Frizz-Fighting Product Cocktails for curly, natural and straight hair

Sometimes you just need a cocktail – for your hair, that is. Cocktailing (or product storage) is common when it comes to getting your hair right, whether you're looking for more volume or a smooth blowout. For some looks, you simply cannot rely on a single product, especially if you are susceptible to frizz. Pin-straight strings and kinky coils are all about any level of it, so getting the right combination of products for your specific hair type is a must.

Before you start whipping out products and mixing the whole bathroom cabinet's value, take some advice from some knowledgeable people. We asked some of the hard-wearing hairdressers in the game to spill the tea on their ultimate product layer recipe to fight frizz. Given that we have not yet seen any of their celeb clients with a single string out, we are now thinking that it is a good time to take notes. Fresh hair? I do not know her.

Tips for all types

Brittany Theophilus

Hair stylist Kiyah Wright combats frizz for all hair types with an insufficient four-product regime. "Head and Shoulders" new Royal Oil Collection is perfect for hydration and moisture, two things that help fight frizz, "she says. attract. Her cocktail starts in the shower with the line's Moisture Boost Shampoo and Deep Moisture Renewal Conditioner, followed by a steam treatment. She then applies Deep Moisture Mask. After the hair is dry, Wright puts the style with hair spray and oil sera. She likes Muze Hair Last Look Hairspray and Wella Professionals Oil Reflections.

Brittany Theophilus

Teddi Cranford, the hairstyle and creative manager at the White Rose Collective keeps their cocktail alike, regardless of hair type – what changes are the measurements. As a rule, she adds more and more to customers with rough hair and less to those with finer strings. Her frizz-fighting recipe starts with bumblebee and Bumble Tonic Lotion Primer, which she mixes with Rahua Leave-In Treatment and Apothecare Essentials The Mender Oil. "The inlet treatment is heavier and the oil is lighter, so depending on your consistency, use what you need," she says. For kinky hair, Cranford will carry its cocktail around the inlet instead of the oil, but still apply a generous amount of each.

Straight hair

Brittany Theophilus

Hairstylist Adir Abergel is looking for products that are weightless and unpleasant for their clients who work with frizzy, clean straight hair. His cocktail go-to is Virtue's 6-in-1 styler, which smoothes the hair while creating shine and adding incredible weightless hydration, he says. (Abergel is creative manager for the brand.) After his eyes are finished, Abergel works in L & # 39; s Oréal Elnett, a light hair spray to tame flight paths.

Chris Appleton, the man behind Kim K., J.Lo and Ariana Grande hair, is the godfather of glass hair, so he would know something or two about keeping your strings super smooth. "If you want to achieve straight, glossy, smooth hair that is frizz-free, the setting is very similar if your hair is naturally straight, wavy or hard-curved," he says.

First is a silicone-free, sulfate-free shampoo that leaves no residue on the hair crucial. It is also best to avoid shampoos containing oils or creamy moisturizers, as Appleton warns that these formulas may leave a concealing film on the hair. "Pristine clean is how glass hair begins." His go-to shampoo is Color Wow Color Security (Appleton is the global artistic director of the brand). "Don't even try to get glass of hair if you use another shampoo," he says. To maximize the good results, the Color Wow Ambassador applies the 2017 Best of Beauty-winning Moisture Spray brand when the hair is wet. He then blows, dries, cuts after section, uses a round brush and applies some tension.