How do you get Victoria's Secret Look in your PJs?

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They say "Dress for the job you want, not the one you have", but we would not necessarily recommend Show up to the office in lingerie and angel wings. So it's best to save your inner VS angel for your free time. If you like us, did you play a messy bun, eat a pint of ice cream and brag about Shawn Mendes and wonder how they do, then we're here to tell you that it's quite easy to get VS wonderful and you need Do not change your sweat before the sport looks. Victoria's Secret Hair and Makeup are always simple and elegant, channel the inner beauty of the models and let the extravagant outfits take the central step. And trust us, you have this look in the bag.


Whether you're natural dew or not, it's super easy to fake it. The key to flawless, glowing skin is prep, prep, prep. Start by using a mild detergent because you do not dry the skin or remove excess moisture. If you have dry or normal skin, apply a little facial oil and give you a light massage to increase blood flow and glow. Try the MAC's Prep + Prime Essential Oils Grapefruit & Chamomile, $ 27, for a healthy glow that also primer your skin as a preparation for makeup application.

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If you're natural on the oily side, skip the facial oil, because you do not want to exaggerate the amount of oil on your skin. A moisturizing facial serum and light gel moisturizer will make the trick, and you can add some extra glow with a floating highlighter as a base. For VS Show, they used Hollywood's flawless filter by Charlotte Tilbury, $ 44, which makes wonders below or combined with your foundation for the perfect, deep finish.


In true Victoria Secret style, Angel's hair was styled in a very "I woke up like this". But, as we all know, nobody can really achieve that look simply by waking up. Toning it down from the track's usual jumping waves, the lead lead hairstylist Anthony Turner chose simple waves. Just as you get when you spend a day at the beach … sometimes.

Beach Waves: For the perfect beach waves start by applying a small amount of voluminous mousse to damp hair and run it from root to tip with your fingers. Use "scrunching" motions all the way, focusing on your roots for extra lift. By using a small amount, make sure the mousse lifts instead of weighing the hair by making it too heavy, so remember to start small! A large body mousse is Kérastase Densifique Bodifying Mousse, $ 37.

Now divide your hair into two equal parts and whip it in two loaves on either side of the head, turn the hair away from your face – it does not have to be nice, the more messy the better. Let it air dry or use a cool, gentle setting on your hair dryer. Clearing the hair with heat may cause the products to become too hot and sticky.

When your hair is dry, take the bowls out and play with the curls until it's where you want it. Avoid driving your fingers through your hair when dry because it can lead to frizz by putting too much friction into your hair. If you have good flat hair, spray it easily with a hair spray to ensure it remains.

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Is there a VS Angel more iconic than Gisele Bündchen? Head makeup artist on the track, the legendary Charlotte Tilbury, inspired Bündchen for the makeup of the 2018 show. According to a published task, Tilbury would like the models to have "an angelic filter to improve what nature is naturally blessed [them] with. "The best way to achieve a natural look is to use bright, creamy products that mix with the skin, instead of matt powder that tends to sit heavily on the skin.

Foundation: Use a light or medium coverage fund depending on the level of coverage you are comfortable with. A CC cream or BB cream is perfect for achieving the "natural" look, and you can always use concealer under your eyes and cover any stains. However, as a general rule for this appearance, avoid any dirt on the skin.

Blush: Choose a cream star like this 2-in-one Glow Blush and Illuminator of Wander Beauty, $ 42 – which comes with a creamy redness and highlighter. Dab a small amount on your cheeks' apples and melt easily from my face to your cheekbones. Bring a cream stick along your cheekbones, the nostrils and your Cupid's bow.

bronzer: Easily sculpt your cheekbones, jaws and temples with a subtle dosage of bronzer to get a sunscreen look. Again, keep it soft!

Eyes: The eyes are so important for this look! The new nude palette is perfect for creating a nude, shimmering look. Start wiping the shadow all over your lids and up to your forehead leg as a base, then use the shadow play over your covers and up to the fold – mix so that the VS Angel title depends on it! Then use your finger on Daydream over your lids and into the inner corner of a wide eye, "I could go this course all day" look. Aim your eyes with a soft, brown kohlpenna and sip out to soften. Add the volume and length of your fringes with a mascara – here you can get a bit heavier, so cover your fringes with some layers of mascara and do not forget to curl them in advance. We love L'Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara, $ 10, for crazy volume and length.

Mouth: Gloss. Is. Back. And we could not be happier. Lens your lips with a pink lipstick like Make Up Forever's Aqua Lip Waterproof Lipliner Pencil in Rosewood, $ 20, then follow a creamy pink lipstick. Again, do not go too far away from your natural lipstick – you reinforce what you already have. Then look out with a lip gloss. If you feel like a little extra improvement, use a lumpy shine and you're great to go!

We love this looking for a sexy day watching the weekend, when would you let go of your inner VS model?