Hospital Bag Essentials: Packaging for work or a C section

I'm Jennifer, a mother of two wonderful children. When I had my son, I thought I was going to have a natural birth, but at the end, after three hours of pushing, I ended up with a cesarean.

The second time, with my daughter, I had a planned caesarean section because of the complications with my son. Little did I know that even though I was preparing a planned emperor, I would go into full labor while I was in hospital and waiting for my cesarean area! You can say that I have experienced all kinds of labor and have a good idea of ​​what needs to go in your hospital bag.

Whether you have a natural or emperor birth, it seems that the plan is to get you out of the hospital as soon as possible today (if all is okay). With both my cesares I was out after 24 hours, so from my experience I wouldn't worry about taking a giant suitcase full, but it's nice to have some essentials that just make your time in the hospital more comfortable.

Things like backless slippers or flip-flops are very practical, so you don't have to bend down after a caesarean section to put on your shoes. Taking a short-sleeved night is also a good idea. Hospitals can be very hot and you will probably get your blood pressure regularly and may need to drip, so with short sleeves, life will be much easier.

No one said having a baby was glamorous, so it's important that things like parental boxes, breast pads and big Bridget Jones knickers or disposable pants are important. Places like ASDA are good for getting these things.

Check out my video for more tips and essentials when packing your hospital bag.

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