Harris County Courthouse 2018 Midterms

pictureHonor of Harris Black Girl Magic

While a record number of women are being projected to win homesteads in Tuesday's middle elections, a local court in Houston, Texas gives even better news: All 19 black women who ran for various court seats in Harris County won their competitions last night, marking the single biggest victory for black women in the county's history.

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Many is illustrate This wins as a highlight among Democrat Beto Rourkes' loss to Republican Commander Ted Cruz in the Texas Senate Competition. Victory of # Houston19, known as the women's group, has revealed local influence: Harris County, which covers most of Houston, is the third largest county in the country and one of the most diverse. Adding 19 women of color to court seats builds a bench that is more reflective of the population it serves, which, as with all chosen premises, is a good thing.

Outside Houston, the choice is reflective of an overall increase in color women who run not only without winning local, state and national contests during the Trump administration. A similar thing happened during the 2016 election in Alabama-like Texas, a historic red state – when nine black women were elected judges in Jefferson County.

Profits like these are an important step in adding a much needed diversity to legal venues throughout the country. According to data collected by the American constitutional society, a national progressive organization focusing on the legal system color women represents less than 20 percent of judges. Even county judges do not have quite Equal jurisdiction, in most states (including Texas), has the key local responsibilities, including a number of electoral procedures, denial of fines and election of jury members.

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As many have said, your life is more likely to be affected by your local officials than any of the people who have their offices in Washington DC. But even more important is that a larger message that more women of color deserve to enter the chosen places, there must not be a white man to hold offices in this country.

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