Giving parents peace of mind and sleep

As a parent with a new baby, you will quickly find out how valuable a good night's sleep is. Infinite nights with hardly any sleep begin to fold and you soon forget what a good night's sleep is. But trust us, it doesn't have to be that bad!

Enter the Owlet Smart Sock.

We worked hard to build a baby monitor that gives a better picture of what happens to our children, and Smart Sock does just that! It was designed to give the parents peace of mind. The Smart Sock winds around the baby's foot to track their pulse and oxygen levels and then wirelessly sends this information to a base station. The base station lights up green to make sure everything is okay but will notify you if the heart rate or oxygen level leaves preset zones. With the help of the Owlet app, parents can also get messages and see real-time frequency and oxygen levels directly from their smartphone.

As one of the pioneers of infant home monitoring, we felt a great responsibility to provide superior technology and peace of mind for parents. From a recent study of nearly 50,000 Owlet parents, 94% of parents reported better sleep quality when using the Owlet Smart Sock and the 96% report felt less urgent. Since most parents use the sock for at least 6 months, it is very extra Z!

Listen, see and know your baby is okay

Owlet Smart Sock also seamlessly integrates with our new product, Owlet Cam. When paired, Smart Sock + Cam is the first child monitor that can ever track your child's heart rate and oxygen levels while running 1080p HD video and audio directly to your phone. Both the Owlet Cam and Smart Sock work well on their own, but when they are paired together they offer amazing features that you will not find anywhere else.

Giving parents peace of mind and sleep

Our mission at Owlet is to provide better care for children in the home by giving parents the right information at the right time. Owlet Smart Sock gives the parents peace of mind and allows them to check in on their little ones while they sleep, so that they can also get rest. Because when you get your sleep you need your mother's mom and dad they deserve and that is invaluable.