to V8, V10 or V12 cars. Ford's current car assures you of a super drive along the way.

What will the effect of the car be on? Well, at first, our beloved Ford GT Coupe can run from just 0-62 mph in 2.8 seconds to 216 mph at its highest speed. The Ford GT Coupe is one of the best cars in current times. But the unique feature of the Ford GT 060 is that this is a perfect combination of racing and regular cars that can also be driven on the roads.

Looks and materials

The Ford GT 0 60 is constructed of a carbon fiber tube that is strong and rigid. But the car has a light passenger source that takes the car's total weight to 1385 kg. This version of the Ford GT is 100 kg heavier than the McLaren's 720s.

The car's front area has been kept tight and tight. This is mainly because Ford maintains the same type of front fitting with all the other cars in the Ford family. The roof of the car has been kept low and the steep carbon fiber is still and both dihedral doors are a barrier to access and the cabin is narrow. These make the passengers rub the shoulders with other fellow passengers. The seat of the car is fixed to your flood and you have to adjust the pedals and the steering wheel is perfect for a comfortable finish for the passenger seating inside. The car body is beautiful and it resembles cars dating back to the 1960s.

performance Analysis

Earlier Ford was critically criticized because of its six cylinders, but it corrected its mistake with a 3.5 liter dual turbocharged engine. The engine is known to increase 647 horsepower and 550 lb-ft torque. A 7-speed double coupling is all you need in this car. As for the noise, the car V6 wins in this department as well.


The Ford GT 0 60 also has superior safety standards that must be followed. ABS brakes installed with EBD, electronic stability control and transaction-controlled are some of the most important features seen in this car.

Other features

The car also comes with many extra attractive features like – AC system, 4 speaker infotainment system with hub and track chairs made of carbon fiber.

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