Harry Josh launches rising size curling and flat iron – Shop now

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Beauty products in travel sizes are nothing new, but we scream with delight every time we take care of miniature versions of the things we love. There is just something with little facial fog, shampoo – and yes, mini hair tools – that make us think, "This is just so much cooler than the usual. "Maybe that's what they remind us to go on vacation. Or maybe it's what they look like full-size baby versions. Whatever it is, we'll add to our ever-growing collection for Harry Josh just launched travel-size hot tools – and they are for sale right now.

Harry Josh's original line of hot tools is loved by both professional hairdressers and beginners, so this launch is quite exciting for everyone – especially people who are constantly on the move. The brand released compact versions of curling iron and flat iron, so you can get whatever hairstyle you want when you beam around the world. And not only do the tools have the simple yet sophisticated Harry Josh style, with nano-ceramic technology that emits negative ions to help even out static and frizz, they are also perfect for travel – or even just to Throw in the gym bag.

The styling tools have universal voltage (100-240V, 50-60Hz), each weighing only about six ounces and measuring less than one foot long. (Cute.) Even if you only travel with a salvage, you can definitely squeeze the tools. In addition, they heat up in just 30 seconds and automatically shut off after an hour, so you never have to worry about blowing a fuse in your Airbnb.

If the idea of ​​portable, petite versions of these Best of Beauty award-winning styling tools sounds too good to be true, well, prepare – it gets even better. Regular sized Harry Josh hot tools usually pay around the $ 200 mark, but the pocket models come in at about half the price. This is not a drill. Take one of each one now, and you're already halfway to vacation trips and the mid-winter beach vacation you've been dreaming of at your desk.

Thanks to these new travel sizes from Harry Josh, you never have to choose between bringing a curling iron and the extra pair of heels when you go on vacation.

Harry Josh Pro Tools Res Curling Iron

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