How can men establish and maintain a skincare routine?

When was it routine- became a dirty word? Is it just something we always associate with the steadfast decline of adulthood? Something we surrender our youth and our spirit to like the awkward daily grind, work, bills and taxes? Something that triggers feelings of submission and defeat?

what if routine- would purify their actions, create youthfulness and vitality, inspire confidence and elan, envy and admiration …?

That's true, there are many routines out there, you should do everything you can to escape before it's too late! Your skincare routine is not one of them.

Make it easy, make it important

You can add a few minutes to your morning routine and straight years of the skin and the impression you make each day.

Three words: cleans, exfoliates and moisturizes.

Your skincare routine should be simple, methodical and deliberate. An essential part of ensuring that there will be other nature is in the products, not just practices.

What if you had a facial and body scrub that was both cleaned and degreased at the same time and did it with a natural, unique blend of certified organic lime scale oil, jojoba, ginseng, kelp, azulene and aloe? What happens if!

MËNAJI's facial and body scrub is all this and more, and it is designed and formulated as such so that your skin care routine is as deliberate, disciplined and straightforward as possible.

Whatever you use to cleanse your face and body should be able to remove all the excess dirt and oil you are picking up in the world, cleanse and cleanse your pores and treat your skin with natural vitamins, antioxidants and botanicals to help restore and revitalize , not just remove dirt.

After you cleanse and exfoliate, a quick, easy application of moisturizer helps to lock in moisture, and if your moisturizer is MËNAJI's Power Hydrator Plus tinted moisturizer, you also get SPF-30 for sun protection, and subtle toning to even out your skin .

The sun adds years to your skin. UV rays, even on cold and cloudy days, cause wrinkles, sunspots, burns, dryness, and as we all know, even cancer. With SPF-30 sunscreen in your daily moisturizer, your skin care routine is like a force field that makes you look exceptional and protect your skin at the same time.

Skin care in minutes per day

We really only talk about a few minutes a day, and as we said, it's about the products, not just practices. You already shower and shave, brush your teeth and comb your hair, so … sorry buddy, you are already running the routine hamster wheel, only this is a routine you chose for a good reason.

The thing with a skincare routine for men is that not only does your skin require much the same care and attention as a woman's, but it must be practical, specially designed for a man's skin, and including all the things you may not use otherwise it promotes healthy, vital skin.

MËNAJI's entire suite of skin care products and cosmetics is designed specifically for men. Everything from the ClearShave 3-in-1 formula that literally replaces flushing the post with a built-in botanical moisturizer that you simply massage into your skin, to Power Hydrator Plus tinted moisturizer that moisturizes, hides and protects everyone at the same time.

In easy-to-use pumps, tubes and practical applicators designed for real people, MËNAJI has identified and eliminated many barriers and inconveniences that made an effective and effective skin care routine type of pain; but those days are gone.

We have made it simple so that it can work for you, not against you. With our complete range of cosmetic and skin care products that also include products formulated for single spot treatment, concealment, deep cleansing and resuscitation, your everyday routine will keep you at your best every day, and your commitment to go deeper will enjoy and revive during long time.

Routine is redefined by MËNAJI