Halloween-inspired makeup: quick and easy

The Halloween season is almost here, and you know what that means! Ghostly costumes, pumpkins and very playful orange makeup! Whether you are celebrating Halloween or not this year, you will enjoy reading this article. Here we help you achieve the perfect make-up look you can carelessly wear at 31 for your job, office party, school, club or even if you are a trick or treat! Keep reading and follow these easy eight steps!

Top 8 steps for perfect Halloween makeup

1. High quality primer

You need to tame your oils and have a flawless base for your makeup. You need to use a matte primer because it will keep your makeup in place. You will not experience any oils, creases and your foundation will not move an inch after applying it on top.

2. Medium Coverage Foundation

If you are talking about the foundation, try to wear some medium coverage. This coverage intensity and a matte surface look and work on all skin types. You should apply your favorite foundation with either a brush or a beauty blender. Drop the product into the skin and let it look seamless. You can also add some interesting details to your skin (such as a mole, beauty brand, freckle) to see this Halloween look.

3. Set it with powder


Setting your face with powder is important as there is a small chance that your face may wear out during the day. Try setting the entire T-zone with a matt powder. Make tap movements and make sure you bring this product with you. Chances are that you may need it to stir up during the day.

4. Orange shade

While it may seem a lot and too bright for some, an orange eye shadow is the perfect choice for Halloween! All you need to do is apply a matte shade over the entire fold and lid area. Pat the color and make sure you are satisfied with the amount of coverage and pigment. This shadow opens up blue or green eyes; Therefore, you should consider wearing it in your daily life.

5. Bulky fringes

You're probably going to spend quite a bit of time outdoors this day, right? Whether you are a trick or treat with your child, going to the club or having cocktails after work, you will need long-lasting makeup. This is why you need lash extensions. Try to get these 2-3 days before Halloween. They will not air or smudge like your mascara would, and they will look amazing every day! You do not need to apply liner or lashes on top, and you will still have a fluffy result, perfect for taking pictures!

6. Dark lipstick

When we say Halloween, you think of dark red or brown lipsticks, right? These colors are mostly worn by women who want to stand out, as well as those who follow trends. Make sure you apply a matte liquid lipstick as this is dirty and kiss resistant! You can also eat, drink and talk freely with this formula as it is perfect for those who need longevity.

7. Set the spray

Put your face in place! You should apply your favorite face setting fog to tame your oils, hydrate your face and prolong your makeup wear. Spritz only face 3-4 times and experience flawless skin throughout the day.

8. Dark nail polish

Finally, this is not really makeup-related, but it is beauty-related. Using a dark nail polish (black, red, brown, burgundy) will give rise to your appearance. Dark polish means sophisticated appearance, but is also perfect for the fall season! Change up your manicure once and enjoy this Halloween transformation!

Ready to do your makeup?

So how does all this sound to you? Does it seem like something in your alley, or do you need to step out of your comfort zone to achieve this look? In any case, this makeup is easy to achieve. It doesn't take too much time, tools or knowledge to see this look. The only preparation you need to do is to book your spinning meeting on October 28-29. Make sure you have all the tools with you so that you will love your created look without a doubt!

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