Forget the first step: 16 milestones of parents should look forward to

The first years of a child's life are full of exciting first.

The first time they roll, then sit up themselves and then crawl. Their first taste of solid food, the first little rakhyveln, the first step and the first word.

We celebrate all these little milestones, and it's fun to do it, but they do not change life massively for the better. A mobile baby is actually a bit of pain in the boom, and when they start talking, they stop not only quitting. Ever.

Parents: These are some of the milestones that you should really look forward to.

They should definitely make mileage cards for these!

1. The first time they succeed

Hallelujah, this child can actually learn to settle down!

Inserting the dummy back

2. The first time they do not wake you up by screaming from the bed

It's nothing like waking up to a hungry bebish rage to start your day right.

3. The first time they entertain when they wake up

Certainly, some children do this and some preschools are completely inoperable, but it is good when it happens.

4. The first time they get a snack

Self-sufficiency is within the reach of the arm, although you must move everything decent to the higher cabinets now.

Probably not this kind of snack

Probably not this kind of snack

5. The first time you can leave the house without a large gear bag

You know you're a mom to a baby when you have to pack four clothes, milk, a lot of muslins and a multipack of diapers just to go to the local store.

6. The first time they sleep through the night and you do it too

If they slept, but you did not, it's not a profit; it's just awesome.

7. The first time you can wash your hair without reacting as if you pour acid on your head

It makes it much easier to look at the neighbors of the eye if it does not sound like sacrificing a child every night.

Busy baby in the bathroom

8. The first time they ask you to close Peppa Pig and look at something else

Unless otherwise Paw Patrol, you start missing Peppa.

9. The first time they admit they are actually tired

And maybe ask to go to bed!

Adorable girlfriend takes a nap in a white sunny bedroom

10. The first time they understand the concept of bribery

Total game changer.

11. The first time they have sleep with someone else

And you're not too damn tired of doing anything but having an early night.

12. For the first time, they themselves can take care of themselves

And remember to wash your own hands!

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a flush toilet on the wooden floor

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13. The first time they can be vomited in a container / toilet

Unlike the whole bed and you.

14. The first time you can take them to a park and relax a little

When they can get up and down the slide carefully so you do not have to do it for them! #winning

15. The first time they say "I love you" completely absent

Make it feel totally worth it, for a few minutes at least!

16. For the first time, they do not need their ass to dry after a boy

I'll hear it happen sometime …