Hair Care “Golden Partner”: Conditioner & Shampoo

Jinshengtang Tea Bran Hair Care Guide: Hair conditioner, also known as conditioner, is generally used in combination with shampoo. After shampooing, apply a proper amount of conditioner to the hair evenly, simmer for about a minute, then rinse with clean water, which belongs to hair cosmetics.

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Shampoo is an anion Nonionic surfactants provide decontamination and foaming for the main raw materials, while the main raw material for conditioners is cationic surfactants. After shampooing the hair, the conditioner is used to neutralize the molecules that remain anionic on the surface of the hair to form a monomolecular film, which makes the tangled hair obedient and easy to comb.

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A healthy hair surface consists of a complete set of hair scales and naturally secreted oil to form a protective film for the hair, excessively washed, dyed, and sun-dried. Exposure will destroy this layer of natural protective film, causing loss of moisture in the cortex, leaving the hair dry and losing its elasticity and softness. Only by using conditioner regularly can the hair’s protective film be permanently formed to protect the hair from harm.

to protect your hair, and to choose a conditioner based on your hair. For example, the hairline scales in the dry hair structure have been damaged, resulting in damage. The hair is short of water and lack of oil. It may also be yellow, split, and fragile and fragile. Therefore, the choice of conditioner should pay attention to whether it has moisturizing and moisturizing effect; for example, oily hair needs to choose oil-control refreshing conditioner to help oily hair stay dry and comfortable for a long time, even after strong ultraviolet radiation. It won’t be sticky and greasy, but it will help you hold the feeling of refreshing when you just finished washing.

Perhaps you are pursuing a natural hair care product that cleans the scalp and nourishes the hair, while the herbal tea bran shampoo is in line with Your needs. Tea bran is a natural and excellent non-ionic surfactant. It has strong decontamination cleaning ability and rich nutrients. It contains crude protein and a variety of amino acids and other nutrients to nourish hair.