Have the courage to say what you need

Maternity made me forget about the balance and start asking this question.

I gave up finding balance just after the birth of KinderBae.

Find balance … What is it anyway?

Maternity taught me to fully embrace and appreciate the universality of the universe. Nothing went according to my plans from the beginning with my now 7 years old and coming 2nd degrees.

For example … He was born almost 2 weeks after the due date, delivered via emergency department and had a week left in the NICU. It was only the first month of his life.

Talk about loss of control!

When I had ToddlerBae, I was still resisting the ebbs and flows of the universe. But I learned to accept that God knew better than I did.

I accepted that balance in the sense that full equilibrium is and was a mythical being.

The balance came from learning acceptance or releasing the illusion of control. The balance came from allowing me self-conscious self-love and assigning the same amount of grace to others to myself.

At the end of last week, I asked myself, "What do you need?" Without a doubt my spirit said a week.

My ex-husband already had the kids this weekend and I informed him that I would take a mental illness. I was scared. Post-divorce our communication is not best to say the least.

I also felt a little guilty, but instead of exercising self-assessment. I honored my spirit.

It was hard. But I felt weightlifted. Fortunately, Ex was careful enough to honor my request as well.

I am so big on self-care that the same question I asked myself I ask you.

What do you need?

Honored the first answer. Don't judge it. Don't ignore or deny yourself. If you can't do it today, make a plan to give you what you need.

If you are open to sharing you add your answer to the comments

~ Tamara

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